In the past, has posted false stories onApril 1, in an attempt to dupe unwitting readers. Often,this was successful, as readers were convinced by storiessuch as one that maintained that elderly Tyrannosaurus Rexesused gigantic canes when they became arthritic and anotherthat claimed that Presdent Bush was also a well-known brainscientist. The website has become much larger in recentyears, and is now one of the world’s few serious sources of’edge’ news. As such, our editorial staff no longer feelsthat pranks are appropriate, and therefore the April Fool’sissue will not appear this year.

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We didn’t fool many of you this April 1, but we did manageto suck in a few horrified and/or outraged readers for ourannual April Fool’s page.

Tradition dictates that we lampoon a prominent figure. Lastyear, it was to be the pope, but he died on April 1, so wefell back on our old favorite, the president. Over theyears, we’ve exposed him as being bald, claimed that heleads a secret life as a brain scientist, and reported thathe has converted to Islam.
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Did we fool you on April 1? Not too many of you, judging from all the appreciative email. Our site has four times the number of users it did last April 1, so we did manage to hoax a few good souls. As always, we?ve saved some of the best angry, confused and concerned emails, with our replies.

?This story about the moon deflating is scientifically impossible. If the methane leaked out, the moon would crumble, not “deflate” as you say. It is made of hard material like rock, not something soft like a tire. Also, we would not hear the hissing on earth because sound does not travel through a vacuum. Please get your science straight. These things are elementary, my friend.?

Our reply: It?s not methane but nitrogen that inflates the moon. Our mistake!
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Our April Fool’s page received a flood of appreciation, and for that we thank you–especially those of you who were genuinely duped, at least for the few seconds it took a reasonably intelligent person to realize that they were being spoofed.

This year, though, we also got a whole lot of hate mail, largely from folks who were taken in by it, and they were not happy campers. We have to admit that the letters were side-splitting. Of course, some of them could be putting US on. If so, then, kudos–we fell for YOUR April Fool back! Read on, to find out if you’re among the lucky few whose reactions have been reprinted here.
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