Start exercising – The discovery that aerobic exercise builds brain cells should put an end to the stereotype of the dumb athlete.

In, Lin Edwards reports that neuroscientists discovered this by studying the effects of running on the brains of mice. Some had wheels to run on and others did not and both groups had their memories tested regularly. The scores of mice with access to the running wheel were almost double those of the non-running group.

The researchers are not yet clear on exactly why exercise triggers the growth of brain cells. It may be because exercise increases blood flow or because it elevates certain hormone levels. Exercise may also reduce the level of the hormone cortisol, which is associated with stress.
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Your boss and/or spouse will no longer have to guess what you’re thinking. All they will have to do in the future is fire up their computers and find out! Is this ominous? (It’s an incredible world out there!)

By combining fMRI brain scans with pattern-detection software, neuroscientists think they will be able to find out what people are thinking. So far, using this software, they’ve successfully predicted what pictures people are looking at and what decisions they’re getting ready to make.

Researchers Jack Gallant and Shinji Nishimoto recently demonstrated that they can create a crude film adaptation of a movie that someone was watching just by viewing their brain activity.
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At the Stargate Conference, Anne Strieber told how people who have had contact with seeming “aliens” usually describe their experiences in strange, almost surrealistic terms. This one of the things that separates real contact from created contact stories, but it is also one of the primary reasons that these people’s stories are doubted by skeptics. Now neurologists have uncovered a reason for this high strangeness: It may be preparing us to act for a more logical future (perhaps battles against things like global warming and nuclear arms, that could spell the end of our species). Subscribers can learn all about it this week!
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A truly fascinating journey into the relationship between the brain and paranormal experience. Dr. Turner and William Henry discuss the brain as a tool of higher consciousness, and what so-called paranormal experiences actually relate to how the brain functions.

Dr. Turner is also involved in a project that is designed to document the near-death experience and prove that there is a survival after death.

Dr. Turner’s website is

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