John Hogue explains just where we are astrologically right now and where we’re going in the next few months. This unique look into the future can help you understand our situation as it is now and what might be happening between now and the end of the year. Will there be any great natural disasters? Any black swans–or, for that matter, white swans–that we should expect in coming months? There is nobody quite like John Hogue to speculate usefully on these matters. His understanding of the methods of Nostradamus as well as his deep astrological insight, are unique in the world.
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Whitley Strieber and John Hogue have a wide ranging discussion about why it is that people like him have such excellent track records as prophets. They also discuss Starfire Tor, who has an equally strong track record, and John’s understanding of how his method differs from hers, and why different methods might all work. And then the discussion goes into the beyond…the far beyond. What does John think about the future BEYOND 2011. What about 2012? Or even beyond that? And were the ancient Maya right in their dating? An interesting look behind the scenes at the way a master of prophecy actually does what he does, and what he thinks of our more distant more