No matter how much the government extols them, we’ve warned you before that we’re being conned about corn, and now a UN expert agrees and says that growing crops to produce biofuels is a “crime against humanity” that will bring on world hunger.

In BBC News, Grant Ferrett reports that UN expert Jean Ziegler says that the growth in the production of biofuels has already pushed the price of certain crops to record levels.

Ziegler has called for a 5 year ban on the production of biofuels because by that time, according to Ferrett, ?technological advances would enable the use of agricultural waste, such as corn cobs and banana leaves, rather than crops themselves to produce fuel.? In other words, we can burn our GARBAGE instead of our food.
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As we’ve written before, switching to biofuels is not the magical solution that it is claimed to be. A new UN report warns that switching to biofuels could have major negative impacts on the environment. BBC News reports that if forests are cut down in order to farm plants for biofuels, causing food prices to rise?and if these new biofuel plantations are owned by the major oil companies, with no profits going to local communities, which will now also have higher food prices?it could be a disaster for certain parts of the world.

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