• John Hogue: Predictions 2005
    December 31, 2005
    John Hogue discusses Nostradamus and his prophecies, and offers prophecies of his own for–not 2006 but 2004! So, how did he do? Also, subscribers, you can go to the Special Interviews Archive and listen to John’s 2005 and 2004 prophecies. He’ll be prophesying on Dreamland for 2006 next week and you can question him about ...continued
  • Budd Hopkins: Susan Clancy’s Abduction Book
    December 24, 2005
    Budd Hopkins has published a brilliant refutation of a particularly silly book about the abduction phenomenon by an author called Susan Clancy. We take this opportunity to reprise the discussion Budd and Whitley had about the abduction phenomenon. Then Dave Louthan tells the chilling story of how he came to personally slaughter ...continued
  • Whitley Strieber and Linda Howe
    December 17, 2005
    What in the world is this week’s Dreamland show all about? It’s about what happens when you bring one of the world’s leading mythologists, William Henry together with conspiracy expert Jim Marrs and they discuss why Saddam Hussein was spending billions of dollars to rebuild Babylon. You will never, ever hear anything like this on ...continued
  • Medium: Behind the Scenes with Gary Schwartz
    December 10, 2005
    NBC’s popular show “Medium” is based on the life of a real medium, Allison DuBois, and Dr. Gary Schwartz (The Afterlife Experiments) has subjected her powers to rigorous scientific testing. Listen as Whitley Strieber explores the reality behind “Medium” with Gary Schwartz. Then Linda Moulton Howe reports on the stunning finding that apparent human footprints ...continued
  • Project Serpo
    December 3, 2005
    First, Linda Howe and Whitley Strieber discuss Project Serpo, the story that has surfaced about possible human ambassadors to another planet, then Whitley returns to William Henry and his new book, the Illuminator. This is William’s most profound and powerful book yet, as he continues to focus his enormous vision of the meaning of ascension ...continued
  • Ross Hamilton and the Great Serpent Mound
    November 26, 2005
    Ross Hamilton has made some truly incredible discoveries about the Great Serpent Mount in Ohio. This ancient Native America earthwork has got a real mystery to reveal. How does the constellation Draco figure into the story, and who, truly, does the serpent represent? Listen as Whitley finds out the answer. Then Linda Howe explores a ...continued
  • William Henry’s The Illuminator: Part I
    November 19, 2005
    William Henry has just published a major new book, “the Illuminator,” and Whitley Strieber thinks that the information it contains is so important that it will be covered in two editions of Dreamland, both presented without commercial interruption. Then Linda Howe reports on the fact that the SUN is adding to global warming by heating ...continued
  • Alan Botkin: IADC
    November 12, 2005
    Alan Botkin has discovered a miraculous therapy for grief and loss, and he explains it all to us today. A clinical psychologist, Botkin discovered the therapy while helping war veterans with post traumatic stress disorder. Learn about IADC and see if you can contact those you love. Then Linda Howe reports on a previously little-known ...continued
  • William Henry and Stephen Mehler
    November 5, 2005
    William Henry interviews Stephen Mehler, author of the Land of Osiris, about his astonishing new book, From Light into Darkness. Then Linda tells us the latest about bird flu, and interviews an English witness about one of the most convincing animal mutilation cases ever. NOTE: This show summary, previously published on our old site, may ...continued
  • Margret Starbird: Mary Magdalene, Bride of Christ
    October 29, 2005
    Margaret Starbird was called to become an advocate for Mary Magdalene. Dan Brown has acknowledged the importance of her book, the Woman with the Alabaster Jar in inspiring the Da Vinci Code. Now Margarate is back with a new and incredible book called Mary Magdalene, Bride of Christ, and she’s with us this week to ...continued
  • Iranian Air Force UFO shootdown
    October 22, 2005
    For the first time, General Parviz Jafari, one of the Iranian Air Force pilots who actually flew the chase mission, describes one of the most credible of all UFO encounters, the famed Tehran Dogfight. He give us his firsthand account of personally chasing this UFO across the skies over Tehran. This interview, conducted by Whitley ...continued
  • Lost Templar Treasures
    October 15, 2005
    Legends of the Fisher King in Europe, Peru and China, the Grail Castle and Shamballa as the secret heart of the world, the real location of five chests of Templar treasure–containing not only gold but, more importantly, knowledge–Mark Amaru Pinkham has woven a stunning tapestry together that reveals a fabulous secret as it crosses the ...continued
  • Graham Phillips: Virgin Mary Conspiracy
    October 8, 2005
    Graham Phillips is back from another adventure, and he’s going to share with us his discoveries about the Virgin Mary, and the conspiracy that has been in place for years to keep the truth about her from the public. Then Linda Howe tells us the REAL reason that hurricanes are turning into monsters! Graham’s website ...continued
  • Bill Chalker: Alien DNA
    October 1, 2005
    For years, alien DNA has been the holy grail of the UFO world. Leading UFO researcher Bill Chalker has found it, and in this interview he takes us on what is truly a great adventure. Beginning with a bit of hair found by an abductee after a bizarre experience, he traces a route to one ...continued
  • Charles Hall: Tall Whites
    September 24, 2005
    Linda Howe leads off with a special report on why hurricanes have become so much more intense and are forming so much faster. Then Charles Hall describes his experiences with the “Tall Whites.” Is this real or not? Decide for yourself as Whitley performs his usual magic with Charles Hall, questioning him in such a ...continued
  • Peter Levenda: Sinister Forces
    September 17, 2005
    Peter Levenda has just published one of the most important books about America ever written. Sinister Forces: A Grimoire of American Political Witchcraft tells the dark and bloody story of how the occult and occult practices have been used to dominate American political life, and transform our country from the world’s citadel of freedom into ...continued
  • James Howard Kunstler and Anne Strieber
    September 10, 2005
    Anne Strieber is back as a Dreamland guest host. She’s too busy editing Unknowncountry.com and writing novels to handle a full time program of her own, but this week she kicks off her Dreamland guest hosting duties with a special interview with James Howard Kunstler. NOTE: This show summary, previously published on our old site, ...continued
  • Surviving Catastrophes with James Howard Kunstler
    September 10, 2005
    First Linda Howe discusses the case of Grant Cameron, the UFO investigator recently barred from entering the US. Then James Howard Kunstler knows his catastrophes–and how to survive them. In this interview, he tells us just what to expect of the oil crisis and the emerging environmental problems of the next few years. Then Linda’s ...continued
  • New Take On Katrina
    September 3, 2005
    This week on Dreamland, we concentrate on Hurricane Katrina–but in ways you will not hear anywhere else. First, we talk to weather expert Scott Stevens, who says that since the Russian deployment of the so-called “Woodpecker Grid” of radio frequencies on July 4, 1976, there has been intentional interference with and control of weather phenomena. ...continued
  • Jim Marrs and Time Travel
    August 20, 2005
    Jim Marrs hosts the most amazing time travel program you will ever hear. First, a mind-bender of an interview with famed UK anomalies researcher Jenny Randles on the fact that many prominent scientists now think that time travel is not only possible, but that it’s happening. Then Whitley Strieber comes in as Jim’s second guest ...continued
  • Author of Pleiadian Agenda
    August 13, 2005
    The author of Catastrophobia, the Pleiadian Agenda and many others updates us on the actual state of oil reserves, based on her research, and what people who are involved in spiritual search can do to directly affect the coming changes. Then Linda Howe reports on incredibly bizarre kangaroo beheadings in Australia. Ultra, ultra high strangeness. ...continued
  • Authors Patrick Geryl and Gino Ratinckx On 2012
    August 6, 2005
    As the years seem to race past faster and faster, more of us wonder every day if the 2012 prophecies mean anything. Now Belgian authors Patrick Geryl and Gino Ratinckx say that they have decoded the Mayan and Egyptian prophecies, and Patrick lays it all out for us in this stunner of a show. Then ...continued
  • Linda Howe with Bentwaters Stunner
    July 30, 2005
    This week we lead off with a stunner of a report from Linda Howe that breaks one of the greatest UFO cases in history wide, wide open. Over 4 days in 1980 there were a series of UFO events near the RAF Bentwaters air base that involved US Air Force personnel. The Jim Marrs interviewsBob ...continued
  • William Henry and David Goddard
    July 23, 2005
    This week on Dreamland, guest host William Henry takes us on an unforgettable journey into the secrets of Alchemy and Kabbalah with renowned teacher David Goddard. As Dreamland listeners know, our hosts are experts, and they know who is the real thing and who isn’t. Listening to this week’s program, you will learn genuine truths ...continued
  • Paul Smith Remote Viewing
    July 16, 2005
    There is no more effective or professional remote viewer in the world than Paul Smith, nor one with more impeccable credentials. We’ve all heard all sorts of wild stories about the remote viewing program, but rarely have we heard from somebody with credentials like his. Then Linda Howe tells us about a bizarre ‘hot spot’ ...continued
  • Whitley Strieber and Jim Marrs: Secret Knowledge
    July 9, 2005
    From the Kennedy conspiracy to the UFO coverup to 911–Jim Marrs is at the cutting edge of secret knowledge, and Whitley Strieber’s penetrating interview brings out explosive revelations that he has never revealed before. Then Linda talks to an EYEWITNESS to a cattle mutilation, plus a follow-up on Deep Impact. NOTE: This show summary, previously ...continued
  • Andrew Collins: Expanding on Wilhelm Reich
    July 2, 2005
    Andrew Collins has a unique view of alien abductions, crop circles and all paranormal phenomena. Drawing on the theories and experiments of Wilhelm Reich, he takes us on a journey you will never forget into a general theory of these powerful unknown forces, and what they mean for us now and in the future. Then ...continued
  • William Henry and Freddy Silva
    June 25, 2005
    Freddy Silva is a remarkable man, and William Henry knows just how remarkable. This week, William interviews one of the few people in the world who really understands power places and how to use them. Then Linda Howe reports on a phenomenal cancer breakthrough and the mystery of “junk” DNA. Are we genetically engineered? NOTE: ...continued
  • David Ray Griffin: Why The Official Explanation of 9/11 is Wrong
    June 18, 2005
    Retired Claremont University theologian David Ray Griffin is not satisfied with the official explanations for the events that unfolded on September 11, 2001. His two books are the most powerful indictments of the government’s 911 actions and explanations ever written. Listen as Whitley Strieber interviews him about exactly what is wrong with what we ...continued
  • Roger Lier: Amazing UFO Story from Brazil
    June 11, 2005
    In 1996, a UFO crashed in Varginha, Brazil, and some small beings emerged into the streets of the town. One of them was rescued by a policeman, and taken to a hospital, and Dr. Roger Leir has interviewed a doctor who interacted with him. Do not miss this phenomenal story. Then Linda Howe continues with ...continued
  • William Henry and David Icke
    June 4, 2005
    David Icke is one of the most controversial personalities in the world, and this week guest host William Henry interviews him about his view of the hidden meaning of the human past. Armed with his own deep knowledge of secret societies and the hidden past, William delves deeper in to this remarkable man’s ideas ...continued
  • John Hogue: Predictions from January 2004
    May 28, 2005
    John Hogue of Hogueprophecy.com prophesied for our subscribers in January. So, how’s he doing? As a special Memorial Day program, we go back in time to last January and listen to John Hogue’s prophecies. You’re going to be surprised, because some of them have come true…and some that haven’t are pretty scary! Then Linda has ...continued
  • Paul Bennewitz’s Story
    May 21, 2005
    Paul Bennewitz was a brilliant scientist and signals expert who worked on secret projects and lived near Kirtland Air Force Base in New Mexico. He began to pick up strange signals and see lights hovering over the base, and became convinced that an alien invasion was about to begin. When he informed his intelligence-community employers ...continued
  • William Henry and Laurence Gardner
    May 14, 2005
    Linda Howe and Whitley Strieber lead off with a stunning story about the Gulf Stream slowing down, as predicted in Superstorm. Then William Henry interviews Laurence Gardner about explosive revelations in his new book, the Magadalene Legacy. Hear what he DIDN’T SAY on Coast to Coast AM! Then Linda returns with an interview with the ...continued
  • Jim Marrs and Ed Haslam
    May 7, 2005
    Always a popular guest, Jim Marrs joins William Henry as a frequent Dreamland host with this phenomenal interview of Ed Haslam, the author of Mary, Ferrie and the Monkey Virus. Then Linda Howe reports on strange lights seen over the Serpent Mound in Ohio. continued
  • Linda Howe: Exploding Toads
    April 30, 2005
    Linda Howe leads Dreamland off this week with one of the most bizarre biological mysteries in decades: exploding toads. It seems that toads in Germany are exploding without warning or explanation. And, just today, it’s been reported that the phenomenon has spread from Germany to Denmark. NOTE: This show summary, previously published on our old ...continued
  • Betty Andreasson Luca: Close Encounter
    April 23, 2005
    Betty Andreasson Luca is one of the great voices of the close encounter experience. Listen as she describes in detail what happened to her, tells us how she came to remember it, and then gives her experiences meaning in the context of her profound religious faith. Then Linda tells of an amazing story of what ...continued
  • Lost Colony of the Templars
    April 16, 2005
    Steven Sora has made a major discovery about the long-hidden path of the Knights Templar to America. Join him on the highest of adventures–to an ancient Templar ruin right here in the USA! Then Linda Howe reports on some bizarre animal deaths in Arkansas, including a bull dropped from the air and also the very ...continued
  • Colm Kellerher and Mad Cow
    April 9, 2005
    First, Jim Marrs reports on Peter Jennings’ tragic announcement that he has cancer and how this relates to the UFO community. Then Colm Kellerher tells the devastating truth about Mad Cow Disease in the US and what YOU MUST DO NOW to protect yourself and your family. Finally, Linda brings us up to date with ...continued
  • William Henry: Founding Fathers
    April 2, 2005
    Our founding fathers enacted an ancient vision of tolerance, moderation and freedom when they created the United States of America. Where did this vision come from, and what gives it its great power, and what are the threats that challenge it now? Listen as William Henry brings his deep knowledge to this subject, which is ...continued
  • Graham Phillips: Ark of the Covenant
    March 26, 2005
    We journey deep into the middle east in search of the Ark of the Covenant with British author and adventurer Graham Phillips. You will learn more about the secrets of the Ark in this program than you have ever thought possible. Follow Graham?­s thrilling journey from England to the Middle East where he finds a ...continued
  • Loren Coleman: Copycat Effect
    March 19, 2005
    First, Loren Coleman, author of the Copycat Effect has a special report for us on the horrific rash of copycat murders that took place last week. Then we go on to explore everything from the coming pole shift to the weird state of the sun to hidden Nazi connections in the US government with engineer ...continued
  • Whitley Strieber and Frank Condon
    March 12, 2005
    We lead off with a report from Linda Howe about the earthquake swarm that took place off the coast of Oregon last week. Then independent earthquake researchers Frank Condon spends an hour with Whitley discussing the actual condition of our earth, and telling us things that the conventional scientists are afraid to explore. Then Linda ...continued
  • Claude Swanson: Science of the Paranormal
    March 4, 2005
    Physicist Claude Swanson reports on the building scientific evidence of the paranormal. Listen as he tells the spellbinding and empowering story of new scientific findings that explain things like parallel universes, psychic forces, teleportation and much more. He explains the power of prayer, the meaning of near-death experiences, plant communication and even looking into the ...continued
  • Mark Hall: Thunderbirds
    February 26, 2005
    Mark Hall takes us on an adventure in search of mysterious giant birds–which may still exist right here in the United States. Then Linda explores the mystery of why societies self-destruct, and why we might be going down a very dangerous road. NOTE: This show summary, previously published on our old site, may contain broken ...continued
  • William Henry and Greg Little
    February 19, 2005
    William Henry interviews adventurer Greg Little about his latest trek to the jungles of Guatemala in search of the lost Hall of Records of the Maya. Then Linda Howe has a fantastic report on Jupiter’s moon Iapetus–natural object…or constructed satellite? NOTE: This show summary, previously published on our old site, may contain broken links. continued
  • Ervin Laszlo: The Akashic Field
    February 12, 2005
    Professor Ervin Laszlo, one of the world’s most distinguished physicists, feels that the legendary Akashic Field, a repository of all knowledge in the universe, is real. Then Linda Howe interviews James Deardorff, one of the authors of the first peer-reviewed scientific paper to be published in over 20 years, PLUS, what’s happened to the sun? ...continued
  • Whitley Strieber andFrank Feschino
    February 5, 2005
    Dreamland this week leads off with a 15 minute special report on the extraordinary worldwide earthquake situation with Linda Moulton Howe’s interview of a USGS seismologist. Then Whitley interviews Frank Feschino, who has spent twenty years researching what has turned out to be the largest and most complex UFO case in history. Dynamite show this ...continued
  • Explosive New 911 Revelations!
    January 29, 2005
    The 911 Commission Final Report slams the media door shut on what really happened on that awful day. But then Secretary of Defense Donald Rumsfeld makes a couple of “slips of the tongue,” where he says that Flight 93 was shot down, and another where he states that a missile struck the Pentagon. Listen as ...continued
  • The Astral Realm with Robert Bruce
    January 22, 2005
    Robert Bruce is back with new adventures and a new book, and this time he’s approaching the astral realm in a whole new way. His latest book, Mastering Astral Projection, is among the very best written about this subject. What is most surprising is that its program of exercises and meditations actually works. Then Linda ...continued
  • Mathestry with Mark Provo
    January 15, 2005
    Mark Provo is on fire with an idea. He calls the simple, powerful tool he has discovered Mathestry. He has been working with Mathestry for over twenty years, and in all that time has been totally and completely ignored.But he’s got something. Learn more about his strikingly simple and powerful method of looking into the ...continued
  • Gordon Michael Scallion: Earth Changes
    January 8, 2005
    Gordon Michael Scallion is among the tiny number of people who’s documented predictions of earth changes have proved out more often than they have not. Mr. Scallion can boast, at this point, a long written record of correct predictions. For example, in 1994, he said that a great quake in the Indian Ocean would open ...continued
  • Roger Lier: Aliens and the Scalpel
    January 1, 2005
    Dr. Roger Leir has just published a new, expanded edition of his book, the Aliens and the Scalpel, and we get him to update us with all the latest breakthroughs in implant research, and he fills us in on all the latest information. Then Linda Howe interviews Dr. Lonnie Thompson, who has found evidence of ...continued