• What Will the Future Bring
    December 24, 2010
    Our two astonishing futurists, John Hogue and Starfire Tor, give us previews of their upcoming prophecy shows, and Jim Marrs gets into some riveting material about where our country is going. Both John and Starfire made some incredibly accurate predictions for 2010, so there is every reason to suspect that they’re going to do ...continued
  • Dreamland Christmas Special: Our Fondest Hopes
    December 24, 2010
    We have two specials this year, one for Christmas and one for New Years. On Christmas, our hosts and some favorite guests discuss their fondest hopes for the coming year, and their remembrances from the year that has just passed. These fascinating and extraordinary people can be surprisingly warm–and just plain surprising! Relaxed Dreamland fun, ...continued
  • Remote Viewing Unbound
    December 16, 2010
    As the first person to be recruited into the US Army’s remote viewing program, Joe McMoneagle is designated as Psychic Spy 001. He is also one of the most successful remote viewers in history, with a long record of success both in the remote viewing program and in private practice. continued
  • Is Reality a Dream
    December 7, 2010
    Is life a dream? Where are we, really? When we sleep at night, our dreams seem so real, so are they just random, or is this life we are living really the dream? Listen as Sonia Barrett tackles these timeless questions and others you have never considered. Although science tells us that we are living ...continued
  • The LA Contrail: Jim Marrs Says It WAS a Missile
    December 2, 2010
    Jim Marrs has been interviewing experts about the contrail that rose from the sea 35 miles off the coast of Los Angeles on November 8, and he is convinced that it was a missile. He has even learned the probable type of missile involved. So far, the FAA has not taken the simple step of ...continued
  • Deborah Pratt’s Vision Quest
    November 24, 2010
    Deborah Pratt was co-producer and head writer of Quantum Leap, as well as acting in the show. Now she has created a truly remarkable experience of learning and being called Vision Quest. It is set in the near future, but it’s not apocalyptic. Deborah’s vision was that we can recover ancient powers such as telepathy ...continued
  • Unprecedented Wave of Animal Mutilations
    November 17, 2010
    Linda Moulton Howe reports on a massive worldwide wave of animal mutilations in October, including housecat mutilations across the United States and large-animal mutilations from six countries. As UFO sightings swept the world in October, behind the scenes, animal mutilations took place in at least six countries, including a wave of feline mutilations in the United ...continued
  • The Gateway Experience as It REALLY Is!
    November 11, 2010
    Marla Frees is back from her Gateway experience at the Monroe Institute, and she has some powerful adventures to tell us about. Whitley Strieber has also done a Gateway, and they share their descriptions of this powerful program and the ways it changed them. Prepare to be amazed, because remarkable things happened to both of ...continued
  • A Scientist Shows Why Psychic Phenomena are Real
    November 6, 2010
    Where does science really stand when it comes to paranormal states? Dean Radin is among the world’s leading experts on science and the paranormal, and in this incredible interview he explains just why psychic states DO have a scientific basis, and what we can do to enable ourselves to use our "psychic" connections–which are actually ...continued
  • Halloween Special
    October 30, 2010
    Every year since the beginning of Dreamland, we’ve presented a Halloween Special called Screamland. This year is no exception, this is a very serious show, and a very scary one. Whitley Strieber spends 45 minutes telling some stories from his and Anne’s lives that are mind-bending–scary, amazing, totally unforgettable. This could be the most extraordinary ...continued
  • The UFO/Nukes Press Conference
    October 23, 2010
    Linda Moulton Howe interviews Robert Salas, who hosted the Disclosure Conference at the National Press Club on September 27 at which it was revealed that UFOs had on numerous occasions interrupted the functioning of US nuclear missile systems. During the interview, Whitley Strieber also points to an occasion when this happened in Russia. This is ...continued
  • Graham Hancock, Secrets of the Neanderthals
    October 16, 2010
    Graham Hancock is one of the great adventurers, authors and visionaries of our time, and here he talks about his new book Entangled, about life as it was lived 24,000 years ago. Amazingly, this deeply channeled book paints a picture of the Neanderthals as loving beings that has only in October of 2010 been confirmed ...continued
  • How to Navigate the Future
    October 9, 2010
    What is actually happening to mankind right now and how can we navigate thefuture? Barbara Hand Clow says that we are moving into a region of the galaxy that is going to change us and our world profoundly, opening up what she calls our “lenses of consciousness” and enabling us to completely change our relationship ...continued
  • Science is Wrong
    October 2, 2010
    Jim Marrs interviews Stanton Friedman about the difficulty scientists have accepting new realities.Again and again, scientists reject the new in favor of old ideas, and cling to them even when they are clearly wrong. This powerful interview paintsa pictureof just how dangerous this kind of stubbornness and arrogance can be. Eugenics theory resulted in attempts ...continued
  • Raymond Moody
    September 25, 2010
    Dr. Raymond Moody revolutionized our understanding of death and the afterlife, and now he’s returned with a new book,Glimpses of Eternity:Sharing a Loved One’s Passage from this Life to the Next, which describes dozens of cases where the living have actually entered the light with their loved ones as they are dying. Do not miss ...continued
  • UFO Mind Bender
    September 18, 2010
    Keith Chester has uncovered a remarkable unknown side of the UFO phenomenon: the modern experience didn’t start in 1947 with the Kenneth Arnold sighting or even in 1943 with the Battle of Los Angeles, where the city’s antiaircraft defenses attacked a huge lighted object. As early as 1931, there began to be reports around the ...continued
  • UFOs on the Record
    September 11, 2010
    Investigative reporter Leslie Kean has just published one of the most important books on the UFO topic ever written. UFOs: Generals, Pilots and Government Officials go on the Record complies accounts from experts around the world that add up to proof that unidentified flying objects are intelligently controlled and operating at a level of technological ...continued
  • the Trillion Dollar Conspiracy
    September 4, 2010
    Jim Marrs has written a devastating new book calledThe Trillion Dollar Conspiracy, and you will never forget the information you will get from this fiery, impassioned interview with Whitley Strieber.Listen as Jim Marrs lays it out: there are no real political parties. It’s all an illusion. And worse, the people waiting in the wings to ...continued
  • Pleiadian Initiations of Light
    August 28, 2010
    Is there anything in things like “Pleiadian Initiations?” Are there any Pleiadians, and, if so, do they communicate with us. Well, you’re going to be absolutely shattered, amazed and awed by what has happened to Christine Day, whose parents gave her to a satanic cult when she was a child. As an adult, she was ...continued
  • RAF Bentwaters Witness Breakthrough
    August 21, 2010
    For many years, the UFO encounter at RAF/Bentwaters in the UK has been the source of controversy. It has been dismissed by government-connected skeptics such as the BBC and most US media as “a lighthouse” and as “car lights.” Already, Linda Howe has recorded testimony from eyewitness that bring the lies to an end. The ...continued
  • Nazis and Roswell
    August 14, 2010
    What if the Roswell Incident didn’t involve the crash of an extraterrestrial spacecraft, but rather was an example of secret terrestrial technology? As the author of Majestic, Whitley Strieber would fall into the group who believes that the debris found represented ET technology, but what if that is NOT true, and something very different took ...continued
  • Astral Projection
    July 31, 2010
    Robert Bruce will soon appear on Dreamland again, and while Whitley and Anne Strieber are in England exploring crop circles, we return to an all-time classic program with Robert about approaching the astral realm in a whole new way. His book, Mastering Astral Projection, is among the very best written about this subject. What is ...continued
  • Deja Vu
    July 24, 2010
    Once and for all, WHAT IS DEJA VU? Marie D. Jones and Larry Flaxman explore the Deja Vu enigma with Anne Strieber in a wide-ranging interview that includes Larry’s riveting description of a group missing time experience in which he was himself a participant. continued
  • The Cryptoterrestrials
    July 17, 2010
    Mac Tonnies was one of the fastest rising young investigators of the paranormal and the UFO phenomenon before his untimely death of natural causes at the age of 34. His last book, the Cryptoterrestrials, asks the question: what if the “aliens” are actually from here? How would that work? What’s the evidence? Mac’s close associate ...continued
  • Vampires!
    July 10, 2010
    With the latest Twilight Saga film exploding at the box office and the books racing out of the stores, it’s worth asking the question: what’s going on with vampires, anyway, and Joseph Laycock has the answers! Learn the truth about modern vampirism as you take a journey into the revealing subject with an expert–and led ...continued
  • Military UFO Witness Speaks Out
    July 3, 2010
    A phenomenal Linda Moulton Howe breakthrough: an interview with an Airman First Class ForceDale Hogan who was face-to-face with a UFO at Whiteman Air Force Base in 1984. This his first recorded interview about the incident. A little known fact is that Col. Paul Tibbits, the man who piloted the Enola Gay that dropped the ...continued
  • Help the People of the Sea
    June 26, 2010
    Starfire Tor considers whales and dolphins the people of the sea. They are sentient, they are sensitive, they are emotionally complex and have good minds, and they are hunted down and eaten by countries like Japan, Iceland, Norway and others. In this edition of Dreamland, she issues a call to arms, to completely change the ...continued
  • John Hogue: Feet to the Fire
    June 19, 2010
    Every January, Nostradamus expert and prophet John Hogue comes on Dreamland to predict what will happen in the coming year–and every June we go back over those predictions and hold his feet to the fire! So, this week, John is back with us. His hits last January were pretty amazing–in fact, really kind of uncanny. ...continued
  • The Sun, Earthquakes and the Soul
    June 12, 2010
    First, Linda Moulton Howe reports on the collapse of the RAF Bentwaters coverup, with 2 fantastic interviews. Then, David Sereda is not only a scientist but also a meditator, and he has been watching the sun both from a scientific and a spiritual viewpoint for many years. He has made some eye-opening discoveries about how ...continued
  • Indonesia Abductions
    June 5, 2010
    Alan Lamers is a specialist in creating local radio stations in isolated areas, and has been working in Indonesia where he has come upon the most extraordinary abduction story that has ever been discovered. Listen as he tells us of his truly incredible findings, speaking to Whitley Strieber from Bali. Alan is an accomplished linguist ...continued
  • New Phoenix Lights Revelations
    May 29, 2010
    You’ve heard about the Phoenix Lights, the triangle that appeared at the same time, the debunking, the jokes and GovernorFife Symington’s eventual admission that he had seen thetriangle, too. You’ve also heard Lynne Kitei’s story, BUT NEVER LIKE THIS. Listen as Dr. Lynne tells Marla Frees the remarkable story of what happened BEFORE the mass ...continued
  • Scientific Ghost Hunting
    May 22, 2010
    We welcome popular Dreamland guest Marie D. Jones, co-author with Larry Flaxman of 11:11, back to Dreamland-but this time as guest host. Here, she interviews Larry about some breakthroughs he has recently made in his long exploration of ghosts and similar paranormal phenomena. Larry Flaxman is a ghost hunter with a difference. His well-funded group ...continued
  • Love, ESP, the CIA and the Meaning of Life
    May 15, 2010
    Anne Strieber has a phenomenal discussion with one of the originators of remote viewing, Russell Targ. You will meet this amazing and important human being in a whole new way, in intimate conversation with somebody who knows just what questions to ask. A friend of people like Alan Alda, Ayn Rand, Alan Greenspan and the ...continued
  • The Matrix is Real and You can Escape
    May 8, 2010
    Tom Campbell was instrumental in the creation of the US missile defense system, and worked with Robert Monroe on processes of entering altered states without the use of drugs. Tom is a pragmatic scientist who has broken through into an understanding of the larger reality and consciousness. In this interview with Marla Frees, Tom explains ...continued
  • The First Responders
    May 1, 2010
    First, there was another implant surgery on April 24, and Whitley Strieber has an exclusive interview with Dr. Roger Leir. Then, we’ve read and seen and heard thousands of hours of testimony about 9/11, but one group we have NOT heard from is the police who first entered the Twin Towers. Why nothing about the ...continued
  • Matrix Energetics
    April 24, 2010
    Marla Frees interviews the developer of Matrix Energetics, Richard Bartlett.Matrix Energetics has transformed Marla’s life, so she talks to him from the context of somebody who has personal knowledge of what he does. PLUS a mind-bending new report from Linda Moulton Howe, perhaps her most astonishing ever! You will find out what Matrix Energetics is,how ...continued
  • Implant Proof
    April 17, 2010
    Whitley Strieber knows that implants are real because one was placed in his body that doctors have been unable to remove, but have been able to determine is not natural. But that’s a step away from what this Dreamland is about, because the much-studied implant removed from the body of scientist “John Smith” can now ...continued
  • Starchild Skull-It is not Fully Human
    April 10, 2010
    We start with an earthquake special. Did last week’s quake increase the danger or not? Then Lloyd Pye has proof that the “Starchild Skull” he has been working on for ten years is a mix of human and nonhuman DNA. In this historic edition of Dreamland, Whitley Strieber brings his deep knowledge and direct observations ...continued
  • The Large Hadron Collider and God
    April 3, 2010
    William Henry has made some completely incredible discoveries about the relationship between the search for the ‘God particle’ now being undertaken at the Large Hadron Collider in Switzerland and the potential for mankind reaching a whole new level of consciousness. Why on the day that celebrates the Resurrection of Jesus do we hunt for Easter ...continued
  • Sisterhood of the Rose
    March 27, 2010
    The great Jim Marrs has a phenomenal new book out called the Sisterhood of the Rose. It’s fiction based on fact, and it delves into secrets that Jim cannot prove but that he believes to be true. A secret sisterhood existed during WWII that worked against Hitler’s dream of world conquest in crucial but extremely ...continued
  • Timeslips
    March 20, 2010
    Starfire Tor has become one of Dreamland’s most popular guests for just one reason: what she claims abut timeslips actually happens, can be seen and can be proved. Whitley and Anne Strieber had just such an experience in Starfire’s presence, which she then methodically and skillfully proved really had happened. Now that there may be ...continued
  • Earthquakes and HAARP
    March 13, 2010
    Dr. Nick Begich is one of the world’s leading experts on the mysterious and powerful HAARP project. As this is being written on March 10, HAARP has just been activated for unknown reasons. Dr. Begich tells Dreamland what it’s all about. This program will appear beginning at 12 noon Pacific time Thursday So, what does ...continued
  • How God Changes Your Brain
    March 6, 2010
    Anne Strieber interviews Mark Robert Waldman about some of the breakthrough discoveries that have recently been made about the way a relationship with God actually changes the brain. 12 minutes of meditation a day can slow down aging. Contemplating a loving God reduces stress and increases compassion, while thinking about a punitive God makes us ...continued
  • ECETI Ranch
    February 26, 2010
    Whitley Strieber and James Gilliland of the ECETI Ranch talk together for the first time, and it is a powerful listening experience indeed. Then Linda Howe tells us about those new body scanners–safe or not? A DO NOT MISS! James Gilliland’s ECETI ranch is renowned for UFO sightings, and wait until you hear his stories ...continued
  • The Kennedy Assassination
    February 20, 2010
    Doug Horne was the Chief Military Analyst for the Assassination Records Review Board that was delegated to study the Kennedy assassination by Congress in 1992. Here, Jim Marrs interviews him, and he says, quite frankly, "there was massive fraud in the evidence," and that the autopsy results released after the autopsy at Bethesda Naval Hospital ...continued
  • George Noory
    February 13, 2010
    George Noory joins Whitley Strieber for a wide-ranging conversation about his new book Journey to the Light and a whole lot of other things. They talk about everything from time travel to Catholicism to a secret plan to depopulate the planet–with the empowering message and fascinating stories of Journey to the Light thrown in! You ...continued
  • Meet a Time Traveler
    February 6, 2010
    Has David Lewis Anderson traveled in time? There are those who say they’ve seen him in their own pasts.But one thing he’s very clear about: time travel IS possible, and he’s on a crusade to inform the public about this startling new reality. In this interview with Whitley Strieber, he tells us just how far ...continued
  • What Will 2010 Bring?
    January 30, 2010
    Dreamland’s resident prophet John Hogue is back , and the accuracy of his predictions has become phenomenal. After stellar presentations in January of 2007, 2008 and 2009, he’s back with a startling look at 2010.On his website, HogueProphecy.com he lists his predictions in detail, and indicates just how he has been doing. And the results ...continued
  • UFOs and the National Security State
    January 23, 2010
    Richard Dolan is the world’s best UFO historian, and in this interview with Whitley Strieber he discusses his take on the abduction phenomenon, MJ-12 and the reasons for UFO secrecy on the part of the government, and the disclosure struggles of the late eighties and early nineties. People area always asking why the US government ...continued
  • Politicians and Child Abuse
    January 16, 2010
    In 2006, Whitley Strieber wrote a journal about the Finders case, in which the CIA suppressed a Customs Service investigation into a pedophile network. Since then, he has been struggling to find another way into this case, and now he has. It is the searing book The Franklin Scandal, by Nick Bryant. In this atomic ...continued
  • Intelligence Community Child Abuse Pt. 1
    January 9, 2010
    We begin a two week exploration of whether or not children have ever been utilized by US intelligence agencies in abusive programs. Have children been the victims of brainwashing, drug and mind control experiments? There is more evidence right now that children have been abused in secret experiments than there was that adults were fed ...continued
  • 2010 New Year’s Special
    January 2, 2010
    What will 2010 bring? Whitley Strieber, Marla Frees, William Henry, Jim Marrs, Linda Moulton Howe and Anne Strieber all tackle that question in different ways in our provocative new year’s special. Listen as they bring their very different approaches to 2010–Marla as an intuitive, William with his extraordinary grasp of the past, Jim with his ...continued