Autonomous drones may have been used to hunt down and attack human targets in combat for the first time, according to a United Nations Security Council report. Armed with AI and an explosive warhead, the killer drones were deployed during a military offensive that was launched in March of last yearread more

While it has been said that Peru’s famous Nazca Lines are meant to be seen only from someone traveling through the air, researchers searching for more of the massive earthworks in the region took that saying a step further, and using satellite imagery and AI discovered 143 previously-undiscovered geoglyphs acrossread more

Artificial intelligence developer DeepMind has produced an AI program that can best any human — and any game-playing program, for that matter — in a number of classic board games. This new AI, called AlphaZero, is based on an earlier program called AlphaGo, the AI that defeated Go champion Lee Sedol in 2016, but is now proficient in the games of chess, Go, and shogi. But unlike its Go-dominating predecessor, of which required extensive programming to achieve its successes, AlphaZero wasn’t programmed in its mastery of the three classic games; instead, it taught itself.
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