The Philospher’s Stone, the Tablets of Destiny and the Nazis

June 21, 2012
Joseph Farrell is one of the world's leading authorities on the secrets of alchemy, and here he discusses the Philosopher's Stone, tracing its mysterious origin to the Tablets of Destiny and the possibility of an ancient cosmic war that involved... continued

Remembering Bob Welch

June 15, 2012
Bob Welch was a great friend to all of us, and especially to William Henry. Here, William remembers Bob and we replay the interview they did together in 2009, in happier times. Bob loved Revelations, Dreamland, Unknowncountry and William's work.... continued

Real Mermaids–a False Documentary about a Strange Truth

June 7, 2012
William and Claire Henry were mesmerized and repelled by a documentary that appeared on the Discovery Channel called 'Mermaids: the Body Found.' It featured a group of scientist who claimed that they had discovered real mermaids, but that the information had... continued

The Illusion of Time

May 31, 2012
Ever wondered whether or not we can move through time? Could this dream actually be a reality ALREADY? Listen as Anthony Peake, the author of the Labyrinth of Time, explains some of the greatest mysteries of time in a whole... continued

The Rise and Fall of the Nephilim–or are They Still Here?

May 24, 2012
Fallen angels, an extinct race of giants, ETs--what were the Nephilim of the Bible, and what happened to them. OR, are they still around? The books of Genesis and Enoch tell us that beings called the Watchers descended to Earth,... continued

New Realities and YOU!

May 17, 2012
New Realities are emerging on this planet. That means that the way people think about themselves and the world are changing. There is an influx of higher knowledge that is emanating from "the Unknown." The veil between the dimensions is... continued

High Strangeness and the Summer Olympics

May 3, 2012
The Sion-Stargate connection to the 2012 Summer Olympics is a surprising and unexpected discovery. Something is hidden in the symbolism of the Olympics. The logo is a square 2012, but when it is spread out, it spells Sion. This is... continued

Our Unstable Sun and the Future of Civilization

April 26, 2012
Robert Schoch is the geologist who proved that the true age of the Sphinx is 10,600 years, based on the fact that the sandstone is water-eroded. Here he explains why the last ice age ended so suddenly--it was a massive... continued

Power Places Expert Theresa Weiss

April 12, 2012
Theresa and Toby Weiss are among the world's leading experts on power places and the energies available in these ancient sites. They are in contact with people around the world and here Theresa offers exciting new information about profound energy... continued

Radical Transformation in Troubled Times

April 5, 2012
Last week, William Henry gave his program "the Kit" at the Sanctuary in Sedona, and was highly impressed with the healing program that is offered at this beautiful site. Here, he interviews founder Dean Taraborelli on how the Sanctuary works,... continued