Graham Phillips: Ark of the Covenant

March 26, 2005
We journey deep into the middle east in search of the Ark of the Covenant with British author and adventurer Graham Phillips. You will learn more about the secrets of the Ark in this program than you have ever thought... continued

Loren Coleman: Copycat Effect

March 19, 2005
First, Loren Coleman, author of the Copycat Effect has a special report for us on the horrific rash of copycat murders that took place last week. Then we go on to explore everything from the coming pole shift to the... continued

Whitley Strieber and Frank Condon

March 12, 2005
We lead off with a report from Linda Howe about the earthquake swarm that took place off the coast of Oregon last week. Then independent earthquake researchers Frank Condon spends an hour with Whitley discussing the actual condition of our... continued

Claude Swanson: Science of the Paranormal

March 4, 2005
Physicist Claude Swanson reports on the building scientific evidence of the paranormal. Listen as he tells the spellbinding and empowering story of new scientific findings that explain things like parallel universes, psychic forces, teleportation and much more. He explains the... continued

Mark Hall: Thunderbirds

February 26, 2005
Mark Hall takes us on an adventure in search of mysterious giant birds--which may still exist right here in the United States. Then Linda explores the mystery of why societies self-destruct, and why we might be going down a very... continued

William Henry and Greg Little

February 19, 2005
William Henry interviews adventurer Greg Little about his latest trek to the jungles of Guatemala in search of the lost Hall of Records of the Maya. Then Linda Howe has a fantastic report on Jupiter's moon Iapetus--natural object...or constructed satellite?... continued

Ervin Laszlo: The Akashic Field

February 12, 2005
Professor Ervin Laszlo, one of the world's most distinguished physicists, feels that the legendary Akashic Field, a repository of all knowledge in the universe, is real. Then Linda Howe interviews James Deardorff, one of the authors of the first peer-reviewed... continued

Whitley Strieber andFrank Feschino

February 5, 2005
Dreamland this week leads off with a 15 minute special report on the extraordinary worldwide earthquake situation with Linda Moulton Howe's interview of a USGS seismologist. Then Whitley interviews Frank Feschino, who has spent twenty years researching what has turned... continued

Explosive New 911 Revelations!

January 29, 2005
The 911 Commission Final Report slams the media door shut on what really happened on that awful day. But then Secretary of Defense Donald Rumsfeld makes a couple of "slips of the tongue," where he says that Flight 93 was... continued

The Astral Realm with Robert Bruce

January 22, 2005
Robert Bruce is back with new adventures and a new book, and this time he's approaching the astral realm in a whole new way. His latest book, Mastering Astral Projection, is among the very best written about this subject. What... continued