Alex Hearn and a friend found an enormous toenail in an area frequented by bigfoot. They sent it to a lab and were told that it was human. The problem is, it’s size was such that whoever it had belonged to would have to be over seven feet tall. Next, they sent it to Dr. Melba Ketchum of the Sasquatch Genome Project who got some very different results. And there the controversy began as debunkers, skeptics and deniers leaped on the story from literally every direction, questioning the study, the honesty of Dr. Ketchum, the validity of the evidence until the whole thing became a screaming maelstrom of confusion and denial.
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FREE STREAM PLAYING AS OF 05/31/13 1:50 PDT. Last fall, the discovery of Bigfoot DNA was announced. Where are we now with this? Is it true, a mistake, a hoax or just being ignored by science because it flies in the face of expectations? This week on Dreamland, we talk to Alex Hearn of who provided some of the material that was originally used in the study. But that’s not the whole Alex Hearn story, by any means. He’s one of those researchers who not only seeks the strange, the strange seeks him back!read more