First Half (Free)

In the first part of this week’s episode, Joe Gooch, Melissa Kriger, and Stephen, all of whom shared their high strangeness experiences in previous episodes, come together to give thanks and pay tribute to Anne Strieber for all that she has done and continues to do for experiencers, starting, of course, with her husband, Whitley. In this roundtable discussion you will hear what  she means to people she may not have met personally, but whose lives she has touched deeply nonetheless.

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Whitley Strieber has written a journal reflecting on Anne’s life and contribution. He reports that she is still on the road of recovery from her stroke, and they are confidently expecting that she will return home in the near future. At present, what caused her stroke is unclear, and her medical team is running tests to determine this and develop a plan of prevention.

Anne: Lady in Autumn
is a reminder of the tremendously important contributions that Anne has made to the understanding of the close encounter experience, and the lives and dignity of everybody who has had it.
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I am sitting here in Anne’s hospital room reflecting on the forty-five years of our marriage and all she has accomplished and all she has given. She lies beside me sleeping. Mostly now, that’s what she does. Her body is in need of profound healing, and sleep is a natural response to the trauma of the stroke she recently sustained. Later, she will hopefully enter rehabilitation and regain some of what she has lost or–knowing my wife–maybe all of it.
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Dear Friends & Supporters of Anne & Whitley:

Thank you so much for your loving prayers for Anne. Here’s the update from Whitley:

"Anne is entering therapy in an effort to restore as much of her lost speech and ability to walk as possible. There is the possibility of another stroke, so prayers and good thoughts are very needed. She has come back much more strongly than expected in the last 24 hours."

Please join me in holding on to the vision — in your hearts and prayers — of the most auspicious outcome for Anne’s full return to health.

With Gratitude,
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