At 9:30 PM on Saturday, October 16, Anne Strieberexperienced a subarachnoid hemorrhage. This is caused by thebursting of an aneurysm in the brain and is usuallyasymptomatic until the stroke takes place. There was no warning.

Anne received excellent care very quickly, thanks to fastand effective support at the Kaiser-Permanente SunsetHospital in Los Angeles. She is now continuing her recoveryat UCLA Medical Center, where she has been transferred becauseof her highly specialized needs, and is receiving expertcare there, too.

She is in surprisingly good condition, given the seriousnessof her disease, and there is reason to hope that she mightmake a full recovery. Your prayers and healing thoughts areneeded, and very welcome.
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Many of you have expressed your love and good wishes forAnne and Whitley, and also asked what will happen The website is a large operation andwill continue. As Anne was news editor, there will obviouslybe a period of time while the news is not updated as frequently.

Dreamland will continue with William Henry as host. Whitleywill host our weekly special interviews for subscribers,and will appear in our new live subscribers’ chat room withhis guests.

The chat room will open in two weeks. Meanwhile, our storeremains open and is shipping books, cups, t-shirts and ourother products with its accustomed efficiency.
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As the Bush Administration appears to back away from its initial resolve to make a genuine effort to end state-sponsored terrorism, Anne Strieber speculates on the qualities that make some presidents rise to great historical challenges, and others to be engulfed by them. She expresses the hope that President Bush will be one of those who responds to the historic challenge now faced by his administration by becoming a great leader. To read her diary entry, click here.

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