Conspiracy theorists are often referred to as crazy "cranks," or "crackpots," and the more outlandish their theories the more rigorously they are derided. The truth can often be stranger than fiction, however, so the pursuit of the truth should be a laudable endeavor and not something to be ridiculed or scoffed at.

Consequently, it comes as no surprise that a recent study has identified conspiracy theorists as being more sane than their conventionalist counterparts.

Those who always accept the official version of events without question are less likely to be of sound judgement, while those labeled as conspiracy theorists appear to possess more clarity and presence of mind.
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"It was on this day ten years ago that became a daily news site. We found ourselves publishing story after story on that day, about the horrifying events that were unfolding. Since then, we have not gone a single day without publishing fresh news stories. Like the rest of the United States and western civilization, we have grown out of the violence and terror of that day, rather than been defeated by it." Thus begins Whitley Strieber’s remembrance of the events of 911 and his meditation on the deepest meaning of the United States, as the world’s great advocate and defender of human happiness. To read the journal, click here.
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The Department of Homeland Security has increased the nation?s terror alert level to orange. Tom Ridge has stated that this was done because government agencies are observing an increased level of activity of a type that precedes terror attack attempts. He warned that an attack at this time could equal or exceed the 9/11 attacks in its violence.

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