Contrary to previous reports, the group of photos of which this is one are not single images from a digital camera, and are not using an infrared light source, nor were they made in Italy.They are allegedly frames from a 4 minute videotape made in England in 1999. According to the Aquarius website, where they apparently first appeared, this is a description of their origin: “Mr XXXX was woken in the night by the sound of a neighbour’s dog whining, and a strange feeling. He ventured outside and saw a strange light in the sky. He describes the light as being in three parts, triangular with the brightest point of light in the front. Mr XXXX went back inside grabbed his video camera, and filmed for 4 more

This photograph was allegedly taken in Bologna recently, as part of a series that captured aliens using an infrared light source on the camera. We have examined the photographs as carefully as possible via the digitally reduced versions that are available to download, and they do not contain any obvious signs of digital alteration, which would probably be detectable even in this format. But that does not rule out a hoax, of course. Anne Strieber reminds us that this may be nothing new.
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