One might assume that anything that might reflect sunlight back into space, like bright aircraft contrails, would be good for decreasing the effects of global warming, but a new study predicts that the atmospheric heat trapped by the water vapor in the ‘trails will triple by the middle of theread more

Newswise – The scent of peppermint or cinnamon in your car cah makeyour morning commute less frustrating and also keep you morealert when behind the wheel. A psychologist has found thatdrivers experience lower levels of frustration, anxiety andfatigue when exposed to these two scents, so next time yougo to the car wash, don’t let them put the usual scent inyour car?insist on peppermint or cinnamon!

In his study on drivers called Effects Of OdorAdministration On Driving Performance, Safety, Alertness,And Fatigue, Dr. Bryan Raudenbush found that peppermint andcinnamon just may be the magic ingredients that caneliminate road rage.
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