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It turns out that wormholes are not science fiction, and Vortex-Based Mathematics offers a way to understand and conceivably use these structures in a whole new way. In this riveting show, William Henry and Vortex-Based Math expert Randy Powell discuss how esoteric traditions actually mirror the functionality of this mathematics, and how, once this is understood, how the individual can gain extraordinary power.

You will hear an amazing and unexpectedly critical question discussed on this program: what is the SHAPE of the human soul? It turns out that the answer is very, very important to understanding who we are, what we are and where we are and, above all, where we are going.

Learn about the incredible connection between the symbol of the Caduceus, the Song of the Seraphim and YOU.

Randy Powell's website is the ABHA Kingdom.

Join William Henry in September to learn about the Kit!

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