Whitley Strieber reads from his new book, Alien Hunter: Underworld and tells some hair-raising stories about his own experiences with phenomena coming up from beneath our feet. This is one of his most candid statements, also, about why he writes fiction and what may be behind it. If you listen to nothing else, listen to his riveting, heartfelt description of his process that opens the show.

But the chapter he reads is also riveting. One thing that has to be remembered: Whitley is a good writer. Very damn good. Enjoy!
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Whitley Strieber appeared on Coast to Coast AM on Friday, August 16 from in the first two hours to announce the publication of his new novel, Alien Hunter. The book imagines about alien and human police working together, and Whitley speculated on the program that there might be some very real means of control involved in the way the interact with us. He told a chilling story of a group of possible abduction-murders that he believes happened, but that he has never been able to prove, and pointed out that they seemed to happen just once, over a period of months, and then to end. Was this because somebody put a stop to them?read more