A few weeks ago, we received news claiming that the mystery of Sasquatch was finally solved. Bank security guard Simon Garth of South Carolina said he had a Bigfoot corpse stored in his freezer. 30-year-old Garth claimed he shot and killed the creature in self-defense after it threw rocks at him during a camping trip.

He dragged the dead Bigfoot to his pick-up truck and hauled the creature to his brother-in-law?s house, where he put it in a meat freezer. He said the Bigfoot was 6 feet tall, weighed around 285 pounds and smelled like ?bad eggs.?

He announced that he planned to sell the corpse to the highest bidder and hoped the Discovery Channel would be interested because he thought they would treat the creature ?…with more dignity than ABC or CBS.?read more

14 Inch Prints Near Hudson Bay

According to UPI, large footprints have been found in a forest on the shores of Hudson Bay in Canada, indicating that Bigfoot may be living there.

Each footprint ?was 14 inches or so [long] and five inches wide,? according to Abraham Hunter, chief of the Weemusk First Nation in Peawanuck in Ontario, about 1,000 miles north of Toronto. There ?were quite a few of them, more than twenty? and they headed toward the Winisk River. They were about 2 yards apart, indicating that the creature had a very large stride, and they were definitely not bear tracks. ?A bear would have 4 different footprints,? says Hunter.
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In 1972 in the little town of Louisiana, Missouri, there were sightings of a large, hairy creature with a nasty smell that became known as the ?Missouri Monster? or Momo.

When a 15-year-old girl reported seeing Momo outside her home, a local posse was formed to search for the creature. Reporters flocked to the site, but nothing was ever found. It was a classic example of a Yeti sighting.
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UFONews1 – Reprinted from UFONews1:

KING-5 TV News (Seattle) reports that a casting of the lower portion of the creature known as Bigfoot or Sasquatch has been obtained by a team of 14 researchers who had been tracking the beast deep into the mountains of the Northwest for a week.
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