Revolution is a strong word. Are there any revolutionary ideas presented in Whitley Strieber’s latest work? It just so happens, there more

Anne did something truly amazing on Tuesday evening, which was to arrange what will be my first birthday party in at least 20 years. I am not much of a party person and usually just celebrate quietly with my family. She always thought that this was not enough, and used to throw parties for me. Incredibly, she has done this again, and from the other side, and very cleverly.
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The group Whitley attends on Tuesday nights at Olandar in Malibu has been discussing Creative Meditation and and Multi-Dimensional Consciousness by Lama Anagarika Govinda, and on Tuesaday, April 24, the white moth that signifies Anne’s presence showed up. This is a recording of the discussion that was taking place when it happened.

Unusually, the recording stopped when Whitley began talking about the moth. This occurs at 53 minutes into the recording. At that point, Whitley has added a brief discussion of Anne’s teaching method and why it is that this would happen.
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First, I want to talk to you, Whitley. Your ego is getting in my way because you are too afraid of being wrong. It is your obligation to use the talents you have been given, which means taking more chances with things like channeling me. Don’t let your ego getread more