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Elon Musk’s Neuralink Has Enabled a Monkey To Play Pong

Elon Musk’s neurotechnology company Neuralink has developed a wireless implantable brain–machine interface (BMI) that has enabled a nine-year-old macaque named Pager to play the classic video game Pong using only his mind. And Pager has…read more

A Cure for Cancer Could Be Made Using COVID Vaccine Technology

…used to develop a cancer vaccine, when that research was put on hold to pit the new technology against the virus driving the worldwide pandemic. mRNA, short for “messenger ribonucleic…read more

Easter Special: William Henry on the Death of the Soul and the Coming AI Catastrophe

We are at a crossroads. Right now, companies all over the world are working to create interfaces between the brain and the internet. But what does this mean for the…read more

The Stirring, Heartbreaking and Inspiring Story of Heroic Close Encounter Investigator Dr. John Mack

…tremendous courage will stir your soul and open your mind to a great mystery in a whole new way. To get The Believer, click here. Visit Ralph at  …read more

Industrial CO2 Capture Project in Iceland Stores Carbon Deep Within the Earth

…($48) per ton. “This is a technology that can be scaled—it’s cheap and economic and environmentally friendly,” according to Aradottir. However, more work needs to be done to make carbon…read more

The Strange Case of Dr. Salvatore Pais and the Navy’s “UFO” Patents

In 2019, a series of strange patents were filed by the United States Navy describing UFO-like technology and concepts.  When unveiled by The War Zone, they spurred a series of…read more

The Great Conjunction of Jupiter and Saturn in Aquarius by Rachel Capurso (Aeolian Heart)

…was usurped by chemistry, astrology surpassed by astronomy, and magic degenerated into psychology. Great achievements in medicine and technology happened, but at what cost? The world lost its soul and…read more

Dreamland’s Year-End Special–A New Year, a New World: Five Incredible Guests Tell Us What They Know

…thinkers when it comes to the nature and future of the human soul and spirituality. What DOES he see in the future though, and how will our current understanding of…read more

As Above, So Below: New Study Finds Striking Similarities Between the Structure of the Universe and the Human Brain

…are well-defined networks, made up of nodes (galaxies in the larger, individual neurons in the smaller) that are connected via filaments; neurons and galaxies both have a typical scale radius…read more

Room Temperature Superconductivity Has Been Achieved

…aspect of modern technology—all without the need for bulky refrigeration equipment required to cool the material low enough to produce its superconductive properties. “Because of the limits of low temperature,…read more

Empowerment Expert Rachele Brooke-Smith on a Remote Viewing Experience, Then Whitley Makes a Discovery

…of that darkness and how to leave it. Get set for an incredible listening experience this week. Rachele is a powerful, empowering soul and Whitley’s new insights are pure amazement….read more

Are We a Designer Species that is Being Genetically Altered RIGHT NOW?

…is the first organized node of contact between mankind and other worlds, and this show is a perfect example of what that means. You can visit Bruce and Daniella on…read more

The First Review of A New World in the General Media–and It’s Great

…in establishing contact, he assets—drawing examples from many religious traditions but especially from the soul science of ancient Egypt—is to develop a strong soul, through exercising compassion, and living a…read more

The Secrets of the Soul’s Journey Through Life

Angel Millar sheds light on the mysterious journey of the soul in this deep dive into the meaning of our lives. He explains the three stages of initiation that we…read more

Current Affairs and Future Affairs

…the preservation of freedom because the freer a soul, the more choices it has, and more choices result in more strong souls. The reason it takes positions in these areas…read more

Life Between Lives with Peter Smith

…deep state of hypnosis, and they access an eternal realm where soul goes after a death and before being reborn into a new body. There are lessons and assessment while…read more

Why Did the Navy Claim that Further Release of UFO Footage is an “Exceptionally Grave” Threat to National Security?

…between China, the United States and Russia to create anti-gravity technology, and I would think that all three countries must possess video of devices that use gravitic propulsion in their…read more

New Anne’s Diary: Anne is not Me, but I am Anne

…be Anne for you.” I think that she is explaining, in this diary, exactly what this means. The ego does not survive death, but the person–the soul, if you will–does….read more

MIT Researchers Develop New CO2 Capture Technology

Engineers at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology have developed a new, energy efficient electrochemical-based device that can capture carbon dioxide from the atmosphere, the chief ingredient in anthropogenic-caused global warming….read more

Homesick for Heaven: Childhood Near Death Experiences

…amazed by the discovery of things like the beautiful power of dark light, how time slips figure into the process, what soul merge is and much, much more. Subscribers go…read more

Wilderness and a short hiatus

…century, and I love this time in the mountains. After all these years, I’ve gained a deeper understanding of the meaning and value of wilderness. My soul depends on traveling off-trail…read more

First, Starfire Tor on the Amazon Fires, then Joseph Farrell on the “Deep State,” Child Abuse and the Human Soul

…how important it is to live a good life that cherishes the needs of others and respects the value of the human soul and the Earth itself. Joseph is now…read more

Healing, owls and UFOs with Laura Bruno

…psychic and intuitive skills to resolve soul wounds that hold us back from our full potential. In this episode she does a mini astrology reading for Mike, to help him…read more

Storming Area 51 is a Bad Idea, According to Bob Lazar

technology located there,” Lazar posted. “The only place there was ever any alien technology was at Site S4, south of Area 51 proper. That was 30 years ago. S4 may…read more

50 Years Later, Apollo 11’s Achievements–and its Mysteries–Continue to Endure

…Lunar Module Fifty years ago, Apollo 11, the culmination of a massive advancement in technology and engineering, landed American astronauts Neil Alden Armstrong and Edwin Eugene “Buzz” Aldrin Jr. on…read more

A New Anne’s Diary!

…simple statements from mind, heart and soul that are so enlightening. I have been talking to her about the creation of the universe and God a lot lately, and last…read more

Russian Special Forces Use Psychic Techniques on the Battlefield

…personnel in a variety of situations. In Chechnya, Russian special forces employed what Poroskov referred to as “metacontact technology” to perform a non-verbal interrogation of the intended subject. The interrogator…read more

Angels, Disincarnate Entities and Demonic Possession

…and feel still worth considering? Dr. Martinez presents a compelling case that, when we abandoned belief in the soul, we might have denied ourselves access to an important reality without…read more

Researchers Reverse Time in a Quantum Computer

…also works in reverse: 2+1=3. Quantum physicists from the Moscow Institute of Physics and Technology, along with colleagues in Switzerland and the U.S, decided to see if they could reverse…read more

It Turns Out that Humans Can Sense the Earths Magnetic Field

…crystal formations being present in human brain tissue. To solve that mystery, a group of researchers from the California Institute of Technology and Matani Laboratory in Tokyo devised a new…read more

Two New Studies Increase the Odds that Planet Nine Actually Exists

…Nine“.  Having found that the orbits of a number of trans-Neptunian objects (TNOs) on the outer fringe of the Solar system were in extremely unusual orbits, California Institute of Technologyread more

NASA Researcher Urges SETI Scientists to Take UFO Reports Seriously

…and cites the relatively rapid evolution of our own culture and technology to put the number of civilizations potentially inhabiting the cosmos into perspective. Regarding his notion that the scientific…read more

Will the Visitors Ever Go Public?

…extremely careful not to let people who are close to them, at least not this one, participate in their way of perceiving reality or using their technology. What little experience…read more

Soul Dog: The Joy of Spiritual Life with Animals

Soul Dog at You need a copy of Soul Dog in your hands. It offers real empowerment and a lovely reading experience. To get it from Amazon through us,…read more

Halloween Special: I Walk the Night

Whitley’s Halloween offering this year is no light entertainment. Expect to be transported into the world of a dark soul as it struggles to face a dark truth. I Walk…read more

Secrets of Spirit Communication

…the way we live now causes us to become soul blind and—above all—how to become soul-sighted! Learn about dream contact, how to design meditations that take you to different levels…read more

As Strange as Anything in The X-Files: Final Three Secret UFO Files Released by the UK’s MoD

…conceal the fact the UK military were interested in capturing UFO technology – or what they coyly refer to as ‘novel weapon technology’.” In January 2018, Clarke received the final…read more

New Site Update

…recently as last year, a congressional committee supposedly cut off funding for research into materials because they didn’t want our scientists working on “demonic technology.” I was further told that…read more

The New Site was Damaged and We Need Your Support

…not alone, we have souls and how we live matters to us individually and to the place of mankind in the universe. SOMEBODY really wants us to remain in the…read more

A Carbon-Capture Company is Pulling Greenhouse Gases from the Air to make Fuel

…is developing, and indeed using, sequestering technology to actively pull CO2 out of the air using what the company calls an “air contactor”, an installation that was built near the…read more

The Secret War for Souls

…look to their souls because the jeopardy of the soul is very real. You can lose your soul and that loss can be permanent. And you can do as my…read more

The Lost Tomb of Queen Nefertiti Remains a Mystery

…was that a soul without a mummy was left to wander after death. Two separate groups, using state-of-the-art ground-penetrating radar, conducted the surveys, and unfortunately found no cavities in the…read more

The Fate of Souls in a Joyous World

…to help others through real compassion, you are doing the only thing in life that matters, which is building a strong soul. People always wonder about the last judgment. When…read more

The Fate of Souls in a Joyous World

…to help others through real compassion, you are doing the only thing in life that matters, which is building a strong soul.  People always wonder about the last judgment. When…read more

Easter Special: Crop Circles and an Excerpt from Afterlife Revolution

…of the Afterlife Revolution: Soul as Second Body. This chapter discusses the reality of second body and recent breakthroughs that strongly suggest that the Shroud of Turin is a record of…read more

Life After Death: An Analysis of the Evidence

…we’re supposed to believe doesn’t even exist, into a much larger and more true vision of reality and the journey of the soul. Get Life After Death: click here.  …read more

Researchers Expect to have a Viable Nuclear Fusion Reactor Online by 2033

A joint team of researchers with the Massachusetts Institute of Technology and private company Commonwealth Fusion Systems is predicting that they will have a viable nuclear fusion reactor generating electricity…read more

Journeys in the Kali Yuga

Come on a journey of discovery with a true pilgrim who crossed India and Nepal in search of his own soul and meaning, then returned to Europe where he found…read more

Despite Repeated Encounters, the Pentagon Refuses to Investigate the UFO Phenomenon

…Science, in the form of gun-camera videos from fighter aircraft of airborne objects that exhibited performance capabilities that far exceeded what our current technology is capable of. These videos chronicled…read more

Unknowncountry and Politics

…people become aware that they have souls and that their souls are why they are here. The second is that we have as much freedom as possible, so that we…read more

Video of Whitley’s First Talk on the Afterlife Revolution

On February 8, 2018, Whitley gave his first talk on the Afterlife Revolution, how it came about and what it means. This is a lovely, insightful commentary full of Whitley’s…read more

Polar Vortex Split Causes Superstorm-like Winter Havoc in Europe

…Day After Tomorrow”, the 2004 movie based on Art Bell and Whitley Strieber’s 1999 book, “The Coming Global Superstorm”. Centered over northern Siberia, the node that descended into the Eastern…read more

Finding the Treasure in Your Own Life and Soul

Are we drifting randomly through life or is there a way of living that enables us to find clues about where we might be able to go and what adventures…read more

Researchers use AI to Decode Human Thought Patterns

…although the clarity of the image wasn’t as reliable — scientists are still uncovering the complexities of how we store and access our memories. The applications for a technology capable…read more

Lonely Love and a Beautiful Lesson from Anne

…had a burning question about it, crucially important to his life and his soul. Anne answered that question, I believe, and did it in a lovely, elegant and soul-changing way….read more

The Afterlife Revolution is Published

…body, the emotional life, the striving of ego—all of these things and more drown out the subtle inner whisper of the soul, and because we never hear our souls or…read more

Former Facebook Prez on the Dangers of Social Media: ‘God only knows what it’s doing to our children’s brains’

The profound impact of the technology of social networking on our culture, especially social media juggernaut Facebook, is a phenomenon that is unique in human history, allowing friends, loved ones,…read more

A Large Chamber Hidden in the Great Pyramid has been Discovered

A new scanning technology using deep-penetrating cosmic rays has revealed a large, 100-foot-long chamber inside the Great Pyramid at Giza. This chamber, simply called “ScanPyramids Big Void” for the time…read more

A Revealing New Vision of the Secret Past

In author and adventurer Michael Feeley’s first visit to Dreamland, he reveals a new vision of reality, the meaning of man, soul and god. By re-envisioning the secrets of Egypt,…read more

Infininte Awareness: A Neurologist Finds Her Soul

…selves, doubt what we cannot see, we feel uneasy about the existence of a soul. But when a neuroscientist, intimately familiar with all the reasons why her discipline argues that…read more

The Amazing Auracle Healing Cards

The Auracle Healing Cards are storytellers of your soul which combine work with your physical, emotional, mental and spiritual aspects to connect you more deeply to the truth of who…read more

Homo Neledi ‘s Young Age Upends Modern Theories on the Development of Human Culture and Technology

The definitive dating of the remains of the extinct hominin Homo naledi has been completed, and the results have left researchers’ original assumptions about the age of the creature in…read more

A Human-Made Forcefield is Helping Protect the Earth from Radiation from Outer Space

…our technology. However, in much the same way that human-based activity has affected Earth-based weather through climate change, it turns out that we’ve also been affecting the nature of space…read more

Final Words–Their Beauty, Their Power, Their Mystery

…the truth is that not only do we have souls, we are here on their behalf. Life is lived for the soul. Join Whitley and Lisa on the beautiful journey…read more

A Phenomenal OBE Now Confirmed

…of the soul.  Without the wiring of the physical body to generate an objective image of something, one might not see what is really there, but rather something from one’s…read more

Chinese Scientists to Put AI in Your Smartphone

…CAS’s Institute of Computing Technology, unveiled their new chip design in early 2016, but lacked the funding to develop it for commercial use. Naming the chip ‘Cambrian’, a geological period…read more

‘They Have No Plan.’ Governments Unprepared for Contact Says UFO Expert Nick Pope

technology. The country that gets that [technology] would be the world leader for the foreseeable future.” But he also sees the potential for such an event to draw humanity closer…read more

Stories from a Life 8: Working with Anne Part 4

…together offer a wonderful new vision of the soul. ARE YOU A SUBSCRIBER? Login now to download the MP3 files and any other subscriber-only material for this show. NOT A…read more

A Call from Heaven

…what is on the other side, and what the journey of life means. We have souls. They continue on past the life of the body. In fact, this is the…read more

Saving Your Soul: A New Vision

soul? In this powerful interview and his explosive book, the Lost Art of Resurrection, Freddy explodes the myth of a single, unique resurrection and shows how an ancient soul practice…read more

Who Cares about Government Disclosure? We Need Visitor Disclosure!

Sonia Barrett returns to Dreamland to discuss disease and body frequencies, the holographic model of consciousness, our evolving souls and much more. Once again, a series of powerful encounter experiences…read more

True Centering

…the body. It’s the personality. This resides in the brain. It is not the soul and when we die, it disappears. Our true presence is in the timeless center. This…read more

Robert Schoch’s NEW Forgotten Civilization Discoveries

…where intense heat from above actually melted rock. But then they go beyond into a truly remarkable discussion of how people in our very distant past saw the soul, and…read more

Cannabis and Spirituality

One of the most controversial areas of exploration of the nature and needs of the soul involves whether or not psychoactive plants should be included in one’s spiritual journey. In…read more

New Brain Implant Technology Promises Practicability for Long-Term Use

…next month, to transmit data into their visual cortexes — the initial intent for this implant is to improve the long-term viability of existing technology that allows blind people to…read more

Human Design and Destiny

…Dreamland high adventure on the track of the secrets of the soul! You can get your own Human Design chart free of charge on Chetan and Carola’s website Please…read more


…her life. She lost many a friend because of it, but she didn’t care about that. She was always confident that the soul sees even when the ego does not. But…read more

Compassion (Death of the Hired Man)

…is so essential to building a strong soul. ARE YOU A SUBSCRIBER? Login now to download the MP3 files and any other subscriber-only material for this show. NOT A SUBSCRIBER? Please…read more

Year of the Soul: Virtual Reality and Your Soul

…Tom explains that we are here to lower our entropy, that is to say, to find our soul’s purpose in this life and live in a more energetically rich way….read more

“The Soul is a Gardener”

From Anne today: “The soul is the gardener who tends the flowers of life. The weeds he leaves to themselves.” I then asked, what happens when the weeds choke out the…read more

First, Leslie Kean on the Chilean UFO, then Under Spiritual Siege

…is where to start! Then we start Dreamland’s Year of the Soul with an exploration of the dark side and how to deal with it. Our world is divided in…read more

Year End Show: Joseph Farrell on the Future, Plus Dreamland’s 2017 Theme is Announced

…inner search and close encounter, Whitley has a different view: not only does the souls exist, it is what matters the most about us. The building of a strong soulread more

Bill Gates Announces $1 Billion for Clean Energy Investment, And Hints at More to Come

…energy technology development between 2006 and 2011, with more than half of those investments going up in smoke. Unlike information technology, Gates explains that “People think you can just put…read more

Researchers Incorporate Silicon into a Living Organism: is this the Building of a Bridge between Man and Machine?

…ignore such an otherwise useful substance? While artificial methods of binding carbon and silicon have been available for some time, researchers with the California Institute of Technology were curious to…read more

Unknowncountry and the Election

…are capable of growing glorious souls; second, we are in danger of extinction due to environmental decline. Their primary interest here is in the soul. They want us to have…read more

The Purpose and Power of Your Soul

This week Marla Frees interviews Michael and Raphaelle Tamura about their work in spiritual self-healing and empowerment. How do we bring our lives into harmony, especially when we are suffering?…read more

Powerful, Beautiful New Teaching from Anne Strieber

…behind in the instant that she was freed from her body and regained contact with all the enormous knowledge of her soul, a core piece of information. The motive for…read more

Laurence Galian on Love beyond Loss, Then PMH Atwater on the Mysteries of the Soul

…journey. To explore Laurence’s music and work and consider his fundraiser, click here. Then PMH Atwater joins us for a spectacular exploration of the world of the soul. As the…read more

AMAZING Show on Preparing for the Afterlife and a Witnessed OBE!

A fantastic show about preparing for the afterlife, the nature of the soul and OBEs hosted by Marla Frees and featuring William and Susan Buhlman. In the last half hour of…read more

How to Search Beyond the Veil

…“we are told again and again that the soul doesn’t exist. This is being drilled into us by a society that wants us to be helpless, empty-minded consumers. But that…read more

Space Archaeology in Egypt: Uncovering Lost Pyramids and Modern-Day Looters

The increasing use of satellite imagery to analyze the surface of the Earth has opened the benefits of orbital imaging technology to fields of study that previously would not have…read more

An OBE With a Materialization

…facilitating the rich communication between us. I consider it a piece of technology that links different levels of reality, and every hour and every day of my life, I am…read more

Awakening 20: the Three Pillars of the Soul

Whitley Strieber concludes the first Awakening series with an electrifying discussion of the three pillars of a strong soul: love, compassion and humility. If you think you understand these ideas,…read more

An Earth-Like Planet has been Found Orbiting the Closest Star to Earth — So Close Will Soon be able to Reach It!

…the Partial Test Ban Treaty of 1963, effectively banning above-ground nuclear testing, meaning that testing the technology for Orion’s engines would be illegal. The concept of such a nuclear-propelled craft…read more

Profound Wisdom from an “Alien Video” by Whitley Strieber

…other’s lives. Right?” The answer: “In essence, yes.” When a soul enters our level of reality, it is completely enveloped. The physical body’s profusion of cells causes it to completely…read more

Major Crop Circle Revelation, PLUS Empowerment Through Joy

…the soul. Fear that the materialists are right and you don’t have a soul? Your best friend in learning to engage with your higher self is your body. It is…read more

A New Level of Experience

…it knowing that I could not keep it in my brain-memory, and that it is not in soul-memory, but more like an etching on the flesh of my soul. When…read more

Tears to Triumph: the Journey of Marianne Willamson

…show, Whitley talks to Richard Owen of the Gyre Cleanup Project. Our oceans are choking in plastic trash. But there’s no reason to despair. Fantastic new technology offers us the…read more

Donald Trump

…is why the visitors are so extensively engaged with the Americans. We have been living in real freedom—soul freedom—for over two hundred years. We are the freest people that this…read more

Ancient Mysteries Extravaganza

…takes us to the modern Amazon in search of secrets and mysteries that exist there to this day, and Awakening returns with a discussion of the organs of the soul–and…read more

Largest Coal Producer in the U.S. Funded Climate Change Denial Groups

…filed for chapter 11 bankruptcy in April. “These groups collectively are the heart and soul of climate denial,” says Climate Investigation Center founder Kert Davies, referring to the groups funded…read more

Awakening 15: the Breath of God

In the latest edition of Awakening, Whitley Strieber discusses the fact that we are going soul blind, and how to arrest that process by learning to actually feel your soul….read more

List of Biosignature Elements to Help in the Search for Extraterrestrial Life

Due to the limitations presented by our culture’s fledgling space travel technology, simply going to a planet orbiting another star isn’t a practical way of determining whether or not there’s…read more

Awakening Part 14: Soul Craft

Whitley Strieber describes the body as “container” and the soul as the silent presence within. That has been done before, but what has not been done with this eloquence and…read more

New Spin on the Drake Equation Increases the Odds that We’re Not Alone

…become a useful scientific and philosophical tool to speculate on the possible number of extraterrestrial civilizations in the universe that might be using radio communications technology. While the equation makes…read more

Ultra-Thin Wearable Devices Could Provide Us with Removable Electronic Tattoos

…uses for this technology could be a boon for the field: sensors for monitoring vital functions, including their readout displays, could simply be applied to the patient’s skin, eliminating the…read more

Soul Traps

…great unknown is here.) What I have not understood until just this past year is what happens to the souls of people who participate in this sort of thing. Recently,…read more

Seeking Jordan: How One Man Found His Son in the Afterlife

…and Whitley have discovered the same thing by different routes: the dead are still with us. The idea that there is no soul is a cruel illusion. Dreamland’s Year of…read more

Awakening Part 10: Resurrection

…feeding and strengthening the soul. Don’t miss this wonderful Easter offering! ARE YOU A SUBSCRIBER? Login now to download the MP3 files and any other subscriber-only material for this show….read more

A Biotech Company is using Human Neurons to Build Powerful Computers

…hopes of replacing silicon altogether, with optical and quantum-based processors being developed. And conversely, at least one tech startup is using a very old technology in their bid to push…read more

Higher Consciousness in Ancient Egypt

…stops telling us that we are small, helpless and essentially “meat machines,” but there is much more to us than that, and the hungry soul can find food in ancient…read more

Dutch Police use Eagles to Hunt Illegal Drones

As new technologies develop, so does the potential for the misuse of that technology, and accordingly, so does the need for law enforcement to find ways to counter that misuse….read more

Awakening Part 4: Information from Beyond the Veil

This week, Whitley describes another contact with Anne, and goes on to discuss the soul and how we can live in such a way the there is much less of…read more

Free-Energy Tech Company Steorn Offices were Bugged

Dublin-based technology development company Steorn has revealed that their offices had been bugged by an unknown party. Steorn, itself having stirred up controversy with the announcement of their “Orbo” technology,…read more

Famed Astronaut Edgar Mitchell Dies

…Noetic Sciences which remains a leading edge organization in the area of scientific study of the mysteries of the human soul. Edgar Mitchell was a friend of Whitley and Anne…read more

Awakening Part 3: A Light of Fearful Beauty

This week, we explore a powerful passage from the Tibetan Book of the Dead that concerns the different types of light that the soul encounters on its journey out of the…read more

Researcher says Gravity can be Manipulated, using Contemporary Technology

…situation. This proposal was made by André Füzfa, a mathematics professor from the University of Namur, Belgium. He describes a device that could be built, using current electromagnetic technology, that…read more

Awakening Part 1: Where to Begin?

In this beautiful and inspiring narrative, Whitley and Anne Strieber begin a series on awakening to the worlds of both the living and the dead. The series will continue over…read more

Disclosure may be Imminent. But can We Take It?

…the issue of the soul. The idea of the soul has been more-or-less completely rejected by western science and the western intellectual community. We are assumed to be automata with…read more

Tiny Bone Carving may Upend our Understanding of the Megaliths at Göbekli Tepe

…point marked in the upper-middle of the carving. This point appears to correspond with what Professor Klaus Schmidt, the site’s lead archaeologist, referred to as “seelenloch” — German for “soul-holes”,…read more

Dark Night of the Soul

read more

Two New Candidates for Planet X have been Announced

With recent advances in imaging technology pushing the boundaries of astronomy and space exploration more rapidly than ever before, new discoveries within the solar system and beyond are now being…read more

The Path of the Tarot, Part 6

…that can bring it into your soul. ARE YOU A SUBSCRIBER? Login now to download the MP3 files and any other subscriber-only material for this show. NOT A SUBSCRIBER? Please join…read more

The Why of Islamic Terrorism

…actual text, which is a kind of music of the soul. So how could it be that this music translates into something as horrible and discordant as the oppression of…read more

The Path of the Tarot, Part 5

…become a craftsman and artist of your soul. ARE YOU A SUBSCRIBER? Login now to download the MP3 files and any other subscriber-only material for this show. NOT A SUBSCRIBER? Please…read more

The Path of the Tarot, Part 2

…to the human body and soul. In this second of seven episodes, Whitley discusses the heart of the Tarot path and how it relates to the human heart itself. ARE YOU…read more

Bees May Provide Natural Method of Pesticide Delivery

…The Vancouver-based company, Bee Vectoring Technology, is making use of a concept originally developed by researchers at the University of Guelph, where bees can be used to distribute natural, powdered…read more

We Have Souls and We MUST Get Back in Touch!

…we begin a two-week exploration of contact with the soul and the dead. This week, we concentrate on our own souls. We are going soul-blind. Unless we reconnect, we aren’t…read more

In the Weave of the Journey, a Meeting

…your soul separate from hers, because it will be tempting for you to want to hold her as close as possible. Don’t worry about that. From what I experienced of…read more

The Path of the Tarot, Part 1

…the energies that define our real humanity and feed our souls. ARE YOU A SUBSCRIBER? Login now to download the MP3 files and any other subscriber-only material for this show….read more

Erotic Christianity

…College, Oxford. As always, Dreamland takes you where others dare not go. It is time for Christians to re-envision themselves as children of God in both soul AND body, and…read more

Legendary Tomb of Nefertiti May Have Been Found

…and an extraordinary effort might well have been made to conceal her tomb, as Egyptian believe was that a soul without a mummy was left to wander after death. This…read more

Secrets of Mediumship

Mediums can be fakes, and skillful fakes, and in our modern world, we dismiss them all. We do this under the assumption that there is no soul and therefore no…read more

A Message from Anne Strieber: Joy to You!

…did believe in the soul. She didn’t just believe in a subjective sense. Because of her near death experience in 2005 and an event in our old cabin in upstate…read more

China Building a Supersonic Submarine

…Harbin Institute of Technology have developed what they refer to as a “special liquid membrane”, that would reduce a craft’s friction at lower speeds, allowing it to build up to…read more

The Spiritual Mysteries of Blood

…western culture from time immemorial, but the way that blood itself connects body and soul is practically unknown. Christophere Vasey offers precious insights into this connection, and how to strengthen…read more

Proof of Heaven Author Eben Alexander on Soul Transformation

William Henry interviews Dr. Eben Alexander and Karen Newell on the transformation of the soul and the human journey toward heaven. How can we recognize our inner divinity and let…read more

Whitley Reads from Journey to Dog Heaven

…if he’s been possessed by  the soul of a dog, it’s just uncanny and quite wonderful to hear. To learn more about the Journey to Dog Heaven and get a…read more

Does the Souls Move Between Parallel Universes After Death

…universe, and while a person is alive, resides in the brain’s microtubular structure, providing a link between the brain and the soul. Dr. Hameroff explains: “Let’s say the heart stops…read more

GMP: Genetically Modified People

…number and types of threats today to the future of life on Earth have proliferated far beyond the spread of nuclear technology worldwide. Take gene manipulation. It’s been around for…read more

Turning People Into Robots – Step-by-Step-by-Step

…in Seoul, Korea at the 2015 human-computer interaction conference. Clearly, there’s an upside to the merging of technology with humanity. Human cruise control can make it possible to find your…read more

Great Energies are Returning: Tricia McCannon Explains

…to do with the alchemy of the soul and mankind’s journey through the cosmos? Almost nobody on Earth can coherently voice these burning questions, let alone answer them. Tricia McCannon…read more

Weekender: Strong New Yeti Evidence from Russia

…a tall, strong, well-built man, and he was a very good swimmer too. He was enjoying the current of the river with his body and soul. Grass and aquatic plants…read more

Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star — How I Wonder What We Are

…does seem like poetic justice that the name of the ‘eyes’ through which astronomers have gleaned this Truth is ALMA – Spanish for Soul. Truly, the Universe is alive.  …read more

What to Do When It’s Hot as Hell!

…Prisoners,” British poet/playwright Christopher Fry pointed out that – “…. Affairs are now soul size. … It takes so many thousand years to wake, but will you wake for pity’s…read more

George Noory on Flight 370: Someone is Hiding Something

…and powerful weapons technology. He also makes some new and compelling revelations about that technology. Was the disappearance of the flight an effort to kidnap them? If so, did it…read more

Weekender: Heart Smart

…whole other way of knowing. Aristotle identified the heart as the seat of both intelligence and the Soul. William James, the father of modern psychology, pointed out that though the…read more

William Henry on the Hidden Meaning of ISIS

…ourselves to machines better able than we are to understand and govern our world? But what does this mean for the human soul? Provocative new ideas from one of the…read more

Weekender: How to Go with the Flow

…belief in what is humanly possible – physically, mentally and/or spiritually. Now, in an era when science and technology are advancing so rapidly, and the abilities to decode the human…read more

A Quantum Theory of NDE’s

…Consciousness Studies at the University of Arizona – and British physicist Sir Roger Penrose – are proposing that the Soul is actually a quantum packet of information and intelligence that…read more

A Most Remarkable Visitation by Leigh J. McCloskey

…and proof. Ten years into my daily work on The Hieroglyph of the Human Soul, I mused about the acronym created by its title which turned out to spell, much…read more

The Age of the Cyborg is Upon Us

…Now, with the dawning convergence of neuroscience, ICT (Information and Communication Technology), and nanotechnology, it’s going to become exponentially more complicated to find helpful, hopeful answers to our existential questions….read more

Anne: Lady in Autumn

soul is ascending, and that is a matter for awe, respect and gratitude. How I love her. I am so grateful that she came to me, looked at my hopeless…read more

It’s Too Late To “Save The Planet” Says Scientist; We Need To Save Ourselves

Back in 1965, maverick scientist James Lovelock, warned an oil company that the year 2000 would not be dominated by fusion-powered cars or advanced technology, but by the changing climate….read more

Weekender: ASpIRE – New Voice Recognition Software Creates Limitless Potential To Spy On Any Conversation

…unpredictable and non-intuitive, thus leaving the technology defective in broad applications and difficult to manage even in well-behaved environments. In short, this technology is badly broken.” The ASpIRE program intends…read more

Water Into Fuel? We Have The Technology!

…to have developed the technology to do just that. Sunfire GmbH has created an engineering installation that can synthesize petroleum-based fuels using water and carbon dioxide. “I would call it…read more

ATCV-1 – The Virus That Can Change Your Mind?

…commented Joram Feldon, a neuroscientist emeritus at the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology in Zurich who was not involved with the work. Yet other scientists in the field were not…read more

Another AI Nightmare? Robot Bombs That Choose Who To Kill

…highly questionable faith in this form of technology has emerged. In a recent article in the New York Times, a form of particularly chilling AI is described: it appears that…read more

The Limitless Mind: Scientists Discover Mind Power Can Alter Genetic Structure

technology constructed with the most advanced forms of cybernetics and synthetic biology. Wearing a wireless headset that monitored brainwaves sent to an implant in a mouse, the participants were able…read more

Weekender: Artificial Intelligence – Are We Summoning A Demon That We Can’t Control?

…more dangerous than nukes,” and later, in a speech given at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Musk said: “I think we should be very careful about artificial intelligence. If I…read more

Scientists Develop Interactive Cinema That Allows Viewers To Watch Their Dreams

…as with real life experiences. But what if we could record our dreams to watch again, like an interactive virtual reality TV show? Scientists have now developed cinematic technology that…read more

Halloween Special: Morbid Curiosity Explained – What Draws Us To The Macabre?

…heartening truths in the darker side of our psyches. “The morbidity of sorrow,” he says, “is often a productive sluggishness, a time when the soul slows down, too weary to…read more

Halloween Week On Unknown Country: Let’s Take A Walk On Our Shadowside…

…who follow their desires and then take the penalties that ensue, the extremes of life experiences that follow may provide valuable opportunities for soul growth. Is there really a right…read more

Weekender: The Case For “Safe” Nuclear Energy – Is it Really Possible?

…its focus on advanced or secret projects. If the technology proves to be a viable success, then there is the potential to create portable compact fusion energy sources small enough…read more

The Trial of Meister Eckhart

soul, the power of grace…and rushing rivers! ARE YOU A SUBSCRIBER? Login now to download the MP3 files and any other subscriber-only material for this show. NOT A SUBSCRIBER? Please join…read more

How Ancient Peoples Saved Their Souls

Was there ever a science of the soul, and even a craft or art of purifying the soul and making it ready for its post-life journey? Greg Little believes that…read more

Greg Little in a Major Breakthrough

…what stars were. And why did they imagine we have a soul? Provocative, enlightening and wonderful interview! Get Path of Souls from Amazon, Barnes and Noble or your local bookstore!…read more

The Templars, the Voynich Manuscript, Oak Island and the Cathars: Struggle for the Soul

Joseph Farrell sees a deep struggle in our world, between elites that seek to force us to act and believe as they prefer, and the individual, who seeks to find…read more

The Eyes Have It – How to Tell the Difference Between Love and Lust

Soul singer Betty Everett once proclaimed, “If you want to know if he loves you so, it’s in his kiss.” But a new study by University of Chicago researchers suggests…read more

Stewards of the Soul

…phenomenon, and what role they may play in the stewardship of the human soul. This is the essay he was working on when Linda Moulton Howe sent him the ‘gnome’ photos,…read more

Scientists Discover How To Manipulate Memories and Erase Fear

…for Souls,” fear becomes a stench that allows detection of souls by predatory alien forces. Only those who could learn to control its power were able to evade detection and…read more

Cellphones Data Can Now Track Anyone Anywhere, And The Technology Is Available To All

…in surveillance technology is allowing the dissemination and deployment of advanced spying technology by a variety of different organizations across the world. Human rights activists with an interest in personal…read more

The “McMoon’s” Project: Civilians Take Control of Ex-NASA Satellite

…for their next techno-fix? It seems that when you have exhausted all of the technology that the earth can offer, you look to the skies: a small team of techys…read more

The Endangered Secrets of the Yazidis

…secrets of Egypt and France. Go with him and his magical wife Clare this fall! Two unforgettable, soul-feeding and beautifully organized journeys. To find out more, go to Click…read more

Weekender: Controversial MJ-12 Document found inside Declassified Department of Defense File

…being received by U.S. military intelligence and their implications for national security. The group was purported to be particularly interested in the technology used by the aerial objects that were…read more

Weekender: Timeline Jumping – A Glimpse Into the Complex World of Selective Existence

…timelines, which in turn create “time nodes”, a phenomena that occurs when two or more timelines come together and realities from one can “bleed” into another, or may be psychically…read more

Think Plagues Are Past History? Think Again… Now We Are Creating Our Own

…symptoms which include painful lymph node swellings known as “bubos”. Though modern day medicine is able to effectively treat bubonic plague with antibiotics, it is still deadly if it is…read more

Will Our Children’s Future Friends Be Robots?

…Georgia Institute of Technology project is designed to serve as a rehabilitation tool and to help kids with disabilities. The researchers have paired a small humanoid robot with an Android…read more

Weekender: Organ donations – A Slice of Someone Else’s Life?

…freaky,” he reported. From a spiritual perspective, organ donation causes some controversy. Most religions advocate the idea, seeing the body as just a container for the soul which lives on…read more

Weekender – The Future Could Be Mind Controlled…

…use of cutting edge technology to liberate those with severe paralysis. Lead robotic engineer Gordon Cheng, at the Technical University of Munich, Germany, explained that an incredible amount of specialised…read more

Technology Spawns “Colossus”-Style Computer That Will Know “Everything About Anything”

…benefits for this type of technology – the team wants the open-source program to be both an educational tool as well as an information bank for researchers in the computer…read more

Weekender:Friday 13th, Full Moon and Mercury Retrograde – Should You Stay In Bed Today?

…a cleansing for the soul which removes all the “noise” of our lives and leaving only our tranquil essences remaining. Even traditional tarot readers view Death’s appearance as an indicator…read more

Can Brain Implants Stop School Shootings, Or Are They Causing Them?

…Systems-Based Neurotechnology for Emerging Therapies. “We want to understand the brain networks [in] neuropsychiatric illness, develop technology to measure them, and then do precision signaling to the brain,” says Sanchez….read more

It’s Time to Escape from the Lies that Hold Us Back

…that has ever been presented on this program. A soul-breaking message is constantly driven into our minds from every direction: ‘you’re powerless, you’re a follower, you don’t have any real freedom…read more

Free-Wheeling, Fuel-Free, Flying Cars? Space-Age Travel Really Has Arrived

…new fuel technology have been put forward over the past few decades, but one of the latest, proposed by an Israeli company, Phinergy, and the aluminum giant, Alcoa Canada, has…read more

Wormholes Could Be Space-Time “Postboxes”

technology, and there are those who believe that this future technology must surely be affecting our lives in the present. Anne Strieber has always believed that UFOs must have some…read more

Battery Hens Could Receive Matrix-Style Life Enhancement Technology

…questions: should we really be exploring this type of technology in order to improve the lives of intensively-farmed animals, or should we just improve their actual living conditions and accept…read more

Scientists Create Effective “Tractor Beams” Using Sound

…push it away and also rotate it. Dr Christine Demore, of the university’s Institute For Medical Science and Technology (IMSAT), said: ‘We were able to show that you could exert…read more

Wise Women Who Wait

…to heal, a few among the inspiring many. They are the soul healers. As Angelou said, ‘If your soul needs healing send it my way. I’ll give it some rainbow.’…read more

Weekender: Do Our Brains Need Their Own Bill of Rights?

…book 2012: The War For Souls, where soul energies were captured and used to power machines? Is yet another of Whitley’s visionary concepts about to manifest into reality? This is…read more

Latest Technology Reveals Secrets of Egyptian Mummies

…scan results will also be on public display. Neil MacGregor, the director of the British Museum, said: “This new technology is truly groundbreaking, allowing us to reconstruct and understand the…read more

Weekender: Is Technology the New Terror?

…and a variety of technology-specific ailments ranging from repetitive strain injury – “BlackBerry thumb” or “iPod finger”- to technology-induced hearing loss brought on by listening to very loud music or…read more

New Collider To Turn Light Into Matter

…was the discovery of how we can create matter directly from light using the technology that we have today in the UK. As we are theorists we are now talking…read more

Viable Non-Polluting Power Source Discovered, But Is It Too Late to Stop Climate Change?

…in the following areas: (1) Millsian computational chemical design technology based on Classical Physics (CP), a revolutionary approach to solving atomic and molecular structures; (2) magnetic resonance imaging; (3) Mossbauer…read more

Catholic Church Opens Their Doors to Extra-Terrestrials

souls and could choose to be baptised if they wished. Guy Consolmagno explained that the traditional definition of a soul was to have intelligence, free will, freedom to love and…read more

Has the Age of the Cyborg Arrived?

…appliances, car parts, even satellites could repair themselves in space. In fact, this technology is not new, being first engineered in 2001 when Professor Scott White and his team at…read more

Weekender: Mysteries of the Pyramids Revealed?

…Mr. Dunn.” Of course, that isn’t going to happen and those who prefer to maintain the status quo with respect to the level of technology available to the pyramid builders…read more

Weekender: Is Forgiveness Good for the Body and the Soul?

…up to forgiveness is thought to allow positive energy and events back into our lives, freeing and strengthening our souls in the process. Edwin Hubbel Chapin once summed up this…read more

The Secret World of Dreams

soul which could leave its physical form during sleep to communicate with the departed. In the Middle Ages, however, dreams were regarded as evil temptations from the devil who preyed…read more

Robert Moss on Dreams as the Gateway into Other Worlds

…us that our mind is more than physical, that it is not limited to the here and now.  Being infinite in space and time, it is immortal, eternal, and soul-like. …read more

“Robot Sex” Helps Scientists To Study Evolution

The study of evolutionary patterns has received a helping hand from technology, in the form of a small colony of rampant robots. Using robotic subjects, it was possible to accelerate…read more

Weekender: Biodegradable Biomedical Implants – ET-Style Technology Here on Earth?

…new technology, as a variety of different devices have been developed over the past few decades in order to replace damaged biological structures or as cosmetic enhancements. Some of these…read more

Review of Lorie Barnes’ Things Seen and Unseen

…countless letters in response to “Communion” and subsequent books. Several contact experiencers at times have felt that the visitors awaken them to the importance of the soul and the deep…read more

Science Develops Method of Communicating with Animals

…to record prairie dog language, and computer programmes can now analyze the calls and convert them into English. The technology can also convert English into “prairie dog” language. It is…read more

Dr Roger Leir Dies

…highly unusual – sometimes amazing – properties. Whether these objects eventually turn out to be of extraterrestrial or terrestrial origin is not as important as the fact that their technologyread more

Weekender: The Road to Mars

…is perfectly feasible and that the technology required is already in existence, plus the experience gained via the implementation of Skylab, Mir and the International Space Station has provided valuable…read more

Science confirms another “Master of the Key” Prediction

…which now has powerful new scientific support. The intriguing discovery was made by a team of physicists at the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST), whose quest was originally…read more

World’s Oldest Crystal Holds The Key To Earth’s History, But What Of Its Future?

…the necessary technology, there are other planets that we could feasibly decamp to, such as the newly discovered exoplanets Kepler 22b an Gliese 581d. These earth-like planets are both thought…read more

Surveillance Technologies May Soon Make Anonymity Impossible

…likely to part with big bucks in their store. The technology will soon enable businesses to identify “big spenders” and provide staff with pertinent details, including their name, clothing size,…read more

Will Future Wars be Fought by 3D Printed Robots?

…ideas from the “Maker” movement, the technology-based extension of DIY culture. With such flexible new technology, government would be able to respond more rapidly to volatile situations, almost making military…read more

Twenty Questions About God

…journey, through our whole recorded history, to find the deep freedom necessary for souls to have as many choices as possible in this life. Souls love freedom because they need…read more

Weekender:The Power of Sound

…Medically, sound waves are being used to heal wounds and even kill cancer cells. A technology known as “MIST” has been shown to repair difficult-to-heal wounds such as ulcers in…read more

Sleepers Awake

…part of my soul. Anne says: ‘Real work is the gift you don’t want.’ Her usual way of going to the essence with few words, and in this case absolutely true….read more

Doorway to Other Worlds

…believe in the existence of a soul, and you know why. In the Key, the Master speaks of ‘conscious energy,’ and I believe that this is an accurate description of…read more

Weekender: Exoplanets & Waterworlds – Alien Life Now Ten Times More Likely

With ever improving technology, astronomers are now able to explore the furthest reaches of our universe, mapping the continuing expansion of dark matter and detecting light from far-flung planets beyond…read more

Scientists Can Affect Brain Responses Using Ultrasound Waves

…ultrasound scanners as devices that utilise high frequency sound waves to create images of internal organs. This technology has now been adapted by researchers at Virginia Tech Carilion Research Institute…read more

Scientists Find a Way to Fast-track Production of Fossil Fuels

…with Elliott’s team since 2008, licensing the technology and working initially with PNNL through DOE’s Technology Assistance Program to assess the technology. Genifuel plan to develop the technology further and…read more

Scientists Claim Threat Of Supervolcano Eruption Greater Than Previously Thought

…(Switzerland), Okayama University (Japan), the Laboratory of Geology of CNRS, Université Lyon 1 and ENS Lyon (France) and the European Synchrotron (ESRF) in Grenoble (France). Using X-ray technology from the…read more

Time, the Visitors and the Future of Man

Our world is soul blind, and our greatest intellectuals are not only blind to our true nature, but are in active denial. Secular humanity literally does not know who we…read more

3D Printers: Will We Soon be Able to Print Out Replacement Body Parts?

…designs, but the new method means that that practically any design is possible using the same technology. The uses for 3D printers does not stop at the creation of chocolate…read more

Merciful Chest Fever: Did The Aliens Influence Some Important Lyricists? By Sean Casteel

…to be the aliens’ interest in genetic experimentation. The fact that it “comes round to your soul” seems to address the idea of the mortal’s soul being part of the…read more

The Eyes Have It: New Diagnosis tool for Mental Illness

The power of the eye has always fascinated man, who has declared since ancient times that these enigmatic visual organs are “the mirrors of our soul“. The latest developments in…read more

Is Cold Fusion Now A Reality?

…off to take out a second mortgage and prise the solar panels from their roof: your own personal nuclear reactor. Of course, technology like this does not come cheap; the…read more

Weekender – The Science of Thanksgiving

…something that you have done well. Unknown Country aims to provide news that expands your mind and enriches your soul. Why not join our own positive social network and subscribe…read more

Scientists Discover Viable Alternative Fuel

…and researchers from BGU’s Blechner Center of Industrial Catalysis and Process Development. “It is an extraordinary challenge to convert carbon dioxide and hydrogen to green feed,” said Herskowitz, “The technologyread more

Weekender: JFK: 50 Years On Will The Truth Be Revealed?

…peace, but there is also a valid argument that John Fitzgerald Kennedy deserves to find justice before his soul can rest. “We’ve won the debate. Most people want what we’re…read more

1913 vs. 2013, When would You Rather Live?

…dangerous, leading to the 1906 muckraking Upton Sinclair book the Jungle. The cars of 1913 had a top speed of about 30, but brake technology was far behind engine technology,…read more

Invisibility Cloaks are now Science Fact

…radio than for light,” says Eleftheriades. “It’s just a matter of technology—you can use the same principle for light, and the corresponding antenna technology is a very hot area of…read more

A Joyous Romp of a Close Encounter

…Sooner or later, she is going to move on, and I think that this has to do with her family coming around her, preparing to receive her soul. She has…read more

Minority Report: Is Pre-Crime Now a Legal Reality?

…”The Minority Report” back in 1956 the concept seemed fanciful, but advances in technology and data analysis are turning this fictional idea into fact. Robert Nash Parker, a professor of…read more

A Photo of Ultimate Evil

…wooden floor, like a scorch mark, that could not be removed. I have often wondered if this was left by their evil souls as they plunged downward out of the…read more

First study on Greenland’s snowpack reveals unexpected decline in atmospheric CO levels since 1950s

…this fact to improvements in combustion technology and the introduction of catalytic converters in motor engines, which seem to have reduced CO levels despite an increase in the use of…read more

Science Fiction becomes Science Fact: Light Sabers are now a Reality

…against and deflect each other. The physics of what’s happening in these molecules is similar to what we see in the movies.” Unfortunately, the new technology will not be used…read more

A First: One Researcher Controls Another’s Body…Via the Internet

…said. “There’s no possible way the technology that we have could be used on a person unknowingly or without their willing participation.” Stocco said years from now the technology could…read more

Implanted Memories

From a recent news story: “Scientists at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) have successfully implanted a false memory into a mouse’s brain, a seemingly far-fetched idea reminiscent of a…read more

NDE Discovery: Brain Found to Be ‘Highly Active’ Just After Death

…place in the brain, or that this is a sign of the soul leaving the brain? That particular question as yet has not been answered. Whitley Strieber’s new thriller Alien…read more

Now for the Big One

…to do it: This is the Big One. Am I up to this degree of “soul cleansing?” I sensed my stepmother’s ghost was around, but it wasn’t too obvious. It…read more

Private Email Services Close Rather than Reveal Data

…difficult decision: to become complicit in crimes against the American people or walk away from nearly ten years of hard work by shutting down Lavabit. After significant soul searching, I…read more

Scientist Calls UFOs “Craft of a Supremely Advanced Technology”

Most scientists assume that aliens can’t be here because interstellar travel is impossible. But Dr. Eric Davis of the Institute for Advanced Studies in Austin is saying that new discoveries…read more

The Close Encounter Experience and the Dead

…have gone ‘soul blind.’ Julia Assante says that many elements of our society are actually engaged in inducing fear of death as a way of obsessing us with clinging to…read more

Anatomy of a Black Triangle Sighting

…you this technology has only been within grasp of the military since the late 80’s or early 90’s at the earliest. The fact that these craft have been seen near…read more

The Dog God and the Future of Man

…time it was a Roman colony between the first and fourth centuries AD. The reason that they were combined was that both Hermes and Anubis were involved in conducting souls…read more

Death Researcher Challenging Science on Resurrection and the Soul

…recorded in the book said, “the science of the soul is just another science. There is no supernatural, only physics. But the physics and electronics involved in communicating with intelligent…read more

Scans Reveal Hidden Mysteries

A team of archaeologists from the University of Southampton have used the latest in digital imaging technology to record and analyze carvings on an Easter Island statue. And those body…read more

Social Engineering and the Persecution of UFO and Close Encounter Witnesses

…of all, my beloved friend of my soul, the foundation of what wisdom I may possess, and what good I may manage to do in this life, which is the…read more

Print It? Careful of That Copyright!

…UK website, Clive Thompson quotes attorney Michael Weinberg as saying, “Printing in 3D is a disruptive technology that raises a lot of intellectual property issues.” Since 3D printing is such…read more

Supreme Court Decison Nears on Who Owns Your DNA

…go: In 1998, the Master of the Key burst into Whitley Strieber’s hotel room and told him that the soul is a SCIENCE that we have yet to understand. Read…read more

Gotcha! NASA Plans to Capture an Asteroid

…can’t deflect an asteroid that you haven’t yet tracked. Our technology is useless against something we haven’t yet found.” At the hearing, called “Threats From Space,” astronomer Michael A’Hearn said,…read more

Play Ball!

…the soul, day in and day out, is the Church of Baseball.” (Bull Durham) New York University President John Sexton agrees with this and says that baseball “evokes in the…read more

The Kabbalah’s Remarkable Idea

…not truly existing, could potentially destroy our species. The kelipots were also thought to imprison and bind aspects of human souls as well, feeding parasitically on the divine light within…read more

The Soul and Mormon Belief

The Mormon faith has remarkable and beautiful beliefs about the soul, and here Peter Levenda and William Henry discuss the importance of these beliefs, and how they reflect some of…read more

How to Stop the Killing: Make it Legal

…We need this technology to put us in a position to catch the guys. We need to do it before they kill rhino. The drone is, in my opinion, the…read more

Wearable Computers Make It Easy to Spy on You

…and so we’re only just scratching the surface with body-generated data that’s captured by these wearable devices.” But more available technology means more chances for identity theft. Nuttall quotes technologyread more

Easter Special: Food for Thought, Food for the Soul

For Easter we present a double Dreamland. First, a mysterious shroud-like image that seems connected to the Book of Revelation appears on a cloth. Second, a brilliant word-magician reveals to…read more

The Revelations Symposium

…the nature of human life, and all life on Earth. Talk 2: Meditation for Soul Coherence At a time when we need more coherent connection with our own souls and…read more

When Healing Drugs Harm

…  Whitley Strieber will speak about the Visitors and the Soul AND Meditation for Contact.   To get your tickets, click here. The price includes breakfast Saturday and Sunday and…read more

Are Flirts More Successful?

…negotiation performance.” When MOTKE burst into Whitley Strieber’s hotel room, he didn’t flirt–he got right down to business and told him amazing things, including the fact that the soul is…read more

The Mystery of the Blue Book

…of the book as I remember them: 15,000 years ago prior to planetary cataclysm  injection of concepts: soul survival, deity, afterlife. 10,000 years ago establishment of construction sphinx expressing path…read more

Science and the Soul

Dr. Robin Kelly asks the question, ‘can science enhance our souls?’ Here he explains his insights into quantum biology, and how it relates to the holographic nature of our soul….read more

Alien Technology Working in Our World

If we encountered alien technology far superior to our own, would we even realize what it was? Technology a million or more years in advance of ours would appear miraculous,…read more

Doorways into Other Dimensions

Nancy Safford is a spiritual guide dedicated to empowering others to connect with the wisdom and the knowing of their heart, their true soul essence, to have a more direct…read more

Data Collected to Use Against You

…could have decided he was a spy, except he came to DELIVER information–incredible information such as that the soul is a SCIENCE that we have yet to understand and the…read more

If the Driver Can’t Think, Maybe his CAR Can

…off or on, block a cell phone call. BMW is developing technology that would automatically stop the car if the driver suffered a heart attack. Eventually, these monitors could send…read more

The Return of Ezekiel’s Wheel

…for all! They are real, they are here, and the message they have for us will shake your soul. Last Christmas, the whole Dreamland team came together to tell what…read more

2012, Hidden Energies and the Power of the Season

soul changes with the seasons. For an example of a seasonal meditation, visit our Meditation Group. The current meditation (December 20 and 27, 2012) is designed to connect the meditator with…read more

What Do YOU Do in Bed?

…Laureate, he preferred his bed, where “everything flows much better.” But not everyone agrees. Shellenbarger quotes technology writer Daniel Sieberg as saying that, for many people, working in bed is…read more

December 21, 2012: Too Much of Nothing by Sean Casteel

…going to lay down in it until I satisfy my soul.” Which seems as good a way as any to spend December 21. And it may even be the case…read more

Closed windows Make People Dumb

…and told him amazing about climate change, as well the fact that the soul is a SCIENCE that we have yet to understand. Read all the other things MOTKE told…read more

Angel Food: Words that Put Wings on Our Hearts by Laurel Airica

…itself, a commentary.   For theocrasy means union of the personal soul with God above.   So, what need have we for admonitions – taboos, decrees and prohibitions – when…read more

UFOs on Dangerous Ground

…former Indian Army commander B.S. Jaswal as saying, “If there has been some sightings, I wouldn’t be surprised if it’s a technology demonstration by the Chinese, and the Chinese are…read more

When We Should–and Should NOT–Forgive

Forgiveness is good for the soul: In the Bible, Jesus told us (NOTE: subscribers can still listen to this show) to forgive our enemies. Forgiveness is even good for our…read more

Gaiamtv, an Extraordinary New TV Network

…that actually feeds your mind, heart and soul–not to mention your body, in the exciting wellness area. To learn more, go to (You will not only do yourself a…read more

We Need Robot Laws

…to follow too! The Economist quotes roboticist Hugh Herr as saying that disabilities are conditions that persist “because of poor technology.” The Economist reports that Herr “unexpectedly pulled up his…read more

Ressurection is not only Real, it’s Possible for US

…use–in other words, there is literally a Path of Resurrection that we can all follow. This is beyond an ‘author interview,’ it is true food for the soul. Order their…read more

Superweeds Sprouting Up

…as saying, “If we utilize the technology too extensively and rely on it too exclusively, eventually we will develop resistance.” And that’s exactly what has happened: now so-called “superweeds” are…read more

The Police State Creeps Closer

Several worrisome laws that restrict our freedom have been passed recently and now Apple has patented technology which would allow governments and police to block transmission of information, including video…read more

The REAL Science of Wormholes

…extraordinary power. You will hear an amazing and unexpectedly critical question discussed on this program: what is the SHAPE of the human soul? It turns out that the answer is…read more

If the World Ends, What Then?

…confusion is going to be reflected across its billions of individual nodes, each of which is the whole content of a single individual, probably extending across many lifetimes and an…read more

What are We and Where are We?

…touch, smell and sight. We become soul blind, and the richer our material lives become, the more soul blind we get. I think that we are supposed to be soulread more

Prehistoric Brains in Modern Bodies

…capable of coping with the rapid rate of change in technology. William Davidow, formerly head of the microprocessor division at Intel, says we must first recognize the problem and then…read more

Become Entangled and Travel Instantly From Place to Place

…things, including the fact that the soul is a SCIENCE that we have yet to understand. 75 lucky NEW one-year subscribers will get a copy of the NEW Key, while…read more

Lost Secrets of Maya Technology.

…professional engineer who has spent 40 years investigating Mayan engineering and lost Maya technology. He has visited more than 50 remote Maya sites. Find out more about him at…read more

Will YOUR Brain Have an Implant in the Future?

…is no longer just to reach a “natural” level of ability but to exceed it, using whatever cutting-edge technology is available. But prosthetic limbs aren’t the only new technology–brain implants…read more

A Very Powerful Experience

…It was an altogether extraordinary experience, one that I will not soon forget, and probably not ever. The moral of the story: to reach the high country of the soul, meditate….read more

Exploring Sudden Change

…It contains material about the journey of life, and the greater journey of the soul through the vastness of time. ARE YOU A SUBSCRIBER? Login now to download the MP3…read more

Tantric Mysteries

…heart and the human soul? In this discussion, Peter Levenda tells us about his journey among the Tantric Temples of Java, and explains the relationship between human sexuality and human…read more

New Technology Can Read Your Mind

Current advances in electroencephalographic (EEG) brain-wave detection technology make it possible for someone wearing a helmet with special sensors that broadcast your brain’s waves to be able to tell what…read more

The Mudfish of Destiny

…of technology. Whatever their origin, if the visitors had anything to do with it, you can be sure that a major part of their purpose was sociological. They wanted to…read more

Reading Changes Your Brain

…internet and the quickfire virtual world it offers. So technology reveals that our brains are being changed by technology, and then offers a potential solution–the book. “The research shows that…read more

Famous Last Words

…this and also would have realized that this meant he had a soul (an idea that–as a pragmatic scientist–he probably always rejected). While I had a near-death experience in 2004,…read more

Scientists Searching the Moon for Signs of ET

…there is only a tiny probability that alien technology would have left traces on the moon in the form of an artifact or surface modification of lunar features, this location…read more

Christmas 2011

…embedded in a much greater reality, physical beings drifting in an ocean of conscious energy. I have lost interest in the question of whether or not there is a soul….read more

Older Brains are Better

…had gave Whitley the wisdom of the ages, all of which Whitley wrote down in The Key. One of the most amazing things he said was that the soul is…read more

If Only Cars Could Drive Themselves

…avoided every year if cars drove (and parked) themselves, and several automakers are actually developing this technology, which would also save on gas (because cars would drive THEMSELVES more efficiently…read more

Use of Imagination in Whitley Strieber’s Meditations

…substantial for the health of my soul.  During most of my meditations, I feel no different than before, at least physically.  However, there have been a few times in which…read more

Another low, silent triangle UFO–we see so many of these, what are they, really?

…battery technology produces lightweight, high power batteries that are the craft’s motive power. It’s probably 20 years out.” Unless, of course, that technology exists somewhere behind the wall of secrecy….read more

The Healing

…people who have put off going to the doctor because they want to try a New Age type cure first who actually died from this. But I’m an open-minded soulread more

Detecting Crimes BEFORE They Happen

…very problematic.” He quotes other excerpts from an internal DHS document obtained by the Electronic Privacy Information Center. In one of them, McCullagh quotes FAST (“Future Attribute Screening Technology Program”)…read more

Grace and Prayer

…the food of the soul and—as energetic as it is—also a foundation. This racing energy is the foundation of joy. The Daoists used to make things called soul catchers. Because…read more

A Contactee Led to the Sioux People by the Grays

…bound lives and break free. Listen as Anne Strieber’s gentle voice draws “Susan” into telling her incredible story. There be secrets here to touch the heart and feed the soul….read more

A Contactee Led to the Sioux People by the Grays

…bound lives and break free. Listen as Anne Strieber’s gentle voice draws “Susan” into telling her incredible story. There be secrets here to touch the heart and feed the soul….read more

WEAR Your Wi-Fi

…wired clothes? Engineer John Volakis says, “Imagine a vest or shirt, or even a fancy ball gown, made with this technology. The antennas would be inconspicuous, and even attractive. People…read more

Thanks to the Japanese Meltdown, We’re Ready

…the technology that’s used for monitoring nuclear material and detecting covert nuclear operations around the world. In other words, it can help fight potential nuclear terrorism. The material detected from…read more

911 and the Pursuit of Happiness

…every one, as martyrs on behalf of a country that has given its heart and soul and blood in proclamation to every human being on earth: you have a right…read more

Math Ability: It’s Genetic

…”There is a science of the soul.” The new, revised edition of They Key is now available in bookstores everywhere as well as in the Whitley Strieber Collection, where it…read more

A Man of Courage has Died

…never asked for a penny. He never asked for much of anything. He gave himself, heart, mind and soul, to the exploration of a great enigma. Honor, thus, the life…read more

Be a SPY with your Smartphone

…spies–in places like the Soviet Union and East Germany–would have envied the technology the average person has at his fingertips today. Soon you may be able to use your Smartphone…read more

Marla Frees: the Visitors and the Mystery of Death

…                                                                                                                                                           What happens on the different spiritual levels? What is a soul retrieval, and why is it so important for us to understand this? Listen and learn. Learn more about…read more

The Pyramid Code

…found and experienced in Egypt recently, and it is powerful material. She says “our soul group is coming together,” and that is certainly what the internet effort of people like…read more

CERN Got a Glimpse of God

…the soul is a SCIENCE that we have yet to understand. Read all the other things MOTKE told him, with a new foreword from Whitley telling which of these predictions…read more

To Find the Truth, Travel to the Past

…do just that. In the July 27th edition of the New York Times, Patricia Cohen writes, “Now historians have a new tool that can help. Advanced technology similar to Google…read more

Our Website Has Been Updated

…of a strong soul. Be vigilant in seeking opportunities to be compassionate toward yourself and others. Inner vigilance is a profoundly meditative state. A new theme is generally posted in…read more

Could a Sudden Massive Methane Release Happen Again?

…than currently predicted?” In 1998, the Master of the Key burst into Whitley Strieber’s hotel room and told him amazing things, including the fact that the soul is a SCIENCE…read more

Our Site Has Been Updated!

…is the foundation of a strong soul. Be vigilant in seeking opportunities to be compassionate toward yourself and others. Inner vigilance is a profoundly meditative state. A new theme is…read more

The New Kind of War is Cyber War

…into around a year ago, probably by Israel. Meanwhile, the US is concentrating on using computer technology to “jam” the radar defense of enemy countries, so that our drones can…read more

What is REALLY Changing Our Weather

…antibiotics!) In 1998, the Master of the Key burst into Whitley Strieber’s hotel room and told him amazing things, including the fact that the soul is a SCIENCE that we…read more

The Amazing James Leininger Reincarnation Story

On November 7, 2009, Dreamland featured Soul Survivor by Bruce and Andrea Leininger about their son James’s past life memories. (Subscribers can still download this fascinating show). Now a Cleveland…read more

Now There’s a Spy You Can Swallow

…chip so tiny that it can be introduced into food. It is attempting to sell this technology all over the world, to all potential customers, without regard for privacy. The…read more

Is God an Atomic Particle?

…room and told him amazing things, including the fact that the soul is a SCIENCE that we have yet to understand. Read all the other things MOTKE told him, but…read more

The Old Edition of the Key was CENSORED, the New One is Not

…and thus the end of time during which souls can change. For those souls who are yet incomplete, this is terrifying, because they fear two things: first, that this means…read more

The Brain is the Ultimate Hands-Free Phone

…brief training period, these people probably dial fewer wrong numbers than the rest of us do. It could also be the ultimate hands-free technology for people who want to, for…read more

Your Phone Knows Where You Go

technology, and that unless we openly discuss this surveillance capability and craft appropriate legal and technological limits to that capability, we may lose some or all of the social benefits…read more

Photographing the Invisible

…show). The technology could help medical professionals detect and monitor a variety of skin conditions in humans, including cancer and burns. It also has the potential to help Homeland Security…read more

David Icke

William Henry interviews David Icke, and the results are nothing short of astonishing. One ascending soul speaks to another. If you listen to nothing else on for the next…read more

If Contact Occurs: the Return to the Long Home

soul. In fact, the body is an incident in the life of the soul, on which it is, for a few years, concentrating its attention. Because they have already passed…read more

The True Mystery of the Unknown

…be taken seriously as “part of the natural world that we don’t yet understand.” Food for the mind this week on Dreamland, and support for the soul. Visit Jeff here….read more

The 8th Underworld: Time to Make a Choice

…on October 11, 2011, and it is a time when righteous behavior is of utmost importance, because we are making soul choices that are eternal. Which side are we going…read more

The Jolly Season

…and showed us the way to a freedom of soul not present in any other wisdom tradtion but that left to us by Christ. On this Christmas eve, my mind…read more

Life is technology so advanced that we cannot recognize it for what it is.

 …read more

Wind Power? No Wind

…make this technology useless. The prevailing winds in the “free” atmosphere about 1,000 meters above the ground are maintained by a temperature gradient that decreases toward the poles. Climate researcher…read more

Wikileaks and UFOs

…display of avoidance technology that occured when a doctor did try to take it out. In addition, there has been excellent scientific work done on others. Also, there is no…read more

Major NDE Study

…his study. Beck quotes Parnia as saying, “The self, the soul, the psyche–throughout history, we’ve never managed to figure out what it is and how it relates to the body….read more

The Trouble with Airport Body Scans & Pat Downs by John L. Petersen, Arlington Institute

…one poor soul thoughtfully considering whether he would allow me to take fingernail clippers on a airplane “because they have sharp edges.” There are a number of things that could…read more

Ancient Egyptian Ascension Wisdom

…between the body, the soul, and the ascended world all around us. Surprisingly, there is an unexpected discussion about ancient Egyptian ka-body spells and why they worked. This is a…read more

The Wonder of Western Civilization

…western science has also, in not penetrating its understanding to the level of conscious energy, gone soul-blind, and so opened itself to the dangerously decivilizing notion that life has no…read more

Driverless Cars

…Europe to China. The result, according to, was “a pair of fender-benders, two technology-loving hitchhikers and 22 hours blocked at the Russian border.” The vehicles were controlled by a…read more

The Internet: A Tool for Democracy

…at running elections, providing civic services and exposing corruption. Howard and his team studied information and communication technology in 75 countries, finding that technology that is modernizing society and driving…read more

Unique Cleaning Problem

…which is why scientists have come up with the solution: self-dusting solar panels. Hey, somebody seems to have done it on Mars! The need for that technology is growing with…read more

New Planets Discovered

…signals from civilizations using technology similar to our own. The powerful new Keper satellite space observatory has discovered more than 700 of these planets. Will we be hearing from any…read more

Ancient Egyptian Technologies Part 2

Last week Chris Dunn fascinated Revelations listeners with the first part of this series on Egyptian technology. This week, he gets into some of the extraordinary proof that this amazing…read more

Nazis and Roswell

…outlines the audacious hypothesis that Nazi technology was involved at Roswell – and that the possessors of this technology are still keeping it secret, and that they represent nothing less…read more

A Powerful Dream

…live? What was wrong?” I asked. Anne’s hand came into mine. She whispered to me, “It’s refusal of the soul.” There the dream ended. It seems to develop the theme…read more

Ancient Egyptian Technology

The first part of a major two part series on Revelations with Christopher Dunn, famed author of the Giza Power Plant that was the first book to view the Great…read more

Shoe Power

…“This technology could benefit, for example, hikers that need emergency location devices or beacons. For more general use, you can use it to power portable devices without wasteful batteries. Ultimately,…read more

Why Don’t the Visitors Help Us?

…is kept, the government will be rewarded with valuable technology? And then given them false technology that can never be understood, because it actually doesn’t make sense? Meanwhile, this same…read more

The Sun, Earthquakes and the Soul

First, Linda Moulton Howe reports on the collapse of the RAF Bentwaters coverup, with 2 fantastic interviews. Then, David Sereda is not only a scientist but also a meditator, and…read more

Collective Meditation and the Sun

…sun and the earth. He shares discoveries about how the sun affects the human mind and the human soul, and how to respond! Over more than 30 years of consistent…read more

Oil Spill Realities

…Offshore drilling pushes our technology and safety measures to the limit. The more we drill offshore and the deeper the sea bed is, the higher the risk of these catastrophes….read more

Whitley Strieber–More on My OBE

…together, the journal and this discussion offer unforgettable and important insights into the reality of the soul and the nature of its hidden connection with the body. ARE YOU A…read more

Out of Body, Out of Time

…the long shadow of remembrance that stretches out behind our souls, and is our souls, the deep sense of which is magnificently captured in an amazing passage of Ecclesiastes: “Also…read more

Unknowncountry Close Encounter Witness

…William Henry in the temples of ancient Egypt. William had profound insights while toning with Paul, and talks with him about them and about the ancient technology of vibration that…read more

Got Your Taxes Done Yet?

…opposed to self-esteem (how we feel about ourselves). Ferrari says, “We hear that technology today makes it easier to procrastinate. Well, in 2006, a reporter phoned me and asked what…read more

The Marriage Feast at Cana

…a way that truly informs the soul. ARE YOU A SUBSCRIBER? Login now to download the MP3 files and any other subscriber-only material for this show. NOT A SUBSCRIBER? Please join…read more

What Can Cities Can Do to Reduce Greenhouse Gases

…recession, but we can’t manufacture things without elements like silicon, which transformed Silicon Valley and helped create the age of computer technology. Silicon is a common element, but it’s the…read more

Soul Rising

There is a stunning and unexpected relationship between the coat of arms of George Washington, the US Capitol AND the Aztec Sun Stone that implies that powerful hidden knowledge was…read more

War Will Never be the Same

…uses to demonstrate his new technology must actually be powered in some other way.Shawyer’s dream is a domestic airplane that can make long distance flights in a much shorter amount…read more

Flying High

…magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) technology. By detecting ultralow magnetic fields, the lab has created the Magnetic Vision Innovative Prototype (MagViz), which can peer through whatever container you’re carrying, find out…read more

Control TV With a Wave of Your Hand

Just don’t wave your hands while you’re talking! – New technology is showing up all the time, and some of it is really out there. First, remote controls replaced knobs…read more

Andrew Collins, Hidden Journey of the Soul

…journey available to the soul than to return on the wheel of life? But first, he tells the disturbing story of secret excavations on the Giza Plateau being carried out…read more

7 Female Prophets

…to spiritual evolution that is of incredible value to us today. Listen as William Henry explores this crucially important and badly neglected material. What is a human soul? Where do…read more

Get Granny Online!

…seeking health care information, almost everything is easier, cheaper or faster online. Neil Charness says, “The technology gap is a problem because technology, particularly computer and internet technology, is becoming…read more

Can We Live Forever?

…software so we can halt, then reverse, ageing. Then nano-technology will let us live forever.” Maybe this technology is female: BBC News reports on new research that suggests a well-educated…read more

Reincarnation Proof

…open mind, both those of you who do not accept reincarnation and those who do not really believe in the survival of the soul. The soul is real and it…read more

Reincarnation from the Viewpoint of the Dead

…offer, which is empowerment in the rejected realms of reality that our soul-blind world has lost contact with. Why did James Leininger choose Andrea and Bruce to be his parents?…read more

Mole Rats

…the beginning of a long journey.” This reminds us of the long journey towards understanding the soul and UFOs and in all 3 cases, let’s hope we get there soon!…read more

New Software May be Able to Read Your Mind

…is getting closer to reality because scientists now say they can tell, with 50-70% accuracy, if you are imaging a word that has a vowel in it. In Technology Review,…read more

New Whitley’s Journal on Reincarnation Proof

…the Key. In his new Journal he writes: “Long ago, the Visitors indicated to me that the primary difference between us and other conscious species is that we are soulread more

Reincarnation is Real

This week on Dreamland I interview Bruce and Andrea Leininger about what I believe to be the most convincing reincarnation story ever told. Their book, Soul Survivor, is about their…read more

Synchronicities and the Dreamland Stargate Experience

…has eerie similarities to the character she plays. She was puzzled, to say the least. I?m pleased to say that Hynden is a lovely soul, talented actress, and intelligent person…read more

Is Robert Langdon Based on Me? by William Henry

…opinion, certain topics of interest are released to the human race at the time that we’re ready to hear it. You and Dan may have some type of soul contract…read more

Sensing the Soul II

…him have come to understand as an essential anchor to the experience. But what about the soul. Whitley tells us that our concentration on physical reality has rendered us “soulread more

Can We Build a Human Computer?

…species: If there’s a brain, is there also a soul? Would turning off the computer be equated with committing murder? Would reprogramming it be torture? We have enough trouble with…read more

Whitley’s Journal: Life After Death

Why he believes in it – Whitley Strieber thinks there is a soul and an afterlife (just as the Egyptians did). His conviction does not come from belief, it comes…read more

Why I think there’s a Soul…and an Afterlife

…things. We are, most of us, soul blind and coming into an era where soul blindness must end. It has for me, and I have gone on a mission to…read more

Have Joy

…completely conscious and clean separation from my body. This was because they came and helped me do it, and it proved to me that the soul is a real thing,…read more

The Anguish and Pain of My Rape

…me on that night. But they only raped my body. My heart and soul were raped by people like Matt Stone, Trey Parker and Craig Ferguson. What did they get…read more

Sensing the Soul

…the Soul” will touch you deeply, help you to rediscover your true self, and begin the process of ending the soul-blindness that has been imposed on you by our relentlessly…read more

An Invisible Cloak for Buildings

…The seismic waves produced by earthquakes include body waves which travel through the earth and surface waves which travel across it. The new technology controls the path of surface waves…read more

In the Clutches of the Fallen

…literally cannot tell right from wrong, because they are unable to feel the effect their own actions have on their souls. The soul-blind are perfectly capable of carrying out any…read more


…Security, says, “All of them have been found by accident or human intelligence. None by technology.” Agents are now trying a new approach that uses sophisticated ground penetrating radar. If…read more

More Amazing Revelations from Whitley

…dead friends and relatives in order to weave together an extraordinary philosophy for facing the future. He writes: “Our visitors–or, I suppose I should say, partners–are not only not soul-blind,…read more

What if the Grays Show Up?

…the supernatural is part of soul blindness. What we call the soul is an integral part of the body. In fact, it is the foundation of the body. When we…read more

The Curry Cure

…of them saw regression to some degree of their chronic lymphocytic leukemia. The majority of individuals who entered the study with enlarged lymph nodes saw a 50% or greater decline…read more

Whitley Strieber Reads the White Moths

Ten years ago, Whitley Strieber published a book of short stories called “Evenings with Demons” that has now become a costly collector’s item, and these stories are unobtainable. Most of…read more

The White Moths

Ten years ago, Whitley Strieber published a book of short stories called “Evenings with Demons” that has now become a costly collector’s item, and these stories are unobtainable. Most of…read more

A Signal for SETI

…to judge everything by our own technology.” Art credit: Three of your favorite women will be presenting at our Dreamland Festival in June. Marla Frees will be doing what…read more

Science and Reincarnation

…Michael Talbot and his little-known encounter at the Strieber cabin. Each of us has our own soul genome, and this interview reveals more about what the soul is and how…read more

The Soul Genome

Paul shares with our subscribers a free download of the first part of the book, the Soul Genome. To obtain it, subscribers should send an email to with the…read more

Afterlife, UFOs and MORE

…also why the idea of the persistence of the soul may have a sound scientific basis. But Dr. Lerma goes beyond that. He is also the doctor who attempted to…read more

Marla Frees, John Lerma and the Physical Connection between Soul and Body

John Lerma interacts with people as they move from life into death, and Marla Frees interacts with them after they have died. We believe that this unique conversation marks the…read more

SEE Whitley Record Dreamland TODAY

…him and his guest, Paul Von Ward, author of The Soul Genome: Science & Reincarnation and you will be able to text questions during the show. In order to join…read more

New MoD UFO Release is Telling

…another level, I sense that my soul is growing rich with knowledge and with being, and I am indeed a very lucky man. How much the media and the military…read more

Black Magic in Egypt–the Truth

William Henry had a powerful and deeply saddening experience in Egypt, but also one that took him closer, perhaps, than he has ever been to the mystery of the soulread more

Travel on Soybeans & Algae

…of Standards and Technology (NIST) says they’ve discovered a way to create gasoline from soy. Biodiesel?which can be prepared from vegetable oil, animal fats, used cooking oil, or microalgae?is a…read more

Church Keeps You Healthy

…stele was probably cremated, a practice that Jewish and other cultures now shun because of a belief in the unity of body and soul. According to the inscription, the soulread more

Christmas at Last!

…Starting on December 27 and running for two weeks, Dannion Brinkley and I are on Dreamland, talking together about our experiences and our faith in the human soul and its…read more

What Do Blind People See in Their Dreams?

…mainly tend to be about bad travel experiences, which probably reflect the problems they have navigating through life. Maybe someday we’ll have the answer, since we’ll have technology that allows…read more

The Hour is Late

…is a physical agony, and yet, along with the loneliness there is also a fear that is greater than my blood, greater than my soul, I would think, that breaks…read more

Robert Schoch and the Afterlife

…Frees in this broad-ranging conversation. He explores questions such as what happens to the soul–if we have one–during states of coma, or as a person?s mind is slowly destroyed by…read more

Send Email

…using only your brain! – We have reported before on technology that will enable paraplegics to control an internet cursor using only their brain waves. Now researchers may have found…read more

Where the Church REALLY Stands

…accepted Aristotle’s theory of the late appearance of the human soul in the fetus. He taught that the abortion of a fetus before it has the human soul is a…read more

Soul Connections with Animals

Dreamland’s resident psychic medium Marla Frees has had some truly mind-bending encounters with animal spirits, including some that belong to her own beloved pets. So she’s the perfect interviewer for…read more

Philip K. Dick’s Reality by Tessa Dick

…result that would satisfy their goals. They sometimes leave behind artifacts, which might explain why many ancient societies which we have labeled “primitive” left evidence of advanced technology, including electric…read more

A British Privacy Advocate Speaks Out

…prevention budget on CCTV, before assessing its effectiveness in deterring or detecting crime. The technology is becoming more sophisticated. Cameras are combined with databases using ‘facial recognition technology’ to scan…read more

Who I Think the Visitors Are by Anne Strieber

…that keeps being repeated, time and again, by the departed who are somehow interacting with the visitors. One letter described a soul literally being torn from a body. The man…read more

Ominous Developments in the Caucasus

…forget how horrified I was when I heard George Bush say that he had looked into Putin’s eyes and seen his soul. These were the words of a dreamer and…read more

The Nye Incidents: the Scariest Story I Know

…of God.” That was what I saw, and I knew it instantly, from the depths of my soul–it was a little star of God, and, in that sense, was just…read more

Possible Drones Explanation–Or Maybe Not

…explanationfor the technology that keeps the craft aloft. This comesfrom a Popular Mechanicsarticle from1964 about an ion propulsion device that was then underdevelopment by famed engineerMajorAlexander P. de Seversky. According…read more

I Love to Gaze into Your Eyes…

…behavior. Researcher Kai MacDonald says, “That’s why oxytocin is sometimes called ‘the love hormone.’ It’s said that the eyes are the window to the soul?they certainly are the window to…read more

Let’s Do It!

…mysterious phrase ?to support the rapid development of new programs,? because I am well aware of what it might mean. Many of us, like me, contain implanted technology that the…read more

Are You Addicted?

…your physical health, but to your personal relationships. Can we become addicted to technology? Psychologist John O’Neill says, “We have become so accustomed to the luxuries of technology that we…read more

Suck It Up!

…that scientistsare working on ways to “pull carbon dioxide straight from the air to potentially attack global warming directly.” He quotes researcher Frank Zeman as saying, “The technology to do…read more

Artificial Life Will be Created Soon

soul? Art credit: The key to understanding the future comes from deciphering the mysteries of the past and this week for subscribers, our present to you is a chance…read more

Whatever Happened to…

…electricity for utilities, so you can run your home off your automobile! The technology, known as V2G, for vehicle-to-grid, lets electricity flow from the car’s battery to power lines and…read more

A Second Universe is Discovered

…thrive” remains the purest definition of this type of soul-damage that I have ever seen. And now the Master’s description of souls and what they are, and his comments about…read more

In the Upcoming Election: Will YOUR Vote Count?

…but completely forgotten, debate that greeted first-generation voting machine technology in the 1920s.” For more than a century, voting machines have helped shape American political history.The chaos of the 2000…read more

Mysterious Italian Fires Solved?

…concluded that the fires were caused by alien technology? The report states that the fires in and around the town of Canneto di Caronia in northern Sicily were “caused by…read more

Signed Copies of 2012

…their succulent souls as well. While Strieber’s exploration into the existence and import of the soul isn’t exactly profound, it is wildly entertaining. Fans of apocalyptic page-turners like King’s The…read more

Are They Real?

…into this world and reptilian invaders will not only enslave humanity but feast on their succulent souls as well. While Strieber’s exploration into the existence and import of the soulread more

Whitley in San Francisco & on Coast Thurs. Oct. 4

…War for Souls, which will be filmed for Warner Brothers by the producers who made “Transformers.” He will be talking with George Noory about 2012 on Coast to Coast AM…read more

War in Dreamland!

…to help us through a difficult phase in the life of our species without destroying our independence by revealing too much of their breathtaking knowledge and technology to us. I…read more

The Drones: Are They Real, and What Do We Do?

…This could be human technology, pure and simple. Perhaps a much more potent expression of electrohydrodynamic propulsion has been deployed and is being tested. There is a very high demand…read more

The Drones Unveiled

…have worked on part of a project that involved the use in partnership of alien technology to create these remarkable devices. But is this true? If it is, then it…read more

The Drones Unveiled?

…drones that have been photographed recently in Northern California, that make it difficult to believe that these are anything other than alien technology and back-engineered human technology. He has asked…read more

The Mystery of the Drones

…who possesses advanced means of propulsion, but not invisibility technology, or that they are simply too large for that technology to work? Whatever the answer, they represent a fundamental and…read more

Chat with a Psychic

…they (we) came here Whitley: It’s a good question. How old are we Is this place a generator of souls, or a soul trap The Master of the Key didn’t…read more

Drone Appears on You Tube–But Original Photos Still Stand Up

…two years ago. So the evidencestill favors the original photos being real. BUT the drone is now beingreproduced perfectly using CGI technology. It isvirtually impossible to tell whether or not…read more

Why Don’t Airplanes Flap Their Wings?

…deal with new technology like this? The Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) is considering a proposal to raise the mandatory age of retirement for commercial airline pilots to 65 from the…read more

The Elephant is Stampeding in the Living Room

technology, if it exists?If the sightings are of devices not of the Earth then their purpose needs to be established as a matter of priority?possibilities are: 1. Military reconnaissance. 2….read more

2012 and the End of the Age

…dangerous it is to be soul-blind, or in soul denial. We ignore the way that our lives affect our souls at peril. The book also speculates that there could be…read more

The Tomb of Jesus: Casket of the King of the World by William Henry

…developed new filmmaking technology tools for a couple of other ascended tinsel-town polymaths, movie-lords Steven Spielberg and Peter Jackson, that some say will revolutionize filmmaking (Cameron says when we see…read more

Resurrection and the Tomb of Jesus

…different from any of us. So of course he died. We all die. But he also demonstrated, by continuing to appear after death, that the soul does retain consciousness, and…read more

We Switched–UPDATE

…old technology ballasts (item that powers lamps) running at sixty cycles per second. New technology electronic ballast run closer to twenty thousand cycles per second to eliminate flicker and hum….read more

What’s It Like? (Part IV)

…the soul was real. He’d been given the choice about whether or not to return to this world and in the fleeting moment when I got to meet him, I…read more

Breaking Open the Head

Journalist Daniel Pinchbeck takes us on a journey in search of the soul, other realities, and some kind of value for our lives that goes beyond the dreadful sameness and…read more

Huge Meteorite Found in Kansas

Scientists recently dug up a 154-pound meteorite that had been buried 4 feet deep in a Kansas wheat field. They located the meteorite by using radar technology that NASA someday…read more

Why Hand Washing is So Important

…Q. Choi writes rituals that cleanse the body to purify the soul are at the part of almost every religion, worldwide, and scientists think these have a sound basis in…read more

Reading the World’s Oldest Books

…years in a wooden box in a monastery. NASA technology is helping archeologists read this and other ancient books. It consists of commentaries on holy writings that were written by…read more

Is There a Mystery Weapon in the West?

From time to time we have reported on new weapons technology and have even interviewed experts on this subject on Dreamland. We have also reported on one of the mysteries…read more


We’re used to thinking about solar heating, but in manyparts of the country, the big need is for solarcooling.Scientists are working on a thin-film technology that may dojust that. Researcher…read more

Help Reverse Global Warming: Change Your Bulbs

A lot of the technology that can have a dramatic effect on global warming is right at our fingertips, if we would only screw it in. Switching to low-energy light…read more

Safe to Give Antibiotics to Cows?Or is It?

…Technologists (IFT), which consists of scientists who work in “food science, technology and related professions in industry, academia and government,” meaning that any study they do may be skewed by…read more

William Henry and Ed Malkowski

Find out the secrets behind Egyptian technology, and what they had to do with the connection between the human soul and the physical world. Powerful, thought-provoking exploration of what we…read more

A Fine Birthday Present

…cabin, had been experiencing extensive UFO sightings. These were dismissed in the early eighties by Aviation Week and Space Technology editor and Air Force analyist Phillip J. Klass as “ultralight”…read more

A Trip Home

…of wrongdoing and right doing There is a field. I’ll meet you there. When the soul lies down in that grass The world is too full to talk about Ideas,…read more

Amazing Travel in Early Times

…traveled by land or by sea, since many scientists thought the ancient Egyptians did not have the naval technology to travel long distances on open water. But why did archeologists…read more

How We Got the Alphabet

…forms in nature. But how did robot technology give rise to this revelation? Robots navigate by learning to recognize contours. For instance, a corner is seen as a “Y” and…read more

Anne’s Diary: Evil Corn–UPDATE

…fuel (don’t we have an oil shortage?), as well as Nazi chemical weapons technology, destroy biodiversity, pollute the earth, make us more vulnerable to bacterial infection by weakening the effects…read more

The Coming Solar Superstorm

…warns that a solar storm could affect our technology here on earth, especially our satellites, and therefore our television and cell phone reception. Astronomers are researching what might happen in…read more

A Message From John Mack

…about the conventional concept of encounters with aliens from another planet. That may be part of it, but it also appears that the soul is quite real and that aliens…read more

No Fail Lie Detector

…weed out the liars among us, which is why they are not accepted as evidence in trials. Instead, we need to rely on the new technology of PET scans, which…read more

William Henry and Philip Coppens

William Henry goes on an enthralling journey into previously misunderstood ancient Egyptian soul knowledge with Philip Coppens, who maintains that the Egyptians thought of the southern pole star Canopus as…read more

Communion Twenty Years On

…a machine for the killing of souls. The terror of the situation was simply overwhelming. I will tell you this about the way a soul dies: for the universe, it…read more

Ancient City in the Middle of War

…much smaller, but it’s now thought they probably got their technology from the newly-discovered city of Hamoukar. Before, it was assumed that everyone in this part of what is now…read more

Christmas Batteries

…new advances in thin-film lithium battery technology may soon make traditional alkaline batteries a thing of the past.. Rechargeable batteries can seem like a solution, except that they?re made from…read more

Christmas Questions

…that uses Bluetooth technology to connect to a shiny silver box with a green light signifying “nice” and a red light indicating “naughty.” The students tested the machine by placing…read more

King Kong Authentic

No, there was never a giant gorilla. In fact, these days, there can’t even be an undiscovered island. With today’s modern satellites and G.P.S. technology, it’s impossible for a body…read more

Another Asteroid Heading Our Way

…We don’t have much time to lose. It will take many years to design, test and build the technology we need to deflect the asteroid. Meteor expert Monica Grady says…read more

Maybe You Shouldn’t Give an Ipod for Christmas

…the same finger in arepetitive motion.” The nature of modern technology meansthat these devices are only going to get smaller in thefuture. Some iPod users have reported soreness in the…read more

Mars & Venus?Alike or Different?

…perform the same tasks. Volunteers performed memory tasks, verbal tasks, visual spatial tasks and simple motor tasks while their brain activity was monitored with functional Magnetic Resonance Imaging technology. Dr….read more

A Luminous Week on Dreamland

…is to begin to show how the body serves the soul, and how the two, truly are one. There is tremendous energy and real food in what he has to…read more

UFO Document Revealed

…of NSA’s monitoring technology and the names of officials. Reading the redacted document tells a different story. Art credit: You’re only going to get REAL UFO news like this…read more

Hands-Free Phones Increase Car Crashes

technology increases, accidents caused by cell phone use will actually increase as well, since people will no longer realize that they aren?t paying enough attention to the road. Art credit:…read more

Stephen Mehler: The True Nature of God and the Soul

In an absolutely unforgettable conversation, Whitley Strieber gets Stephen Mehler to reveal the actual secret Egyptian knowledge about the nature of God the soul, and the hidden meaning of such…read more

UFOs in the UK Due to Mars Opposition?

…mean we’ve got technology far more powerful than the ones we know about, or they’re somebody else’s.” Art credit: Here at, we consider UFOs a legitimate topic for…read more

How to Save the Climate

…SUVs be made as energy-efficient and non-polluting as cars. Companies would have come up with the technology, if they were forced to do so. 9. CURB THE GROWTH IN CHEAP…read more

CIA Goes Green

…the military, this would have been invaluable for victims of Katrina?especially for hospitals and nursing homes that were hit by the hurricane. SkyBuilt is probably using the technology of the…read more

More Pyramid Secrets Will Soon Be Revealed

…remote-controlled drill and be able to drill a hole into any barriers it encounters and peek inside. This is the same type of technology used in the robots that were…read more

Bundle Up in Solar Clothes

…or cool the wearer’s head, but not everyone considers it fashionable. He says, “A large problem with putting technology in clothing is that it looks dorky. My goal is to…read more

Hopeful Hydrogen Fuel Breakthrough

…the fact is that this technology may never be a viable way to run an automobile, because it’s impossible to keep hydrogen fuel inside a gas tank. Hydrogen is also…read more

Dreamland at Upcoming Conferences

…with gaining control over ancient anti-gravity technology than it does with oil. Not everyone knows this, but Jim is also the author of a definitive book about ETs. November 18-21…read more

The Majesty of the Key

…message will enter the world in a new way, and have the impact that it deserves to have. I look forward to that day with all my heart and soul….read more

Banker Gets Implant

In front of 40 board members, investment banker John Merriman got a radio-frequency ID tag implanted in his upper arm. This is an extension of military technology which allows downed…read more

Moving Without Touching

…times as tall as the world’s tallest building. Art credit: What secret technology did the ancients know when they built huge monuments like Stonehenge? Keep up with the best…read more

A Doctor Speaks Out from Inside New Orleans

…don’t know how long it will be and this is my greatest fear. Despite it all, this is a soul-edifying experience. The greatest pain is to think about the loss….read more

Dead Performances Live Again

…the old piano rolls idea?with new technology. Art credit: Is there a record somewhere of everything that has ever happened on Earth? One serious scientist thinks so. If you…read more

A New World–If We Can Take It

technology, or perhaps by beings so altered that they seem to us not to be natural creations at all, but more like humans probably will be in another two hundred…read more

New Planet Revealed Due to Hacker Threat

…was quickly set up by Michael Brown, of the California Institute of Technology, after a the website that originally announced the discovery had been hacked and the hacker threatened to…read more

Different Future Coming Fast

…news that Ress also warns that advances in technology have a dark side and could trigger a global catastrophe, but says that if we’re going to enjoy the benefits of…read more

What Remote Viewers See in the Future

…frontier of science is the same as spirituality. After 2012, out technology will take a different turn. According to them, it’s important to note that UFO sightings, starting with Roswell,…read more

Deaf? Bring Your Computer to the Theater

…laptopcomputer to the theater or stadium. The COMMplementsTM system uses mobile wireless technologythat allows users to easily receive information that isbeing presented audibly to the general public in movietheaters, museums,…read more

Smart Clothes in Your Future

Newswise – We’ve written here before about reflective clothing thatmakes people seem todisappear.This technology is now beingused for spy planes. But even more innovations are coming:We will soon have clothes…read more

Solar Fireworks Jar Scientists

…to warn interplanetary astronauts. “This flare produced the largest solar radiation signal onthe ground in nearly 50 years,” says Dr. Richard Mewaldt ofthe California Institute of Technology, Pasadena, Calif, who…read more

Sun Goes Wild–Again!

…grave in China, which turned out to contain the encoded principles of an ancient solarscience and its remarkable insights into heaven, hell, andthe immortality of the soul. NOTE: This news…read more

Live Dangerously: Be a Scientist

…October, Matthew Allison was killed by an explosion inhis car, either due to a bomb or a self-induced explosion.He had degrees in microbiology and biotechnology but was notapparently involved in…read more

How ETs Control Abductees?

…that abductees have been reportingfor years. An example isimplants,which are becoming a leading edge technology. Real alien encounters and abductions are not like thesimplistic stories you read in the tabloid…read more

The Truth Behind the Ominous 666

…marshyconditions, while the Egyptians, with their high technology(for that time) chariots, became trapped in the muck. The King James version of the Bible was translated intoEnglish in the early 17th…read more

Music Helps Preemies Thrive

…aboutMusic andthe Soul.Subscribers:Don?t miss Whitley?s extraordinary conversation with authorKurt Leland?just for you?on this week’s subscriberinterview. Have you listened to this week’sradio shows?They’ll be available free for amonth–those miss them! NOTE:…read more

Kurt Leland: Power of Music

Kurt Leland, whose books about the afterlife, Otherwhere and the Unanswered Question, rank as classics, joins Whitley Strieber to talk about the power of music in opening the soul to…read more

Sickness: The Unwanted Gift

…whisked me away to UCLA hospital, which is one of the best places in the world for my problem, and that’s what saved my life. On a soul level, did…read more

Master Astrologier Mahala on the Galactic Energy Burst

…opposition to Saturn (by sign) in Cancer, and making a 90 degree angle to the node in Aries. The sign Aries is the first sign of the zodiac and indicates…read more

New Energies for a New Time: Astrological Analysis by Mahala

…opposition to Saturn (by sign) in Cancer, and making a 90 degree angle to the node in Aries. The sign Aries is the first sign of the zodiac and indicates…read more

Terry Schiavo Dies as Pope Goes on Feeding Tube

…thePope a feeding tube is the right thing to do, why is itwrong to deny the same to Terri Schiavo? In both cases themedical technology and the relevant moral principles…read more

Why Don’t Christians Believe in an Afterlife?

…Christians truly believe that our souls travel to some kind of heaven when we die, why not let Terri’s soul go on to a better place, given that her brain…read more

Human Rice

…a Health Food company! Art credit: Blue Applessounds like fruit that has been genetically-modified, but itis actually the code for the lost technology that Jesus usedin his life and…read more

Terminator Seeds are Seeds of Death

…asIndia, where they’ve led to waves of suicides among farmerswho have realized that they can’t save seed from one cropand replant it. Terminator technology was first developed to stop farmersfrom…read more

We Can Now Be Invisible

Several clothing manufacturers have experimented with acloak ofinvisibility you can wear around, but now researchers thinkthey can use this technology for something much moreimportant: making warplanes and spacecraft invisible. Thetrick:…read more

The Scum Rises: Peter Jennings on UFOs

…it. For a journalist, there can be no more despicable act. I believe in the soul. I believe in an afterlife. I also believe that it is incumbent upon us…read more

Sleepwalking Towards Apocalypse

…20years, itwill cost between three and seven times as much. We have the technology and ability to do it right now. Wewould need to cut energy waste, use more renewable…read more

Skinny People Fidget, Fat People Sit

…order to detect even the smallest toe tap, Mayo Clinicresearchers invented a movement monitoring system thatincorporates technology used in fighter-jet control panels.They embedded sensors in customized undergarments for bothmen and…read more

Mahala’s Back with New Predictions

…and everyone knows about the war in Iraq. Now the north node is in Aries, and the south node Libra. Aries is ruled by mars which will bring fire events…read more

Our World is Changing?Soon Yours Will Be Too

…but at least Alaska has sophisticated technology. TheInuit are facing the end of their way of life and perhapseven extinction. To read this extraordinary article,3604,1391021,00.html,clickhere. Photo credit: The Mayans…read more

Serious Scientists Say ET is Here

…that theproblem with interacting with ETs is the same problem theAztecs had interacting with the Spanish?they were cowed bySpain’s superior technology. According to the paper,acknowledging ETs could “seriously challenge our…read more

Do Animals Have Souls?

…praying for you. Tonight your NDE experience with Coe smoothed away a huge portion of my grieving & depression over the recent loss of my longtime soul mate, guide and…read more

US Gov’t Study Proves Acupuncture Works

…find your soul in the process with CarneyWilson’s GREAT book! Look it over byclicking here. NOTE: This news story, previously published on our old site, will have any links removed….read more

The Love that Led Me Home

…playmate, and friend of the heart and soul. And now he was here, ready to take me for a little stroll into the beyond. After he died, he showed up…read more

Text of Subscriber Chat with Dr. Mark Olson, Dec 4, 2004

…see our technology and think of magic. lucky: Do you think this “bubble” they use around their craft is to make themselves visible in this dimension, rather than technology to…read more

Everyone can be a Spy says Canadian Inventor

…be possible to zoom from a globalscale to a street level image, updated in real time and inhigh resolution. The technology could become available as early as next year,and would…read more

‘Key” Moon Prophecy Appears True

…moon contains enough Helium 3 to provide earth with apollution-free energy source for hundreds of years to come.However, the reactor technology needed to utilize it maytake years to develop. By…read more

Mark Macy Subscriber Chat

…Mark to talk about. Paul: You mentioned that some people are ‘stuck’ near the Earth, it made me wonder if this technology/communication method is applicable to coma patients, unborn children…read more

Air Force Looks at Teleportation

…in technology, whichwould result from a dramatic paradigm shift in science.Anomalies are the key to all paradigm shifts!” This takes matters a step beyond remote viewing, to remotepresence. If true,…read more

I’ve Got My Girl Back!

…the soul has returned to the surface of life, called back from where it stood, waiting for the body to either embrace it again or let it go. Anne’s body…read more

God Particle…or God Himself?

…of Northeastern University. ?We?ve eliminated most of the hunting area,? adds Neil Calder of CERN. Frank Wilczek, a particle physics theorist at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, believes that the…read more

In Sickness and in Health…

…what will come next. Even the doctors cannot tell me what to expect. But when my girl is awake, she’s really awake, and that bright soul is dancing so easily…read more

New Warning About Invisible Comets

Scientists now warn that with even the most sophisticatedastronomical scanning technology, dangerous meteorites arebeing missed and could possibly hit the earth with no warning. Professor Wickramasinghe of the Cardiff University?s…read more

Is Contact Under Way in India?

Persistent stories out of India indicate that somethingextraordinary is happening there involving UFOs. An Indianengineer working on antigravity propulsion has describedstudying advanced technology in “package” form–technologiesready made to be analyzed…read more

Quadriplegic man sends email with his mind

…to talk, change televisionchannels, and move his head at the same time, which isimpossible when dependent on tongue or eye movements. Despite the great leap, the technology still has a…read more

MRI proves differences between Republican and Democrat brain

…Most neuromarketing studiesare still confined to research facilities such as theCalifornia Institute of Technology and Baylor University,which recently released a study finalizing the long runningPepsi versus Coke debate. The answer?…read more

Security Expert Criticizes Bush Passport Plan

…far away as 20meters, and the technology to remotely access RFID chips isimproving all the time. Why is the Bush Administration deliberately choosing a lessthan secure technology? Bruce Schneier believes…read more

Resisting the Politics of Fear by John Mack, PhD

…in Nebraska last May warned of the damage being done to the “very heart and soul of this country” as it moves “toward a mean-spirited mediocrity in place of a…read more

Mystery Signal

…but William Henry saw links to theBible and evidence of ancient space technology! Learn allabout his discoveries on this week’sDreamland.Subscribers get to learn about how William believes theEgyptians were once…read more

A New World is Coming

…prophecy, attached to the primary meaning of the human soul. (To read it all, click here. For the past few weeks, I have observed a series of natural events that…read more

My Father Was an Alien

…I had someone paint their psychic image of my soul, and to my surprise and theirs, there was a being with its arms around me and another one hovering behind…read more

Alien DNA

…have the technology to read andunderstand it. Davies thinks it’s a waste of time to search for radio wavescoming from another planet, as SETI does. He says it?s morelikely that…read more

Triangle UFOs?Theirs or Ours?

…says, “We’re trying to find out whether we’redealing with new technology from the military or whetherthere’s something else going on.” It should be noted thattriangle-shaped UFOs have been seen regularly…read more

Can We Ever Stop Using Oil?

…foreign oil. You’retaxing domestic production, but you’re not taxing imports.” But Suppes doesn’t think that giving researchers governmentfunding to find alternate fuels will work, because thisoften leads to bad technology….read more

Blue Moon on Saturday

…is, but what areblueapples? They’re part of a lost technology that isassociated with the powers displayed by Jesus Christ and isthe real secret of the Holy Shroud. Starting Saturday, July31st,…read more

Fighting Food

…whichcontains chicken and rice, uses a filter with gaps thatallow only water molecules to pass through. Hydration Technology, which makes the membrane, sayssoldiers should only use urine in an emergency…read more

Creating a Terrorist Weapon?by Accident

…smallpox. Ramshaw says, “The technology is such that you are going to be able to do lots more things than have been done in the past.” If a disease was…read more

Mexican UFO Case Still Unsolved by Richard M. Dolan

…advanced American technology, isn’t anyone interested in what kind of technology does this These are craft that can be invisible AND dart across the skies like historical UFO reports. Wouldn’t…read more

How to See Through Walls

Susumu Tachi, who invented a cloak that makes its wearer “invisible,” now plans to develop technology that will allow people to see through walls. He says, “My short term goal…read more

Mexican UFO Case Still Unsolved

…infrared systems, a number of articles appeared that attempted to explain the event as either weather phenomena or new stealth technology. Such conclusions are very premature.” Keep reading to find…read more

What Will Cars of the Future be Like?

…gas escapes easily and cannot be contained within engines. It’s also highly explosive. Auto industry expert Garel Rhys says, “General Motors has spent a billion pounds on fuel cell technologyread more

Crop Circles are for the Birds

…principles of an ancient solar science and its remarkable insights into heaven, hell, and the immortality of the soul. Learn all about it on this week’s Dreamland! NOTE: This news…read more

UFO Object?Is it Real?

…to the New Mexico Institute of Mining and Technology. “The metallurgical analysis was pretty mundane,” says NIDS spokesman. “We didn’t find any evidence that it was extraterrestrial.” But they couldn’t…read more

What Makes Us Eat More

…her soul in the process. She had to conquer all of her fears and insecurities, including issues with her father, Beach Boy Brian Wilson?which made her gain the weight in…read more

The Genius in All of Us

…solar science and its remarkable insights into heaven, hell, and the immortality of the soul. NOTE: This news story, previously published on our old site, will have any links removed….read more

Superior Sunscreen Illegal Here

…solar science and its remarkable insights into heaven, hell, and the immortality of the soul? NOTE: This news story, previously published on our old site, will have any links removed….read more

Mad Cow Free Cow

…official says, “Because there are ethical issues involving gene recombination, we have no intention of disclosing the technology. We never do any gene recombination to produce anything that can be…read more

Is Oil Forever?

…solar science and its remarkable insights into heaven, hell, and the immortality of the soul. NOTE: This news story, previously published on our old site, will have any links removed….read more

Is Someone Capturing Our Souls

…me that day Some have said that the Reptilian Creatures are trying to capture the souls of humans here on Earth. Could she have been trying to squeeze my very…read more

Science of the Soul with Peter Novak

First, Whitley tells of his experiences as the Day After Tomorrow premiere with Art, then Peter Novak discusses the new science of the soul. Linda on an incredible crop circle…read more

Vatican Astronomy

…have the two essentials that theologians talk about for the human soul, intelligence and free will. They know who they are, they’re self-aware, and they’re able to do something about…read more

Mysterious Powers: Carnie Wilson

Anne Strieber interviews Carnie Wilson about her book I’m Still Hungry. In dropping from over 300 pounds to 125, Carnie repaired her body by healing the pain in her soul….read more

Free William Henry DVD!

…It retails for $19.95. ORDER ANY BOOK BY WILLIAM HENRY AND THE FREE DVD WILL BE INCLUDED IN THE ORDER. William says, “Thousands of years ago the stargate technology of…read more

Have We Lost our Soul in Iraq?

…along the way to the American soul?” The Middle Eastern news service al Jazeera has stated that many of the intimidation methods used in the Abu Ghraib prison were copied…read more

Saudi Oil May be Over

…ancient ideas of a dual soul relate to modern scientific discoveries and the development of a healthy inner life. NOTE: This news story, previously published on our old site, will…read more

Only Half of Tainted Meat Recalled–UPDATE

…easy for them to trace the ones who bought the potentially tainted meat. Attorney Steve Berman says, “The technology that they created to track down their own customers and give…read more

Not Missing Time, GAINED Time

…I was rising through the blackest black you can fathom, and I could see, perfectly fine, the dazzling darkness of God. There were other souls moving upward with me. Some…read more

Wars Caused by Oil

…invented. Oil analyst Bruce Evers says, “Technology has improved so much over the last 10 to 15 years that companies can now get at oil reserves that previously would have…read more

Ancient Building Secrets Discovered

technology. I think the ancient Egyptians and Britons knew this.” Kim Crawford writes in the Flint Journal that Wallington has several 10 ton blocks in the yard of his rural…read more

Were the Visitors Real, or Only a Dream

…nightmare described above, I felt that I was battling for my very soul. In that nightmare, the only one in which I recall the visitors’ faces, I felt depths of…read more

What’s Your Religion? (And a New Meditation)

…disagreed with it and 1% thought it was poor. Whitley will be offering meditations on a regular basis in our subscriber section.These specialized tools of the soul are unlike anything…read more

The Most Important UFO Event Ever

…mental power, or toward the darkness and death offered by the negative forces that had driven their claws so deep into the human soul? What is needed is not magic….read more

The Secret of Real Faith

…all. What matters is that, because of what those words do to the soul, they came from God. Whatever ?really happened? is irrelevant. So, if some time traveler came back…read more

The Coming Oil Shortage

…distressing example of politics overriding logic. What about that new technology that can turn anything into oil “Thermal depolymerization” which can transform many kinds of waste into oil, could help…read more

Exercise Your Brain

…The game’s “Bluetooth” headset fits over the occipital lobes at the back of the head, which process light, vision and hallucinations. In the past, this type of technology has been…read more

Scientists Discover How Aliens Speak

…signals arise when reading or speaking to oneself with or without actual lip or facial movement,” says researcher Chuck Jorgensen. NASA plans to use this technology in situations where astronauts…read more

Less Oil Than We Thought

…outside auditor Ryder Scott, who says Shell used technology which was insufficient to determine the volume of its oil reserves. Shell CEO Malcolm Brinded calls the error “disappointing and embarrassing.”…read more

Journey to Another World

…not kind, not cruel, but full of knowledge of being. In a way, it was a bridge between souls. Later, as you may remember, two of the grays showed up…read more

GM Pharm Crops Infiltrating our Food

…a complicated technology that manipulates life at the most elemental level.” 2763,1160789,00.html,John Aglionby writes in the Mail & Guardian that the pollen from GM corn grown in the Philippines last…read more

Gay Marriage Nothing New in Catholic Church

…to land, then vanishes forever. A freighter steaming over placid seas disappears without a trace. A pleasure yacht ghosts past without a soul on board. A pilot calls for help…read more

Blame It On Your Addictions

…to look at every month, you get Lucy Pringle’s gentle and brilliant insights into their meanings. The rich illustrations and beautiful thoughts will give you soul-food all year! To learn…read more

Science Investigates at the Edge

…Niedowski writes in the Baltimore Sun that the concept of soul weight was first put forth in 1907 by Dr. Duncan MacDougall, who believed that if there is a soul,…read more

Neanderthals Couldn’t Take the Cold?Can We?

The Neanderthals suddenly disappeared 30,000 years ago because they didn’t have enough primitive technology to survive the ice age, while our ancestors had barely enough to make it through. There’s…read more

Bird Flu: We May Have Lost the Race

…we do know how to heal the soul. To learn more, click here and here. NOTE: This news story, previously published on our old site, will have any links removed….read more

Pentagon Says Weather Wars in Our Future

…cope than most nations, however, thanks to its diverse growing climates, wealth, technology, and abundant resources. That has a downside, though: It magnifies the haves-vs.-have-nots gap and fosters bellicose finger-pointing…read more

Modern Diseases Caused by Ancient Genes

technology, not metabolism, and people from warmer climates are eating the high fat and calorie diets of northern climates, there is a rise in obesity and the age-related degenerative diseases….read more

Crazy Plans for Global Warming

…plants and don’t have the money to switch to new, cleaner technology. And these aren’t all small nations, either: one of them is China, which has so many people that…read more

The Key, Part Two

…happens in the afterlife. He also discusses some powerful material from the book about the nature of the soul and how to help our souls grow and evolve. NOTE: This…read more

Shedding Light on the Dark Side, Part Two

…what we call the soul as part of a much larger reality than we normally address, and a way to understand that the so-called supernatural and paranormal are really simply…read more

Ancient Stones Never Moved

…missing for hundreds of years, but now they’ve been found in a surprising place. New technology has revealed that at least 15 of them are still where they were originally…read more

Shedding Light on the Dark Side

…monsters in possession of extremely good and extremely dangerous technology. I believe that there have been mutilation-murders. I cannot prove it, because, in each case, the FBI has supposedly appeared…read more

More Greenhouse Gas Than Ever

…we develop the right fuel technology, they could do the same thing with regard to fossil fuels?but only if the new fuel is cheaper and just as efficient. Knowledge can…read more

Let Your Mind Do the Moving

…new options that are being developed. Experiments in which high-tech implants were put into the brains of monkeys, allowing them to move robot arms. In order to apply this technologyread more

Florida Swamp has Crop Circle Effects

…explanation for them, it just doesn’t seem natural when a glowing glob is following you down the road. “Your technology can’t be counted on in the swamp. Signals get scrambled,…read more

Science Studies the Soul

Neurophysiologist Dick Burgess is trying to find scientific proof for consciousness and the soul. Some of his evidence comes from the story of Uttara Haddur, a Hindu woman who suddenly…read more

What I Learned Out of Body

…left my body and it experienced being in a place with a gathering of souls or spirits. I sensed great peace, tranquility and ecstasya rapture that was beyond a person’s…read more

The Harmonic Concordance and November’s Astrological Excitement

…the moons node on top of the Popes Sun. Sometimes this aspect will cause a person to leave this world. Being that the Pope is quite sick it may be…read more

Witches Were Somewhere Else

…Rebecca Nurse. Ray hadn’t known about his family connection to the trials until recently, and the knowledge inspired him to create the Salem Witch Trial website. He says, “Technology allows…read more

Decide Whether We Should Show Up

…so as to touch the soul and not to modify any organized system. This is deliberate from the races that surround you but for very different reasons and results. For…read more

New Cell Phone Towers Make People Sick

…This new technology allows callers to use their phones to send messages and photo images. The Dutch study exposed volunteers in laboratories to radiation from either the new or the…read more

Diana Death Conspiracy?

…part of the burden I have carried since the princess’ death. Knowing what to do with it has been a source of much soul-searching.” According to the butler’s book, Prince…read more

Math Book Could Have Changed History

…I think we will be able to read everything there for the first time.” We once thought that calculus, the basis of 21st century technology, was invented in the 17th…read more

The Capture House

…when she said that they had rescued me from this soul– crushing program that I was in as a child. The program thrust me into their world, and they responded…read more

If We Won’t Do It, They Will

…end of 2004. Britain, Germany and France have offered to share nuclear technology with Iran if they agree to tougher nuclear inspections. Israeli officials say they now have greater deep-strike…read more

Only a Few Left!

…the Middle East and the world. To learn about Bigfoot and UFO technology. To talk with a psychic, learn about Atlantis, hear ancient prophecy and the secrets hidden in a…read more

Dancing in the Mirrors

…of us than the Spaniards were ahead of the Aztecs. It may be that they possess some dazzling technology that makes them seem all-powerful, when actually we are not far…read more

Area 51 Stays Top Secret

…it, but there’s proof that they’re building a flying saucer?where did they get the technology? NOTE: This news story, previously published on our old site, will have any links removed….read more

Concorde May Fly Inside U.S.

…boom. “This technology could eventually enable unrestricted supersonic flight over land,” says Charles Boccadoro, of Northrop Grumman, which built the jet. Sensors on the ground and aboard nearby planes showed…read more

Is Planet Earth Embedded in a Large Galactic Civilization By Beatriz Gato-Rivera, particle physicist and member of the Spanish Scientific Research Council (CSIC)

…are advanced extraterrestrials around, why dont they contact us openly and officially and teach us their science and technology” seems obvious. Would any country on this planet send an official…read more

Little Asteroids Can Have Big Impact

…of impact is much more likely to occur. “We have the technology now to essentially solve the asteroid impact hazard for good within the next one or two generations,” says…read more

Did Secret Haarp Test Cause Blackout?

…method for the wireless transmission of electrical power?for the purpose of finding a way to modify the weather. It is thought that this technology was used by world leaders such…read more

Annoying Pop-Ups Here to Stay

…the iceberg with this type of technology.” In other words, now that they have the law behind them, we’re going to have to endure more pop-ups than ever before. A…read more

How We Can Protect Ourselves

…your soul is STILL IN SLAVERY. I am speaking, very simply, of the worst situation that could exist, a horror so appalling that it is beyond imagining. If the visitors…read more

Soon We’ll All be Decked in Diamonds

An ex-Army officer in Florida is using secret Soviet technology to create fake diamonds that are indistinguishable from “real” ones. Soon we’ll all be able to afford to wear masses…read more

Avoid Blackouts?Tap into Moon Energy

…tremendous opposition to siting cell towers” in some communities. “There’s going to be vociferous opposition to these localized power planets.” Criswell hopes the technology is in place in time for…read more

The Terrible Embrace of God

…what they can to help induce Armageddon. Naked, these are both revealed as the same very human impulse: the death-wish that drives fallen souls. It is beautifully expressed in the…read more

Internet Worm Spreading Fast

…to three days, or even daily during the danger period. Some ancient technology is still a mystery today. NOTE: This news story, previously published on our old site, will have…read more

Ancient Art Appears Like Magic

…be found through this technology,” he says. “It will not only add many new images to existing records, but on many rock walls the most faded ones will be the…read more

Walter Cronkite’s Phenomenal UFO Encounter

…being tested by the Air Force. This test was designed to show the media how “shocking” it could be to suddenly view a new technology. Well, Cronkite was certain that…read more

Our Haunted World

…detecting them is in itself too small to measure. But that begs the question. A small number of us have possessed technology for only a few years, and we?re already…read more

It’s Official in Russia: UFOs are Real

…on 24/25 September last year. The Americans?too, noticed this explosion?We are dealing with a technology much further ahead of our own?one capable of doing things that we cannot.” And where…read more

CA Crop Circles: It’s Not Over Yet

…with local farmers and entomologists, but it seems clear. “There is a second formation which did show node changes?a smaller and simpler one [which showed] both elongated nodes and expulsion…read more

Summer of Promise, Summer of Danger

…that, you find Satan visible in the Bible, and his means of entry into the human soul clearly described in the Egyptian story of Osiris and his brother Set, who…read more

A Scientist Weighs the Soul

Dr. Duncan MacDougall believed that if there’s a soul that exists separately from our brains and bodies, then it has to take up physical space and have weight, and this…read more

Mass Hacker Attack Due Sunday

Watch out: The Department of Homeland Security and private technology experts are warning us that hackers plan to attack thousands of websites on Sunday in a coordinated “contest” that could…read more

CA Crop Circle Adds to Scientific Mystery, by Leslie Kean

…the formations. Most dramatic were grossly elongated plant nodes (the “knuckles” along the stem) and “expulsion cavities” — holes literally blown open at the nodes — caused by the heating…read more

Was the Rendlesham UFO a Hoax?

…the sky…I still have never heard of any technology capable of doing what I saw happening. The original stuff we saw cannot be taken for a police car. There’s no…read more

Naked at the Airport

…new technology at airport security checkpoints because the equipment now in use can only detect metal objects. Susan Hallowell, who is testing the equipment, says, “It does basically make you…read more

Clone that Tree!

…it might be me. Does advanced technology look like magic if we don’t understand it? Let’s learn how to communicate!Don’t miss our upcoming Dreamland show. NOTE: This news story, previously…read more

New Way to Catch Killers

…but it’s not. For one thing, despite their appearances, most people are a mixture of several different races. Researcher Tony Frudakis has invented a technology that breaks the ethnicity of…read more

Want to Meditate for Contact?

…compare with ours. This goes along the evidence of huge structures, such as the pyramids, built by civilizations without metal or the wheel, using lost technology. Around 9% thought there…read more

U.S. Infrastructure Compared to Iraq

…plants. Many water treatment plants use century-old technology that can’t clean up modern contaminants. Water pipes are old too, and in some cities they date back 100 years. Chicago’s water…read more

The Brazilian Bedsheet Abduction Case

…and Materials Technology at Philadelphia University, and Professor Art Johnson, Professor of Geology, University of Pennsylvania. I have noticed in all of this controversy that no one has bothered to…read more

Egypt Bans Matrix Due to Religious Symbolism

…who watch it. Egyptian censors say, “Despite the high technology and fabulous effects of the movie, it explicitly handles the issue of existence and creation, which are related to the…read more

Will China Take Over the Moon?

…in space? “At my Washington office a few weeks ago, I met with a visiting Japanese parliamentarian who specializes in science and technology issues,” Walker says. “I related to him…read more

The Mysterious Ica Stones

…civilization that knew about medical transplants and advanced technology. Animals are depicted, including images of dinosaurs. The stones show different human races, lost continents, and knowledge of an ancient global…read more

Cell Phone Lie Detector

…English translation?that is, almost unintelligible. Examples: “Truster technology uses this value to detect to what extent thoughts exist in the speeches” and “calibration mean to sample the voices of measurement…read more

Tunneling for Templar Treasure

…before his soul expired, and it was clearly known that that was where the Ark was hidden.” What is the secret document taken from King Tut’s tomb that could change…read more

Stella Awards?Real & Fake

…of Soul” James Brown has a “grudge” against his daughters Deanna Brown Thomas and Yamma Brown Lumar, they allege. They say Brown “vowed to the media that his daughters will…read more

Time Traveler Trades Stocks? Don’t Invest in It!

…location or how it works, because the technology could “fall into the wrong hands.” One SEC source admits, “No one can find any record of any Andrew Carlssin existing anywhere…read more

You Can Be Blind & Not Know It

New technology shows that people often see much less of what?s around them than they think. Tests show subjects miss even major events that happen right before their eyes. This…read more

Killer Clothes

…specific use of the smart label?some consumers are doubtful of a pervasive spread of this technology in our society, they fear it may be used to control them.” Who’s really…read more

Why We’re at War

In Anne Strieber’s new diary, she writes, “Despite the fact that we’re proud of our military men with their extraordinary courage and wonderful technology, many of us are still confused…read more

Troops Find Al-Qaeda Bioweapons in Iraq

…working with al-Qaeda. Let’s hunt al-Qaeda with flying saucers?we’ve got the technology to do it! NOTE: This news story, previously published on our old site, will have any links removed….read more

Strange Days

…by suffering, that seems as deep as my soul goes, and abides. It just abides. NOTE: This Journal entry, previously published on our old site, will have any links removed….read more

CSI from Space Technology

…“After analyzing crime video for detectives and seeing the horrible details of some of these crimes, it gives me great satisfaction that police can use NASA technology to put murderers…read more

Strange New World

One thing this war has revealed is that we’re entering a strange new world. Only the U.S. has the technology and trained forces to fight a truly “modern” war. But…read more


…Stone of Exile, the Precious Stone. Shakina will not return until the time of the Messiah. Shekinah is scattered into the scintillae, the soul sparks that are the souls of…read more

Bringing the War Home to our Kids

…egg. It’s what Easter’s all about. For more wisdom, listen to this week’s Dreamland, and find out how Whitley?s book The Key contains the same ancient knowledge about the soulread more

Terror Threat to Nuke and Chem Plants

…new world might be possible. Learn the secret codes of the ancient that point the way to the growth of the soul, such topics as the relationship between Christ, Buddha,…read more

New Detection Methods Mean Goodbye Hans Blix

…to the old Semtex,” says virologist John Oxford. “If this technology can be applied to the huge natural killers of mankind like influenza, then it would be a really significant…read more

The Boy in the Box

…trauma described in books like Dr. Leonard Shengold?s Soul Murder and Dr. Jennifer Freyd’s Betrayal Trauma. The first one took place on my first day at a new day camp….read more

Getting Warm Weather Trees to Grow in Cold Places

…when all of these genes are turned on and off during the autumn?In the future, it should be possible to apply genetic technology to the creation of trees that have…read more

Astronaut Anti-Barf Training

…suits? NASA astronaut Mae Jemison was so impressed with the technology, that she’s created a company to sell them to the public. She says, “If you want to train someone…read more

Gas Gobbling Trees

…does it. “It will take years for us to understand how these things work,” Buckeridge says. “We have to have the technology to provide for an emergency. We must be…read more

My Valentine

…on my soul. I’d been living alone in New York for about six months and I was LONELY. I was the kind of guy that girls just automatically counted out–not…read more

Sleeping Volcanoes are Really Alive

…imaging techniques to study the volcanoes and found that 900 of them in the Andes mountains in Chile are still potentially dangerous. Mark Simons of the California Institute of Technologyread more

Joe College is Being Watched

…answer to this, since a relevant case has yet to come to trial. Jim Dempsey, of the Center for Democracy and Technology, says, “The big deal is that the government…read more

Strange Spheres Still a Mystery

…that past civilizations, while not capable of feats, for example, of electronic technology, had some capabilities even greater than ours. To hear Robert Schoch discuss lost civilizations, click ?Listen Now?…read more

Getting Inside Your Head: Media & Mind Control by Richard Dolan

…prime instrument for shaping our thoughts, holding a virtual monopoly of access to the souls of men and women. Rulers used churches to mold submissive minds and enforce obedience. Napoleon…read more

Secret Weapon to Take Iraq to Stone Age

The U.S. has a secret weapon they plan to unleash in the war against Iraq called “high power microwave technology” or HPM. Officially, HPM is classified, but information has leaked…read more

Top Cryptozoology News of 2002

…“Statistics show that Africa has some outstanding scientists and yet the continent has fewer scientists than any other continent,” said Ben Ngubane, minister of arts, culture, science and technology. His…read more

New Words, Much Needed

…a person who sprinkles his conversation with Yiddish expressions. Circumvent (n.), the opening in the front of boxer shorts. Frisbatarianism (n.), The belief that, when you die, your soul goes…read more

Knights Templar Search Chapel for Lost Treasure

The remaining members of the Knights Templar, who built Rosslyn Chapel in Scotland in the 15th century, are going to use modern, non-invasive technology, such as ultra-sound and thermal imaging,…read more

Iraq Has Weapons Thanks to Us

The U.S. and U.K. sold Saddam Hussein the technology and materials needed to develop nuclear, chemical and biological weapons of mass destruction, according to reports by the U.S. Senate. Under…read more

Is God All in Our Heads?

…normally filtered from consciousness, including the reality of God, the spirit, the soul, and life after death.” Despite his studies, he’s not an atheist. Joseph says studies of epileptic patients…read more

Babies May Not Pass Clone Test

…Advanced Cell Technology, which clones many animals, says, “They are claiming to have the expertise to clone people and they didn’t even buy a home DNA kit? The samples could…read more

Cells are Ringing

…from the past, when music downloading brought no revenue to the music industry. He says, “It’s finally easier to buy music than to steal it.” Ring tone technology was started…read more

Think Twice About Out of Office Memos

…the U.K. technology company Tif. Mark Rasche, of cyber-security firm Solutionary, says, “Some people leave a very detailed out of office message with notes like ‘I will be in the…read more

Taken by Taken

…alien technology and knowledge? Are we, in fact, failing to make the grade as a species worthy of contact? The program did not answer any of these three questions correctly,…read more

Whitley’s Journal: Taken by Taken

…exists? Is there a vicious government conspiracy to suppress UFO evidence and gain control of alien technology and knowledge? Are we, in fact, failing to make the grade as a…read more

Smallpox Vaccine Can be Deadly

…safe and every effective, which they are. But all the vaccines that we use today are the result of modern technology. That?s not true of the smallpox vaccine. It has…read more

Earth Getting Fatter?and Mussels Know Why

…developed a fake mussel called the Tidbit, which looks, feels and absorbs heat like a real mussel and can dwell among them. They?re filled with technology that measures the temperature…read more

Are We Going to War for Oil?

…second law of thermodynamics, meaning we?ll always have to use more energy creating the hydrogen than we?ll get from using that hydrogen. But a belief in hydrogen cell technology will…read more

Hummers Still Here

…worked until Crawford H. Greenewalt used strobe-flash technology to photograph them. Now we know they can hover, fly backwards, sideways or upside down and beat their wings at up to…read more

Kids Build Antigravity Machine

…was the strongest. The machine cost between $300-$400 to build and is powered with a 12-volt motorcycle battery. Bergen says, “This technology could usher in a new era, just like…read more

You Always Amaze Us

…(approx. 45%) said it was “We are soul blind.” This is a complex and subtle concept. One little-known fact about the abduction experience is that people who go through it…read more

Ringing the (Dreamland) Changes

…and there are so very many people who don’t want that, who fear it in their own souls, or who are consciously opposed to it, that such a tool has…read more

UFO Seen by Multiple Witnesses in Turkey

…be two reasons for that. Either they covered it up to avoid sparking panic among people or extraterrestrial technology made it invisible using some kind of energy shield. One of…read more

Why Dreamland Can Never Be Killed

…have been appreciated by government insiders. It was about the end of the old, dark, controlling government, and the establishment of a new commonwealth of free souls, the band of…read more

What Are ETs Telling Us?

…with our true past. 3. We are soul blind.” We can’t wait to see which message the majority of you vote for. We’ll report the results Friday. To vote,click here….read more

How Can We Tell It’s Osama?

…Osama is Alive,? we said, ?Since we can use voice identification technology to compare these broadcasts with videos on which bin-Laden speaks, we must assume that either the results are…read more

Serious Claims that Osama is Alive

…Since we can use voice identification technology to compare these broadcasts with videos on which Bin-Laden speaks, we must assume that either the results are ambiguous or else intelligence officials?for…read more

Five Countries Have Smallpox

…Iraq planned to use it as a weapon. A former Soviet scientist told the U.S. that Russia “transferred [smallpox] technology in the early 1990s to Iraq.” North Korea, according to…read more

Ancient Buddhist Science

Tibetan Buddhist practices have often been shown to work, once science has developed the technology to test them. Thong Len, a meditative technique developed almost 800 years before the discovery…read more

Unique and Lethal Pollution From 911

…as we go along.” Music can heal the soul, but Steven Halpern says his music also heals the body. Listen for yourself and find out,click here. NOTE: This news story,…read more

Will 2003 be the Year of the Alien?

…find ourselves observing their technology but having no idea how it works. Will we end up trading the wealth of our world in return for a handful of beads, like…read more

Are UFO Files Hidden in Russia?

…times, including man-made objects looking very much like our technology. It was unbelievable at that time, and now we can speak openly about it.? State Intelligence Department double agent Yury…read more

Another World Series Earthquake?

…Francisco?s new stadium is as earthquake-proof as modern technology can make it. Giants spokeswoman Shana Daum says, “There are many things beyond our control, which earthquakes are, but our building?is…read more

Close Call for the Internet

…“The Internet is sort of the cockroach of the modern age. It survives.” According to Gary Milo of Webscreen Technology, internet attacks are growing more frequent every month and he…read more

Walking a Tightrope

…or so, the human infrastructure has had applied science and technology to sustain it. Science has freed us from how we muddled along for countless millennia. We no longer survive…read more

AIDS Helps Parkinsons Disease

…FDA?that using the AIDS virus can be safe. “This is going to be the PR question going forward. It’s HIV,” says researcher John McCamant. ??This technology is gonna have to…read more

It’s Not Easy Being Red

…music that heals both body and soul, click here. To learn more,click here and here. NOTE: This news story, previously published on our old site, will have any links removed….read more

Puzzle of the Pyramid

…such as telescopes or air shafts. Some Egyptologists think the shafts are passages for the pharaoh’s soul, which would leave the pyramid in the morning and return in the evening….read more

How to Build in Space?If We Ever Get There

…who was the seventh man to walk on the Moon, as mission commander of Apollo 15 in 1971. “Is the technology available to go to Mars? The answer is yes,”…read more

The Mystery of Pine Gap

…interesting secret departments of all, the Australian Defence Science and Technology Organisation which deals with U.F.O.’s and crash retrievals. The number of staff at Pine Gap varies between four hundred…read more

God Works in Mysterious Ways

…nonfiction. But if you want to feel the way close encounter experience burns in the heart and explodes through the soul, then read the fiction. It’s more fun, too. Overtly,…read more

Search for the Fabled Vulcanoids

…search for Vulcanoids?but his search for Nazi anti-gravity technology was just as fascinating. Read all about it in ?The Hunt for Zero Point,? click here. NOTE: This news story, previously…read more

True Origin of Crop Circles Baffles Scientists by Leslie Kean

…the formations. Most dramatic were grossly elongated plant nodes (the knuckles along the stem) and expulsion cavities holes literally blown open at the nodes caused by the heating of internal…read more

Hauntings Here and Abroad

…be prepared to sit,? she says. Lunsford hasn?t heard of any Indian legends that explain the light. She has heard white people?s stories that say it?s the soul of an…read more

Too Many Saddams

…looked at photographs and film clips of Saddam and used facial recognition technology to determine which ones were really Saddam and which were his stand-ins. “In the film sequences since…read more

Can We Change the Weather?

…in a large storm.” Researchers at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology want to try spreading a thin layer of vegetable oil on the surface of the ocean that would slow…read more

Cloned Food is Coming

…Sundlof says, “Once you get into the cloning technology, it’s very tempting to want to manipulate a few genes here and there, too.” How can we tell what we?re eating?…read more

Mystery Object Orbiting Earth

…then we may have enough technology to fly up and take a close look at it. We could build our own flying saucers, if the military would only declassify what…read more

Amazing New Journal from Whitley

…am certain that they?re aliens in the conventional sense of that word?I believe that their primary interest in us involves the soul.? To read this extraordinary Journal,click here. You won?t…read more

Clones are Imperfect Copies

…copies of a gene that a baby gets from its father are turned on. “Almost 50 percent of those were incorrectly expressed,” Jaenisch says. That means that cloning technology to…read more

The Terrorism Problem?How We Can Solve It

…possibly–just possibly–extricate ourselves from this mess. And if a terrorist ever gets nuclear weapons aboard the good ship America, it chills my soul to think what will happen. We must…read more

The Coming of the Dark Side and How We Can Defend Ourselves

…very secular people, who tell themselves that there is no soul. Others are the exact opposite. They are religious fanatics who have justified their evil lives by twisting the Word…read more

Are UFOs and ETs a Problem for the Church

…spirit and matter, body and soul is too large. Our soul cannot act without the body, its unalterable means, which through its passions and sinfulness influences the soul so deeply…read more

Spam is Taking Over

…underground.” Spammed? You need some ?Inner Peace.? Let Steven Halpern heal your soul with his extraordinary music,click here. NOTE: This news story, previously published on our old site, will have…read more

Sex and Gore Must Stay

…a program can slap a blouse on Kate Winslet in ?Titanic,? someone could also alter the technology to take her clothes off. And how would that play in Utah?” Solve…read more

The Rock Concert Pill

…hair filaments bend too far, they can?t recover and regrow, leading to permanent deafness. Save your ears?and your soul?by avoiding rock music and listening to ?Inner Peace? by Steven Halpern…read more

Have U.S. Astronauts Seen UFOs By Jim Marrs

…within the confines of conventional science and engineering. They place unlimited faith in NASAs ability to study the universe by spending taxpayer money solely on traditional technology. So, where does…read more

Our Best Chance to Eavesdrop on ET

…due to rapid advances in computer technology. Scientists at the Search for Extra-Terrestrial Intelligence (SETI) Institute are using powerful radio telescopes to listen to radio signals from space. Senior astronomer…read more

Brown Haze Clouds Asia

…a comparable problem,though the Asian haze is more widespread, more persistent,and thicker,? he says. “There are solutions — stop burningthe forests, switch to less polluting fuels, and introduceclean air technology,…read more

Major Signal of Coming Climate Change

…gravity field flatter,” saysChristopher Cox of Raytheon Information Technology andScientific Services. “The result is it looks as ifpost-glacial rebound has reversed itself. But, we do nothave any reason to think…read more

Can’t Remember Names? Wear a Computer

If you can’t remember the names of the people you’ve beenintroduced to 5 minutes later, wear a computer thatremembers for you. Accenture Technology Labs has created aPersonal Awareness Assistant (PAA)…read more

Boeing Builds a Saucer

…out how to counter theeffects of gravity in an experiment at the TampereUniversity of Technology in Finland in 1992. He says hefound that objects above a superconducting ceramic discrotating over…read more

SETI Says ET May Be Here

…detected yet. It’s possible that therecould be, in fact, within our solar system some evidence ofan extraterrestrial technology. They may be here.” Dr. Tarter doesn’t believe they?re “abducting Aunt Sally,”but…read more

Will WorldCom Take the Internet Down?

…major reasons the FBI didn?t see 911 coming wasbecause their computer technology is out of date. Find outall about it from ?The Bureau: The Secret History of theFBI? by RonaldKessler,clickhere….read more

Secret Underground Computer Network

…consider subversive. The dark side of this technology is that it could also make it harder for law enforcement to spot websites that promote sordid subjects like child sex. The…read more

Forensic Evidence of Reincarnation

…Experts can usually spot even expertlyforged handwriting. A person?s handwriting style is dictatedby individual personality traits. Chauhan?s theory is thatif the soul is transferred from one person to another, thenthe…read more

Air Force Almost Admitted UFOs Are Real

…could be evidence of technology created on earth. They rejected the ideas that the saucers were our own secret projects or new developments of the Soviets and concluded that the…read more

Earth Cries Uncle!

technology and avoiding waste.” Not all researchers buy the idea that we?re using up theEarth?s resources too quickly. Julian Morris, of the U.K.?sInstitute of Economic Affairs, says, “The claim that…read more

Block That Cellphone!

…ourselves why we?re all carrying cellphones in the first place. We?re not the only civilization to become victims of our own technology. The Mayans had some of the greatest knowledge?and…read more

Fighting Fires from Space

…each day. Ground station computers send that data out in map form to emergency personnel within 60 minutes of its transmission. Despite satellite technology, most fires are first seen on…read more

What Makes GM Crops Dangerous?

…government has told us nothing about these GM plants. Absolutely nothing.” Olga?s corn, like other corn crops in the area, was tested at a high technology laboratory nearby. “Despite the…read more

Is There Life After Death?

…proved that matter is not created or destroyed, but only changes form. We could use that to prove that the soul can’t die, except we first need evidence that the…read more

Mysterious Gap About to be Filled

…the National Archives. The tapes were last examined in 1974. Since then, technology used to decipher recordings has improved dramatically. The 18? minutes are part of the tape recorded by…read more

Genetically-Modified Bugs

…ecologist at the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology in Zurich, says, “We need to learn a lot more about the unintended side effects of the various transformation techniques.” Is GM…read more

Teleportation is Real

…teleport a laser beam after 1998 experiments at the California Institute of Technology showed it should be possible. The Australian researchers used a phenomenon called “quantum entanglement,” which means that…read more

How Dangerous Are Dirty Bombs?

Technology, thinks the health risks from a dirty bomb are pretty minimal. He says, “Long exposure to low-level gamma radiation, if you do the numbers, produces a miniscule increase in…read more

William Henry Conference in LA

…advanced ancient scientific knowledge about the Soul, the Self and the body (including DNA) that is encoded in myth and legend. His lectures will provide a rare opportunity to experience…read more

Oil Mysteriously Appearing in Dry Wells

…in Massachusetts also found evidence that oil was moving upward from somewhere far deep inside the Earth. With new oil drilling technology, it may soon be possible to tap these…read more

India Faces Earthquakes, as Well as Nukes

…as many as 7 earthquakes of at least one 8.1 to 8.3 magnitude. “In the past decade using satellite technology we have measured India advancing toward Tibet at a rate…read more

Fighting Terrorism with Valium & Model Planes

…weapons give the impression that they?ve been spending too much time in toy stores. “Dragon Eye,” a new Marine technology, is made of foam, covered with a gray fiberglass composite,…read more

Mysteries of Jupiter

…there observing, it’s very time consuming, very rigorous.” “The technology is improving now to the point that the number of moons in the solar system has doubled because of the…read more

What Are They by Richard M. Dolan

…our own technology and AI, the less outlandish alien technology appears. It may be within our grasp sooner than many people think. Quite possibly fifty years, possibly less. The hypothesis…read more

GM Experiments Cruel to Animals

…of treatments for cancer and other diseases at a price society can afford,” says Dr. Harry Griffin, assistant director of the institute. “For GeneWatch to condemn a whole technology based…read more

Putting Words in Our Mouths

…advertisements, such as the recent TV ads featuring Fred Astaire and John Wayne. Gareth Cook of the Boston Globe writes that now scientists at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology have…read more

Earth Warming Faster Than Expected

… and a physicist in the Space Science and Technology Department at the Rutherford Appleton Laboratory. “It’s not a stripped down ‘toy’ version, so the runs take time.” The simulation…read more

Administration Open to Hagelin’s Out of the Box Terrorism Thinking

…University of Management’s Institute of Science, Technology and Public Policy. I am calling to report on what I think is some quite surprising progress, I think, here in the capital…read more

Threat of New Attack Bigger Than 911

…“We were also telling the president about broader threats to space systems that adversaries and terrorist groups could potentially shoot down satellites with laser technology,” Gannon says. The government was…read more

Antigravity Device Based on UFO?

…to convert electrical current into a force that can lift and move planes, trains and rocket ships. If that proves possible, the technology that powers lifters could extend the ability…read more

Microwave Power?Safe for Plants?

…this in ?Captain of My Ship, Master of My Soul? (which includes a free CD-Rom),click here. NOTE: This news story, previously published on our old site, will have any links…read more

Alien Life Common

…on the sea are pushed by the wind. The technology relies on ultra-thin, mirror-like solar sails that trap individual particles of light from the Sun. In theory, the photons should…read more

Search For Relatives of Ancient Mummies

…had been exposed to and other clues to the Inca lifestyle. Advances in technology mean the mummified remains of these victims “never stop giving new information,” says Reinhard. “In this…read more

Mysterious Deaths of Scientists

…Center for Innovative Technology in Herndon, Virginia. Four days later, Nguyen Van Set, 44, died at work in Geelong, Australia, in a laboratory accident. He entered an airlocked storage lab…read more

UFOs Don?t Exist?Or Do They?

…the early UFO sightings were confirmed by Britain’s radar system, and their military often scrambled fighter planes to investigate sightings. But as radar technology improved, the authors day, the number…read more

Was Venus Once Like Earth?

…Ingersoll, a planetary scientists at California Institute of Technology. “This isn’t going to happen on Earth any time soon, but the planet gives us the big picture on long term…read more

The Reason for the Secrecy

…even greater, because of the potential that the Soviets, upon discovering that we were in possession of advanced alien technology, would act unilaterally in Europe, on the theory that if…read more

Witches Stand Up for Their Rights

…says, “If they want to pray for my soul that’s fine as long as they do it quietly.” To learn about a Wiccan who is also a cop, read ?Wiccan…read more

Map May Be 120 Million Years Old

Scientists at Bashkir State University have found proof of an ancient, highly developed civilization. A large relief map, made by an unknown technology and found in 1999, shows a region…read more

CIA Warns of China Cyberattack

…disrupt the computer system of any other country,” says Larry Wu, an official in the embassy’s science and technology section. “We do research on the security of computers, of course–self-defense…read more

Southern Cites Becoming More Polluted

…the Alliance for Global Sustainability (AGS), with delegates from universities in Tokyo, Sweden, the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) and the Federal Swiss Institute of Technology, experts discussed how to…read more

Another Underwater City in India

…work of picking out the charred ink of Latin and Greek began with early magnifying glasses. It picked up in the 1990s with multi-spectral imaging technology, first developed by NASA…read more

Woman Pregnant With Clone

…brief and sad life.? Does a clone have a soul? Read ?Destiny of Souls? by Michael Newton, click here. NOTE: This news story, previously published on our old site, will…read more

Professor Plans to Build Time Machine

…time, he believes it won?t be long before engineers figure out a way to send a person. ?What we?re talking about is at the edge of current technology, not beyond…read more

How Healing Touch Works

…rapidly dialed. ?The relationship between technology and the users of technology is mutual. We are changing each other,? says Plant. ?Discovering that the younger generation has taken to using thumbs…read more

Asteroid Coming…But Not Too Soon

…Jet Propulsion Laboratory at the California Institute of Technology in Pasadena. ?As we get more information we will be able to adjust the level of probability up or down.? Odds…read more

Easter, 2002

…religion after he died.? But, you know, nothing can extinguish faith, any more than evil can ever extinguish the light of the soul. The Church has suffered so much humiliation…read more

Robots in Our Future (Is One of Them You?)

…move his fingers afterwards, since he was afraid the operation might paralyze his hand. To learn more,click here. The U.S. Army is developing technology that will replace human soldiers with…read more

CIA Using Illegal Internet Spy Technology

Mike Stepp, webmaster of the CIA?s public website, removed illegal software from it after a private group discovered that the CIA was using internet tracking technology called ?cookies? that is…read more

Chinese Discovered America

…king and conducted military attacks along the African Coast. His many-masted ships were marvels of technology for that time. But up until now, there?s been no evidence that the Chinese…read more

Signs of Life on Mars

…Martian life, the last vestiges of a fertile time 3.5 billion years ago, has hung on by a thread for all this time until humans have developed the technology to…read more

Monsanto: Is It the Most Evil Company on Earth

…to pay Monsanto fees for use of its patented herbicide resistance technology, technology he neither bought nor wanted, Monsanto sued him. According to a report on the trial (, Monsanto…read more

Take Your Next Vacation in Space

…has developed the Buran and put its technology into this project,? says Valery Novikov, head designer at the Myasishchev Design Bureau, which is developing the ship for Suborbital. The S-XXI…read more

Put On Your Thinking Cap

…is that brain cells grow around the glass, holding it in place. Miguel Nicolelis, of Duke University, has done robotic arm research on rodents. As for transferring this technology to…read more

New Ocean in the Arctic

…U.S. Navy does not yet have the ships, training, or technology in place to patrol a wide-open polar sea, but the new report says they?d better start getting ready. Dennis…read more

Chinese Are Cloning Humans

…it. And Clonaid, a company set up by a UFO group, also claims to be making advances. ?Cloning is a numbers game,? says Robert Lanza of Advanced Cell Technology (ACT)….read more

Computer Pollution

…too small to litter. Scientists say computers the size of molecules may be closer than we think. Developments in nano-technology are years ahead of schedule. These breakthroughs come from the…read more

Water Pollution Killing Whales

…output. ?We?ve reduced PAH emissions in the air by 82 per cent, and new technology introduced last year will reduce it by a further 35 per cent. We are concerned…read more

Religious Fanatics and the Ruin of the World

…universe and have the power to preserve or condemn our souls. To make these gods seem more convincing, we build up stories around them. These stories are codified into holy…read more

Take An Air Taxi

…futuristic technology. Toyota plans to start selling its environmentally friendly FCHV-4 car in Tokyo by 2003. Fuel cell cars run on energy produced in a chemical reaction combining hydrogen and…read more

Food?More Dangerous Than Ever

…more. In order to make their products safer for consumers, food companies have turned to a new technology called ?Fresher Under Pressure,? developed by high-pressure equipment maker Flow International, that…read more

A Voice in Your Head

…American Technology CTO Jim Croft, the technology could be used to confuse opponents by making them think there was someone nearby. Small transmitters could be kept out of sight, and…read more

Mars Life is Possible

…depths of hundreds to thousands of meters,? says Farmer. ?The technology for intermediate and deep drilling from a robotic platform does not yet exist, although there are active efforts within…read more

Aliens Have Spotted Us?Are They Evil?

…enough for them to develop the technology to make contact with us. Only extraterrestrials with a long-lasting, stable society will be around long enough to be detected by our SETI…read more

Family To Get Chip Implants

…when it?s put in humans. It?s used for different purposes. It?s great technology and if you?re the first person, it?s pioneering.? ADS has already has received requests from 2,000 kids…read more

Cellphone Wargames

…new cellphone technology that allows mobile phone users to pinpoint other users? positions within ?cells? formed by their phones? locations relative to nearby transmitters. In the United States, that capability…read more

The Reason for the Secrecy Redux

…became even greater, because of the potential that the Soviets, upon discovering that we were in possession of advanced alien technology, would act unilaterally in Europe, on the theory that…read more

The Short, Unhappy Lives of Clones

…defects will appear in the long run,? he says. In November, 2001, U.S. biotech company Advanced Cell Technology (ACT) cloned two dozen apparently healthy cows. However, 20 per cent of…read more

Major Company Targeted for GM Foods

…modified its position. Although there are no known health effects from the GM foods on the market, the society says GM technology ?could lead to unpredicted harmful changes in the…read more

Fake Wombs for Working Women

…in one, and the woman told she has to look after it once it has developed into a child.? If the artificial womb is combined with cloning technology, this raises…read more

Underwater Worlds

…worth looking underwater.? Last month, more evidence of Hancock?s theories was discovered when India?s National Institute of Ocean Technology announced that it had found ruins of an ancient city 25…read more

NASA Budget Promotes Space Nukes

technology in space. The budget would eliminate all future funds for proposed missions to Europa, a large Jupiter moon that some scientists think may harbor life, and to Pluto, the…read more

Animals Cloned for Human Parts

Dr. Michael West, of Advanced Cell Technology in Worcester, Massachusetts and his team have created a monkey embryo without the use of sperm that can be used to create stem…read more

Has Free Energy Been Found?

…existing technology the batteries would have been drained flat in one and a half minutes,? the inventor says. Experts in this field are hesitant to believe the claims about Jasker,…read more

Another Submerged City

…Ocean Technology who were conducting a survey of pollution. Using sidescan sonar – which sends a beam of sound waves down to the bottom of the ocean – they identified…read more

Thicker Ice May Prevent Ocean Rise

…will not be a rise in ocean levels in the immediate future. NASA?s Jet Propulsion Laboratory and the California Institute of Technology say their measurements show the ice sheet is…read more

Satellite Tracks Whales?For Science or Hunting?

…they surface, says Tomonao Hayashi of the Chiba Institute of Technology, who helped develop the satellite system. Satellite monitoring technology is used by groups around the world for scientific research…read more

Piece of UFO Produced

…for the object, but he has talked with a potential buyer about paying $7.5 million. He wants to use the proceeds to finance his research on technology that can tell…read more

Become a Human Bar Code

…applications such the tracking of prisoners or parolees. ?We are advocating that this technology be totally voluntary,? Bolton says. Veterinarians who have implanted the chips in dogs and cats say…read more

New GM Food: Waxy Cornflakes

…breakfast cereals which have a high wax content is not new,? says Colin Merritt, a biotechnology development manager for Monsanto. ?Manufacturers add plant waxes to try to stop the cereal…read more

Pig Parts for People

…the first application of this technology will be the testing of insulin-producing cells for the treatment of diabetes from the ?knock-out? pigs, first in primates, and soon after in humans….read more

Chemtrails Are Back–in the Mainstream Press

…was selling electronic equipment to manipulate the weather in a specific area. The Times wrote that some Russian farmers used the weather-control technology for greater crop yields. Shortly afterwards, the…read more

Antigravity Machine in the Works

…coming May. ?To say this is highly speculative is probably putting it mildly,? admits Ron Koczor, assistant director for science and technology at NASA?s Marshall Space Flight Center in Alabama….read more

Carry Your I.D. Under Your Skin

…line is, when people are trying to regain their peace of mind, they?re more open to new approaches,? says Keith Bolton, Applied Digital?s chief technology officer. Applied Digital makes electronic…read more

Near Death Experiences Taken Seriously by Science

…— presents evidence of the survival of the soul. It?s something that we would all desperately like to believe is true.? Bruce Greyson, a professor of psychiatry at the University…read more

Taking Down the Christmas Tree? Good News for the Future

…up. They also believe that trees could be grown that would provide power for homes and run appliances. Professor Bernard Witholt, chairman of the Institute of Biotechnology at Zurich?s Swiss…read more

Who Profited From 911 Financial Windfall?

…They are using a pioneering laser scanning technology to find data on damaged computer hard drives and main frames found in the rubble of the World Trade Center and other…read more

I.D. Cards for Everyone–Worldwide

…the European Union is already considering a Europe-wide system, using either fingerprints or eye scanning technology, to identify citizens. He feels the plan could be implemented worldwide. ?There are no…read more

Christmas Joy: Mankind is Awakening

…that night of profound shock, to be awakened?in a small way?to the reality of the world as it is. I lost the illusion that the soul and the body are…read more

Second Space Tourist Ready to Go

…where the commercial customer is the first priority — not a secondary concern. MirCorp will have all of this, at very accommodating environment.? The facility will be based on technologyread more

God Particle Missing

…physics theorist at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, believes that the Higgs can be found only at an improbably high energy level. He says he?ll stop believing in the Higgs…read more

Identify Music With Your Cellphone

…To do this, its technology divides the sound of a song or instrumental piece into 33 narrow frequency bands and then measures the energy in each band. With these measurements…read more

Is Your Computer Sick?

…Graham Cluley, Sophos senior technology consultant. ?It is likely that we will see more multiple-pronged attacks in the future.? Sophos warns that personal computer users are increasingly likely to be…read more

A Search for the Chemicals of Alien Life

…California Institute of Technology. ?This opens up an exciting new phase of extrasolar planet exploration, where we can begin to compare and contrast the atmospheres of planets around other stars.?…read more

First Human Clones

The scientists at Advanced Cell Technology, in Worcester, Massachusetts, claim they have cloned the first early human embryo. They want to create genetically matched replacement cells for patients with a…read more

FBI Can Read What You Type

…been scrambled, a tactic that is employed by criminals to hide information and evade law enforcement. The best snooping technology that the FBI currently uses, the controversial software called Carnivore,…read more

China Sending Man to the Moon

…it has launched almost 50 satellites with a 90 percent success rate. They plan to launch 30 more in the next five years. China wants to use its aerospace technologyread more

Jim Marrs: It’s All About Oil

…be considerable soul-searching about America’s role in arming and training an international group of Muslim extremists in Afghanistan long after their comrades destroyed the Marine barracks in Beruit and hijacked…read more

Bin Laden Admits WTC–FBI Says ?Loner? Sent Anthrax

…They say that although he could have gotten nuclear bombs from Pakistan or former Soviet republics, he is unlikely to have the technology to cause an explosion. They say, ?We…read more

On Dreamland Tonight: The Forrestal Mystery

…were the Americans. It was equally clear that well qualified military observers and equipment had tracked these objects at speeds and maneuvering capabilities that were impossible with contemporary technology. In…read more

Egyptians May Have Used Kites to Build Pyramids

Maureen Clemmons, an aeronautics professor at the California Institute of Technology, thinks the ancient Egyptians may have used kites to build the Pyramids. No one has ever figured out how…read more

Scientists Prove Homeopathic Remedies Work

…on the effect while working at their lab in the Kwangju Institute of Science and Technology in South Korea. They found that football-shaped buckyball molecules called fullerenes kept forming clumps…read more

Ozone: This Year?s Hole & A New Way to Destroy Anthrax

…of the ozone layer quite significantly,? warns Mario Molina of the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, who won the chemistry Nobel Prize in 1995 for his work on the thinning ozone…read more

Chilbolton, Milk Hill Crop Circle Test Results

…Wiltshire to collect samples from all three circles and send them to Dr. Levengood and she has just received the results from his testing. Growth nodes from the Milk Hill…read more

Chilbolton History and Crop Formations by Lucy Pringle

…in either formation; they were bent at the base. In the `Face` I found a stalk with a blown node. Researchers Charles and Frances Mallett, visited the formation after it…read more

Hawking Warns of Doomsday as IBM Plans Super-Intelligent Computers

…way into ever more devices. ?The growing complexity of the [technology] infrastructure threatens to undermine the very benefits information technology aims to provide,? Horn says. If the current rates of…read more

Vintage Dreamland: Lost Science of the Soul 10/20/2001

For our subscribers, a special treat: an all-time classic Dreamland from October 20, 2001 on the lost science of the soul. This early William Henry interview remains one of the…read more

Daschle Office Gets Anthrax; Bush Says Possible Terror Link

…can be breathed by victims. In order to make anthrax powder, repeated washings in huge centrifuges are needed, followed by intensive drying, which requires ac sealed environment. This technology costs…read more

One Month Later, In Memory

…the soul of my soul. And so, when America is hurt, I also am hurt, as are we all, and I will stand up, as will we all. Because I…read more

Legendary Treasure Ship May Be Found

technology has been used to seek the remains of the Blessing of Burntisland in the firth, and members of the Burntisland Heritage Trust have located a number of possible resting…read more

Stealth Terrorism

…northwest of Las Vegas were designed to protect or ?harden? military systems against electronic failure in a nuclear exchange. However, little of that preventive technology has been applied to civilian…read more

The Terrorism Problem–How We Can Solve It

…And if a terrorist ever gets nuclear weapons aboard the good ship America, it chills my soul to think what will happen. We must recover our national conscience and find…read more

Terrorists Had Our Secret Codes

…to the armed Islamic group. U.S. intelligence has failed to track down Mr. Kani, who is believed to be the creator of a technology called ?steganography,? which is capable of…read more

How to Cope with ‘Terrorism Sickness’

Clarissa Pinkola Estés makes the point that the real purpose of terrorism is not only to cause physical destruction, it is to cause destruction in our hearts and souls. In…read more

A Message from Neale Donald Walsch, Author: Conversations with God

…continue to present itself. The difference is that now our technology makes our anger much more dangerous. In the early days of our civilization, we were able to inflict hurt…read more

A Message from Deepak Chopra: The Deeper Wound

…an attack on America, but is it not a rift in our collective soul? Isn’t this an attack on civilization from without that is also from within? When we have…read more

Dutch Scientists to Try to Create Crop Circles Using Plasmas

…Boerman hopes to be able to reproduce the technology and create a crop circle. ?I have a theory and looking at the evidence I think – I hope – that…read more

Tracking Triangle-Shaped UFOs

…what are they? William Scott, areporter for the aerospace magazine Aviation Week & Space Technology haswritten about sightings of large triangular craft in the early 1990s aroundEdwards Air Force Base…read more

Crop Circle Masterpiece Awes Observers

…number of crop circle researchers, most notably Colin Andrews, have claimed that most or all of these formations are manmade. However, it is hard to see how any known technologyread more

New DNA Found in GM Food

…the validity of all theirsafety tests and experiments, which are based upon these data? DespiteMonsanto’s optimistic reassurances, this research presents further evidencethat genetic modification is an imprecise technology. Given the…read more

U.S. May End With a Bang

…new satellite technology, sensors stuck on the mountainside arestill the best way to predict an imminent eruption. Gene Ulmer, a geologyprofessor at Temple University, was in the village of Nicolosi,…read more

Rusting Russian Subs May Be the Next Chernobyl

…hundreds of spent nuclear fuel assemblies on board. Alexander Ruzankin, chairman of the nuclear conversion and radiation safetycommittee for the region, says, “I don’t know of any technology that couldtreat…read more

English Coast Drowns & Twisters Hit Hard

…and advancedcomputer technology to build a 3D model of coastal erosion in the area. JonMills, who is leading the project, says the information will be used todecide where to locate…read more

Dinosaurs Could be Hatched from Chicken Eggs

Scientists are planning to hatch dinosaurs from chicken eggs by turning back the evolutionary clock to when birds were dinosaurs. They believe advances in DNA technology could make such a…read more

Earth Heating Up Much Faster than Expected

…at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology’s Joint Program on the Science and Policy of Global Change. ?We need to quantify these uncertainties.? Many climate scientists say the jump in temperatures…read more

Mystery of the Eltanin Antenna

…equinox. Could it be possible that the Eltanin Antenna is a piece of ancient technology, or even technology that comes from another world? Cathie certainly thinks so. Other researchers are…read more

New Navy Sonar Could Be the End of Whales

…military uses of sonar technology might explain other mysterious strandings. ?The Navy could very well have been causing these kind of traumas all over the world,? Rose says. ?Now comes…read more

Weather Radar Glitch Causes Internet Rumors to Fly

…programs were in operation, and that HAARP or ELF-based technology was the cause of the problem. However, the images were due to a glitch in the Unisys Corporation’s satellite image…read more

Take the Train Between England and the US

…New York or Boston to Liverpool or Bristol. Engineers say the technology already exists to build such a supersonic rail link and prototypes are already being built in Japan. Frank…read more

SETI Gets Some Congressional Support–Finally!

…been found, but we don?t yet have the technology? to detect planets the size of Earth in orbit of distant stars. Weiler said that a space observatory now being built…read more

Sunken City Found in Peru As Other Discoveries Abound

…Institute of Technology. ?You can lift up any weight if you provide the right kite size,? says Mory Gharib, a professor aeronautics at Caltech, who worked with Clemmons for 3…read more

Scientific Study Says Mind Survives Death

…dead. This means that science is now confronting the age-old religious questions about the existence of a soul that survives physical death. During the study, 63 heart attack patients who…read more

Amazon Forest May Have Only 15 Years Left

…Brazil’s science and technology ministry has stated that an article published in the journal Science earlier this year saying that deforestation rates in the Amazon could reach 42% by 2020…read more

Global Warming Solution: Move the Earth

…will be eliminated. If we aim comets at Earth, it will be nudged out of its orbit into a cooler part of the solar system. ?The technology is not at…read more

Nervous Cellphone Makers Develop Radiation Shields

…says, ?Patenting innovations is standard practice for all aspects of technology within the industry and antennas are no exception to this rule. Nokia is continuously striving to improve all aspects…read more

Gallup Poll Shows Paranormal Beliefs Growing

…mentally with someone who has died28/26/46 Astrology, or that the position of the stars and planets can affect people?s lives28/18/52 Reincarnation, that is, the rebirth of the soul in a…read more

Time Machine May be Possible

…problem. I?m not saying it?s easy, but we?re not talking about exotic technology here; we?re not talking about creating wormholes in space.? Mallett and his team have planned their first…read more

The Fantasy of the Galactic Federation

Recently, Dr. Steven Greer, the emergency room physician turned UFO researcher, organized his second Washington press conference designed to spur congressional hearings on the subject that would bring an end…read more

Sunken City off Cuba

…profits on any treasure they find with the Cuban government, which does not have the money or the technology to do the exploration by itself. ?As you know, we have…read more

Why Gas Is Sky High

…1970, that if you build any new facilities, you must put on the most stringent air pollution technology available,? says Blake Early of the American Lung Association. ?These companies should…read more

Music of Creation Captured by Astronomers

Technology. ?Now we see not just one, but three of these peaks and can tell not only which note is being played, but also what instrument is playing it. We…read more

‘Nausea’ Alarm Blanks Burglars

…to a window or wall, the RADAR?s narrow beam sends out a pulse of electromagnetic energy, then detects the return signal, which is read by high-speed signal processing technology that…read more

Tracked By Your Cellphone

…that will provide the location-tracking technology. Some people worry that the technology will be misused to provide information to potential merchants. It could also be used by stalkers and abusive…read more

New Way to Read Ancient Texts

technology, we may be able to rebuild the whole thing.” The technology has already been used to decode religious texts found at a Byzantine church in Jordan and to uncover…read more

New Robot Uses Living Brain

…combining the extracted brain of a tiny, eel-like lamprey with a high-technology robot the size of a cigarette pack. The brain is kept alive in an oxygenated saline solution. When…read more

Asteroids Could be New Weapon of War

…escape blame by calling it a natural disaster. David Asher, of Armagh Observatory, and Nigel Holloway, of Spaceguard UK, think this isn?t science fiction?that?s it?s possible with the technology we…read more

God Laughs and Plays

…in creatures, all their honey-sweetness is from God. Thus it is written in the Book of Wisdom: All the good of my soul comes from thee. Creature comfort is never…read more

Head Transplant Works–Sort of…

…oxygen and glucose, indicating they were still alive. ?This is medical technology run completely mad and out of all proportion to what?s needed,? says Dr. Stephen Rose, director of brain…read more

Hillary’s Haunted Neighborhood

…Tell them anything specifically” Wilson: “That my soul lives on, and that it will return when I see the turn of the century (after the year 2000–J.T.) and that I…read more

White House Announces Cheney to be First Human Cloned

…new technology. It?s going to be a tremendous boon to this White House and a blessing for the Cheney family.? When asked if ordinary Americans would be able to avail…read more

The Mystery of Pine Gap, America’s Most Secret Base

…the Australian Defence Science and Technology Organisation which deals with U.F.O.’s and crash retrievals. The number of staff at Pine Gap varies between four hundred to five hundred at any…read more

Linked Telescopes May Find Earth-Like Planets

…and processed with a beam combiner and camera. Since 1995, astronomers have discovered almost 50 planets orbiting other stars. With current technology, they can find very large, Jupiter-like planets, 3…read more

Scientific Studies Suggest Soul Survives

Taken together, two recent scientific studies offer powerful evidence that the soul persists after death, and that souls can be communicated with. The first of these studies involves near-death experiences…read more

Scientific Evidence of Life After Death Continues to Grow

Taken together, two recent scientific studies offer powerful evidence that the soul persists after death, and that souls can be communicated with. The first of these studies was conducted by…read more

HAARP Rumors Fly

…will be capable of weather modification. A book by Dr. Nick Begich, Angels Don’t Play This HAARP, makes a powerful case that the technology is capable of serious disruptions to…read more

New ‘Nonlethal Weapon’ Announced

…Kirtland Air Force Base in New Mexico. “It’s just not intense enough to cause anydamage.” “This revolutionary force-protection technology gives U.S. service members an alternative to using deadly force,” said…read more

Science Discovery Confirms Secret School ‘Lesson’

…of optical illusion, I believed it completely. As far as I was concerned, I was there. Terror grew, it grew into a titanic storm inside me, it burned my soul,…read more

Iran Missile Success Points to Defense Needs

…distance of 825 miles. Israel is well within range of these missiles. Russian, North Korea and China supply Iran with missile technology, and the Shahab-3 missile is designed around the…read more

Prince Charles’s Extraordinary Reith Lecture

…system that can be engineered for our own convenience, or as a nuisance to be evaded and manipulated, and in which anything that happens can be “fixed” by technology and…read more

Search For Nuclear Bomb Lost in 1958

…we know where and how it is.” Duke has proposed to find thelost bomb by using a team of military experts who had technology capable of scanning the ocean floor….read more

How Hard It Was

…is the freedom to sin.” Let the politicians command the army and direct the affairs of state, but let God and my conscience command my soul. NOTE: This Journal entry,…read more

Killer Virus Could Lead to Devastating Bioweapons

…the new virus. The researchers checked with the Australian Department of Defense before publishing their findings. “We wanted to warn the general population that this potentially dangerous technology is available,”…read more

Genfood Industry Triumph: the Green Potato

technology could be extended to other fruits and vegetables as well. We note that these special spuds are not intended for human consumption, which reminds us that StarLink corn wasn?t…read more

Whitley on–First Key Interview

…of the Holocaust to the reason for ice ages (the inspiration for Superstorm), and the stunning fact that we already have the technology we need to communicate with the souls…read more

The Mystery of ‘IT’

…kind of incredible new energy or transportation device. Here?s what we do know about it: Ginger is not a piece of medical technology, so it?s not a cure for cancer….read more

Hidden Y2K Problems May Still Be With Us

…he conducts a major intrusive operation that because the patient?s fine, it?s not a big deal,” said Harris Miller, president of the Information Technology Association of America. “Problems did occur,…read more

Will the Internet Become Conscious?

…self-aware?” He feels it?s likely that a thinking machine might emerge spontaneously this way. Dr. Smarr is in charge of the California Institute of Telecommunications and Information Technology, a state-financed…read more

Religious Group Plans to Clone Human Beings

…Lee Silver, from Princeton University, and Michael West, who works in advanced cell technology, as saying that it is now technically possible to clone a human being. According to George…read more

Gene-Altered Corn is on the Loose

…so they can become blended accidentally (in grain elevators). There are no safeguards. We?re dealing with 21st century technology and storage systems that are two or three decades out of…read more

Crop Circles Are Unknown Phenomenon: NASA Engineer

…From his perspective there is NO possibility that this was made by humans or our technology, and I agree with him. While in the pattern, I recalled the thought which…read more

Midwest Meteors Explained

…the [Texas fireball] was the re-entry of the Proton rocket’s 4th-stage casing,” says Alan Pickup, a satellite decay expert who works at the United Kingdom’s Astronomy Technology Centre at the…read more

The Reason for the Secrecy

…that point, the need for secrecy became even greater, because of the potential that the Soviets, upon discovering that we were in possession of advanced alien technology, would act unilaterally…read more

Contrails Sweep Stuns Australia’s Gold Coast

…Philippines, Puerto Rico, and US. US GOVERNMENT UFO PROOF RELEASED: Audio tapes of a genuine UFO alert at Edwards Air Force base and studied by the Foreign Technology Division at…read more

Genfoods Genes Found to Jump Species Barrier

…vitally important to our future welfare. What is more important–our ability to grow healthy food and be free of all the unknown consequences of this technology, or the continued enrichment…read more

Leslie Kean – UFO theorists gain support abroad

technology that could be used to propel the vehicles, the report points out. It assures readers that UFOs have demonstrated no hostile acts, ”although intimidation maneuvers have been confirmed.” Given…read more

Art Bell

…work, and the deep injuries to the soul that come from being treated to irresponsible attention from the media. Now Art is retiring from radio. For each of us who…read more

More Childhood Memories and Another Encounter

…a few times before in my life, the color of absence, of eternal emptiness, of nonbeing, of the soul destroyed. I feel protective toward the people with me. I try…read more


…and that is where the gospel says it is found. Heaven is a condition of the living soul, which is why Christ identified it as being within us. It is…read more

The Millenium is-Well, It’s Here

…had little to no contact with them. There are no secret bases where American scientists work hand-in-hand with aliens. There has been a little bleed- through of technology, but only…read more

Y2K May Be A Bigger Problem than Anticipated

Speaking before a meeting of the World Future Society, Michael P. Harden of Century Technology Services has warned that more serious problems than have been anticipated may arise when computers…read more

The NBC Special

…get to state their case clearly and forcefully, and so do the believers. Nobody is trashed or treated with disrespect. And why should they be? Not a single soul who…read more

The June 6, 1998 Experience: Update

…time that this would be impossible to remember. This material concerns a hidden grammar of life– a sort of grammar of the soul, if you will– by which we live…read more

Encounter of June 6, 1998

…my work. I have understood that I am a soldier in a fearsome war, the war for the human soul. Because I am on the side of the good and…read more

McLendon News Service Claims UFO Interest In High Places

…recent book, The Day After Roswell, that he was in charge of the Roswell files during his tenure as head of the Army’s Foreign Technology Division. He states unequivocally that…read more