The search for ET just took a giant step forward, as scientists appear to have found proof to confirm the existence of extra-terrestrial life. Microscopic organisms have been discovered on a weather balloon after it was launched 27km (16.7m) into the atmosphere by Buckingham University and the University of Sheffield’s Department of Molecular Biology and Biotechnology. The launch was intended to coincide with the recent Perseid meteor shower on 31st July this year, and the balloon was fitted with special studs designed to capture particles in the atmosphere.
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Hidden deep in the most secret levels of government files is information about an unwanted side-effect of alien contact: the appearance of bizarre viruses.
"Every time the retrieval teams got close to these objects, they came down with an Ebola-like virus," says Nick Redfern when discussing an almost unknown UFO event that took place deep in the area of Texas known as the Big Thicket.

Then there’s the story of a finding that suggests that aliens might attempt at times to intentionally seed our world with viruses. "Personnel at Fort Deckert came to the unsettling conclusion that the spheres were being intentionally crashed on Earth in order to seed the planet with the viruses they contained."

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