Ancient Egyptian Technology

August 11, 2010
The first part of a major two part series on Revelations with Christopher Dunn, famed author of the Giza Power Plant that was the first book to view the Great Pyramid as a machine rather than a tomb. Now, in... continued

We are on the Razor’s Edge

July 14, 2010
John Hogue discusses the unique and powerful astrological alignments that are appearing right now, and explains how they relate to the upheavals that are taking place all over the world at the present time. He says that the next few... continued

William Henry UFO Encounter

July 7, 2010
William Henry has just returned from James Gilliland's famed ECETI ranch where he has had a remarkable experience. Listen as the roles are reversed on Revelations, and he tells Whitley Strieber what happened to him at this famed place of... continued

The Dreamland Festival: What Happened?

June 30, 2010
This year's Dreamland Festival brought some startling information and experiences. Anne Strieber explained how the UFO experience is actually changing the human brain. William Henry brought a new vision of Christ consciousness...which fit into Whitley Strieber's riveting talk and meditation... continued

OBE Revelations

June 23, 2010
William Buhlman is one of the world's leading experts on out-of-body experiences. One reader of his books said that the experiences she'd had after reading them had relieved her fear of death. He gives us little-known details about what the... continued

Hidden Truth: the Scottish Factor

June 16, 2010
Barry Dunford has made some huge discoveries about the secret history of Scotland. There is a mystical underground grail church that is different from the Roman church, and revolves around the mysteries of the Holy Grail, and its deepest roots... continued

Scientific Secrets of Ancient Egypt

June 9, 2010
Mary Lomando approaches the ancient Egyptian sciences with a new vision. For example, how did the Egyptians use essential oils to increase energy, and what is the secret of the blue lotus? And what can modern science tell us about... continued

Ray Grasse

June 2, 2010
Synchronicity is another force shaping our lives, and Ray Grasse knows its secrets. William Henry talks to him about the hidden intelligence guiding our lives, and how to co-ordinate our lives with it. Ray tells us not only about how... continued

Secrets of the Giza Plateau

May 26, 2010
There is controversy swirling around recent activities on the Giza Plateau. Is there a new dig taking place in secret, and, if so, what is it for and why is it happening? Two years ago, Andrew Collins discovered a cave... continued

The Mystery of Arcadia

May 19, 2010
Arcadia is the name of the storied paradise of the past, but was it real? William Henry takes this question to UK researcher Andrew Gough, who has been searching the secret history of the world for the answer. Amazingly, this... continued