A new study suggests that some ancient humans may have had an ability that many of us would like to have at the end of each year: to be able to hibernate through the cold winter months. This new theory regarding our ancestors and their close cousins came from half-million-year-oldread more

Psychological Anthropologist Tanya Luhrmann has written an excellent book about Evangelical Christians who train themselves to hear and feel God called, When God Talks Back. In this episode, we talk to her about the ins and outs of that and see how similar it is to a lot of whatread more

It’s sometimes easy to forget that as humans, we’re not the only technologically-capable species present on Earth at the moment: many of our animal brethren make and use tools to shape their immediate environment, such as birds building nests as structures to raise their young in, beavers building dams to flood areas for security from predators, prairie dogs possessing a language that contains a vocabulary of hundreds of words, and chimpanzees shaping sticks to dig and hunt for ants.
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