• Piercing The Terror of Abductions
    May 26, 2023
    How do we see through the terror of an abduction event? Should we? Why? These are just a few of the questions addressed in this heart-to-heart chat between two extraordinarily clear experiencers: Guest Host Jeremy Vaeni and “Pam Dillon” (a pseudonym). This is her first and likely only time ever sharing her experiences with the ...continued
  • Sure, We’re Learning all about UFOs, but WHAT ABOUT OUR KIDS?
    May 19, 2023
    Legendary New York Times reporter and author of the great book about Dr. John Mack, the Believer, and his wife, children’s book author Deborah Blumenthal, have teamed up together to write what may be the first UFO book intended for young children. UFOOhs! is a gentle, questioning and beautiful introduction to the subject for the ...continued
  • A Remote Viewing Team Looks at Whitley’s Implant-a Wow of a Show!
    May 12, 2023
    A longstanding remote viewing group called the Hellfire Remote Viewing Club decided to remote view Whitley’s implant. They have published their results on YouTube, and in this show Whitley interviews two of them, Dennis Napi and continued
  • Dreamland Special: Uri Geller takes Us on a Tour of the Museum of His Incredible Life
    May 5, 2023
    Both subscribers and free viewers/listeners get to enjoy this journey with Uri Geller through the museum of his life that he has created in Jaffa in Israel. He and Whitley have a great time reminiscing about mutual friends like Edgar Mitchell, Russell Targ and Hal Puthoff, as Uri shows us remarkable artifacts such as the ...continued
  • Visitors. Are We Dealing With Time Travelers?
    April 28, 2023
     Professor of Biological Anthropology at Montana Technological University, Dr. Michael P. Masters joins us to talk about his latest book, The Extratempestrial Model. Applying his expertise in hominin evolutionary anatomy, archaeology, and biomedicine, Dr. Masters is the first Ph.D. in Anthropology to credibly posit that UFOs and “aliens” are our future human descendants coming back ...continued
  • Tik-Tokker Jen Carmody (JK_Ultra) is Gonna Blow Your Mind!
    April 21, 2023
    In Jen Carmody’s first appearance on Dreamland, she explores all kinds of topics from being activated by a UFO sighting when she was a kid to learning how to use the Akashic Records using the Linda Moulton Howe Technique. She and Whitley touch on everything from past life experiences to the darkest levels of occult ...continued
  • A Wild and Wonderful Dialog between Whitley and UFO Master Greg Bishop…and Gru!
    April 14, 2023
    Greg Bishop and Whitley Strieber have been friends for years and they know each other’s work so very well and it shows brilliantly in this terrific, fun and enlightening interview. Greg has some very deep ideas about UFOs and aliens and the ability to communicate them brilliantly! And then there is the story of Gru, ...continued
  • An Easter Roundup from Whitley
    April 7, 2023
    Whitley solos for our Easter show, discussing everything from the why of secrecy to the equally important why of the fact that the government is trying to back down from further public disclosure. Where will it all lead? What can we expect and who is behind the continual refusal to come clean? Then he shifts to ...continued
  • From Buddhism To UFOs
    March 31, 2023
    Greg Kaminsky is a scholar of medieval studies and one of the most thoughtful occult and paranormal podcasters out there. Now, he brings great care to Buddhist literature with his first book, PRONAOS: Reflections on the Preliminary Practices of Buddhist Tantra from a Western Perspective. In the first half of the show, Greg will give ...continued
  • The Greater Reality Exploding into our World and our Lives
    March 24, 2023
    Rey Hernandez is one of the greats of the UFO world, and this is his first visit to Dreamland since 2018! Here, he talks about his incredible background, how he got pulled into the close encounter experience and why he has been working so hard at it ever since. Rey is currently the Director of the ...continued
  • Star Being in the Mirror: A Hybrid’s Journey
    March 17, 2023
    Is there such a thing as an alien-human hybrid? Some people think so, and in this deep-dive of a discussion, Whitley and Jacquelin Smith explore her lifetime of contact and what it has come to mean to her. The discussion ranges into ideas like other timelines, how the future can affect the past, do we ...continued
  • An All-Time Great Contact Case You’ve Never Heard Of
    March 10, 2023
    Scottish UFO researcher Malcolm Robinson has been at it for 40 years. His patient, careful work has documented many a UFO sighting and encounter, and here he tells us about his amazing life, which includes searching Loch Ness in a submarine and discovering unknown sonar returns to careful study of the Falkland Hill UFO Incident, ...continued
  • UFO Sky Pilots: Has Anyone Ever Flown a UFO? Have YOU?
    March 3, 2023
    Grant Cameron joins Whitley for a surprising discussion about people who remember flying UFOs. And before you dismiss this out of hand, please know that one of them is an Air Force officer who flew F-16, and another flew 737s for an airline. But the discussion goes far beyond the simple idea that people might ...continued
  • Super Natural Sex
    February 24, 2023
    Beginning with a thorough telling of her unique early life, which informed her decision to perform and study sex magick, Stephanie Quick takes us on a journey like no other into the realm of sex and the super natural–beginning in a Buddhist monastery! Visit Stephanie online: https://stephaniequick.home.blog Prepare for host Jeremy Vaeni’s solo episode by getting his ...continued
  • Ghosts and How Not to Become One!
    February 17, 2023
    Echo Bodine is a world renowned psychic and healer, and an expert at helping ghosts escape the traps they are in–for souls can get trapped after death. Here, Echo tells us of her experiences and how we can live a life that leads to an enriching afterlife. And no, it’s not a show about heaven ...continued
  • “Nothing Beats Getting the Hell Scared Out of You with Friends”
    February 10, 2023
    One guest has a UFO sighting and winds up livestreaming nightly UFO hunts in Whitley’s home town of San Antonio, the other has a harrowing contact experience that is followed by a lifetime of search…and they meet and compare not just notes but lives, and here they are to tell us their great stories! JohnBro Wilkie’s ...continued
  • Are We dealing with Alien Contact…or Something VERY Different?
    February 3, 2023
    In this fantastic show, we explore such topics as whether or not we are cycling back and forth between this universe and another, and is THIS the world of the dead? But there’s much, much more: what is the truth about hybrids, are the visitors the dead or us from the future, are the abductions ...continued
  • Wild and Wonderful: Just how Strange can Close Encounters BE??
    January 20, 2023
    Preston Dennett returns with stories of crashing into UFOs–not just in planes, but in cars, levitation (including his own), out of body experiences…and that’s just scratching the surface of this amazing high adventure of a show! We live in a mysterious and wonderful world, so get set to be levitated right out of your expectations ...continued
  • The Seventh Dead: The UFO and The Underworld
    January 27, 2023
    Have you ever had a bunch of small, odd experiences that added up to something paranormal and big? Did you wonder if it was you putting things together that didn’t fit to create meaning, or if there was an invisible hand leaving a breadcrumb trail of meaning for you to follow?   Author/experiencer Brian Short joins Jeremy Vaeni ...continued
  • Are the Greys here for Our Souls?
    January 13, 2023
    As far as those of us without insider access are concerned, the question of whether or not the greys even exist remains an open one, and will remain open until we have access to physical proof. In this intense and provocative interview Danielle Sliverman and Dr. John Biggerstaff explore what their longtime colleague Nigel Kerner ...continued
  • The Mysteries of Alchemy and Why It can Change Your Life
    January 6, 2023
    Marlene Seven Bremner joins us for the first time, bringing with her truly astonishing knowledge of the hidden secrets of spiritual alchemy and how understanding and using them can change our lives and prepare us for the little-understood reality of what happens after death. Seven’s book, Hermetic Philosophy and Creative Alchemy is one of the ...continued