The Afterlife Revolution is now on sale. I’m hoping that people will see it for what it is and not think ‘ho hum, another Whitley Strieber book.’

There has never been anything like it in this world.

Working on it has been the peak writing experience of my life. It wasn’t just that it involves contact with Anne, which is lovely, but that she has brought forth such knowledge and wisdom, and in the context of the warmest, deepest sort of relationship I have ever known or known to be possible.
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Anne Strieber’s contribution to the Afterlife Revolution is truly astonishing and revealing. What is the afterlife? What is it really like? What does it mean to be in a nonphysical state? What is the secret of becoming enlightened?

Listen as Whitley reads some of the amazing things she says in the book, that take the whole issue of the afterlife and what it means to a new level. There has never been anything remotely like what is going on between Whitley and Anne, that has led to their book and the new kind of life they are now living.
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Whitley Strieber announces what promises to be a truly amazing book called the Afterlife Revolution. He and Anne have written it together, and here he talks about what it is like to be back in contact with her, and tells about the meaning of the book, which is due to be published on December 8.

As always, he delivers his message with great passion and integrity, explaining why the book had to be published so quickly, and exactly what he and Anne hope to accomplish with it.
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