That asteroid that hit the earth 13,000 years ago was a killer, all right–it triggered an ice age that wiped out most of the large animals on Earth. Melted glass buried deep within the Earth at sites around the world confirms the theory that a comet or meteor was responsible.

In the June 12th edition of the Los Angeles Times, Thomas H. Maugh II writes: "The Younger Dryas event began about 12,900 years ago and lasted about 1,300 years.

"The period is named after the alpine-tundra wildflower, Dryas octopetala, which spread southward during the period. Average temperatures during the period dropped by as much as 20 degrees Fahrenheit in Europe, perhaps a little less in North America.
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A new gold rush is on! Google executives Larry Page and Eric Schmidt (along with filmmaker James Cameron) are backing a plan to mine gold and other precious metals from asteroids.

They’ve formed a company called Planetary Resources, which will start out by developing low-cost robotic spacecraft that can survey nearby asteroids. NASA will probably be one of their first customers.
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