Remember Anthrax? What happened to the investigation? Where are the culprits? The answer is that the FBI appears to have put the case on a back burner. In this chilling article, Wayne Madsen of Counterpunch offers some insights into why that might be. Hitler burned the Reichstag, the German Capitol Building, and blamed it on a Jew in order to create an atmosphere of terror and make certain that a frightened populace gave him the dictatorial powers he wanted. Did elements within the U.S. government do something similar with the anthrax scare?

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On the English T.V. show Newsnight, reporter Susan Watts and Milton Leitenberg, of the Center for International & Security Studies at the University of Maryland, interviewed Dr. Barbara Rosenberg, of the Federation of American Scientists. Rosenberg recently publicly stated that the U.S. government knows the identity of the anthrax terrorist who killed 5 people but won?t reveal his name because he works for the U.S. government and can reveal government secrets. Col. David Franz, former head of the Ft. Detrick Medical Research Program from 1987-98, Dr. Mary Beth Downs, of St. Matthew?s Univ. School of Medicine, who is a former Ft. Detrick employee, more

The FBI has identified the man behind last year’s fatal anthrax mailings but has not brought charges against him, according to Dr. Barbara Rosenberg, a director with the Federation of American Scientists.
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Post offices are using irradiation to protect against anthrax contamination. Postal workers who handle the irradiated mail have reported health problems, their union leaders say.

At least 87 of about 750 workers at the Gaithersburg, Maryland, postal facility have reported problems, says Tammy Thompson, president of the Montgomery County local of the postal workers union. ?The employees are experiencing nosebleeds, runny noses, runny eyes, extreme headaches, nausea,? he says.

Some have been absent from work or have filed workers? compensation claims. The postal union complaints were made after physicians on Capitol Hill said 73 Senate staffers had developed similar symptoms.
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