A quiet desperation is creeping into the mind of man. We're in trouble and we know it, and some of us are going in a radical and completely incredible direction: they're trying to completely reinvent the human body itself.

Geneticists can edit DNA to cure disease, add new chromosomes to build a super soldier, and even email one another original DNA. Brain scientists are working on activating the potential of the super brain and nanotechnology is combining with artificial intelligence to create humanity 2.0, the human bio computer. Transhumanists are working toward creating digital copies of ourselves that can exist in a simulated reality.

This “transhumanist resurrection” is detailed in an astounding article written by Transhumanist Eric Steinhart called Your Digital Afterlives.

This is far more incredible than you may imagine. It won't be long before your entire mental content will be able to be recorded. Will it become possible to literally play you back on a super-advanced recorder-player of some kind? And what will death mean when we can recreate our own bodies and refill the brains with the entire life of a person who has died?

Listen as William Henry does another of his exciting new audio blogs about the promise and the dangers of a revolution that is coming straight at us from the immediate future.


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