FREE STREAM PLAYING AS OF 05/31/13 1:50 PDT. Last fall, the discovery of Bigfoot DNA was announced. Where are we now with this? Is it true, a mistake, a hoax or just being ignored by science because it flies in the face of expectations? This week on Dreamland, we talk to Alex Hearn of who provided some of the material that was originally used in the study. But that’s not the whole Alex Hearn story, by any means. He’s one of those researchers who not only seeks the strange, the strange seeks him back!read more

A decomposing foot was found in the woods near Quincy, Massachusetts by two boys, who collected it and brought it home. Police were informed, and it was determined by the local medical examiner that the foot was not human. Although it had five toes, it was far too large to be a human food. This has led to speculation that it could be remains from a bigfoot, but the far greater probability is that it is a bear paw, or the foot of a great ape such as a gorilla.
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Whitley Strieber and Linda Moulton Howe have one of their stunning, amazing conversations, this time about bigfoot, the bigfoot DNA study and the controversies surrounding it, and, most riveting of all, what was actually unfolding in the world 15,000 years ago that lends shocking credibility to the finding that this new creature, which we now call bigfoot, came about at that time.

Then they go even deeper: why the frantically hostile scientific response to what is, after all, a set of findings that emerge out of ordinary, non-controversial DNA analysis done by established labs?

What is really going on here, and why all the hostility and controversy? You will gain deep insight from this amazing discussion. Not to be missed!
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