William interviews alchemical master Robert Cox on his modern-day quest for the Philosopher’s Stone and the powerful spiritual transformations that alchemy is really all about.

He tells us why the coming change of the age from Pisces to Aquarius means that the average person is going to come to understand and experience the true power of the elixir of life.

And this interview is quite probably the beginning of that process!

DO NOT MISS the AMAZING discussion of Jacob’s Ladder. There is real knowledge here.

William Henry is on a practical and effective journey toward true power. Join him at the Dreamland Stargate in October!

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This week on Dreamland, guest host William Henry takes us on an unforgettable journey into the secrets of Alchemy and Kabbalah with renowned teacher David Goddard. As Dreamland listeners know, our hosts are experts, and they know who is the real thing and who isn’t. Listening to this week’s program, you will learn genuine truths about Alchemy and Qabalah from a real master. And if you subscribe to Unknowncountry.com, you will hear another master, Whitley Strieber, probing David Goddard’s mind for his knowledge of how to access other levels of reality. David specializes in the practical applications of the Qabalah, Alchemy and Transcendental Magic. His teachings enable others to experience the reality of the Higher Worlds, and so awaken their latent bliss and compassion.read more