• Whitley and Anne: Christmas 2004
    December 25, 2004
    Whitley and Anne Strieber begin by discussing the vital role that 12 Conditions of a Miracle played in their lives during Anne’s illness, then we listen to Anne’s wonderful interview with Todd Michael, the author of the book. A beautiful Christmas show from Dreamland, that has the power to bring real wisdom and real ...continued
  • Steven Farmer: Power Animals
    December 18, 2004
    Anne Strieber returns to share this edition of Dreamland with Whitley as they talk about Power Animals with spiritual psychotherapist Steven Farmer. Dr. Farmer has written a book, Power Animals, that enables us to learn about and find our power animals, and use this power in our lives. Then Linda Howe has a powerful report ...continued
  • Lost History with Nicholas DeVere
    December 11, 2004
    Nicholas DeVere is one of the most controversial analysts of the lost human past. He claims to be from an ancient family with special knowledge of true human origins and calls himself a prince of a lost world. He is an expert magician and claims title to be king of the witches–a title that many ...continued
  • Dr. Mark Olson: UFO Activity Near Sonora
    December 4, 2004
    From the Himalayas to Southern California, there have never been more, or more extensive, UFO sightings worldwide. Dr. Mark Olson of Sonora, California not only has a long history of contact in his life and that of his family, he has made a convincing DVD of UFOs that appear in his area. This highly unusual ...continued
  • Whitley Strieber and Loren Coleman
    November 27, 2004
    Whitley Strieber returns to Dreamland this week with an explosive interview with Loren Coleman about his white-hot new book, the Copycat Effect. Loren’s research proves that the media is one of the primary engines causing ultra-violence in our society. Loren will present case after case of ultra-violence that actually started with lurid media reports of ...continued
  • Templars In America
    November 20, 2004
    Finally, an intrepid investigator NAILS DOWN the facts about the Templars in America. DID Henry Sinclair come to the Americas two hundred years before Columbus? And, if he did, what was his purpose and what did he create here? Listen to an enthralling story! continued
  • Jay Weidner: Alchemy
    November 13, 2004
    Jay Weidner’s show about the Great Cross of Hendaye was so popular with Dreamlanders that it has been repeated twice, and now he’s back with a great NEW program, this time on the secrets of Alchemy and how they relate not only to the message of the cross, but to our future and our lives ...continued
  • John Gordon and William Henry
    November 6, 2004
    John Gordon is one of the world’s greatest researchers into the lost past, and William Henry interviews him here about his explosive new information about the origin of Egyptian civilization. Then Linda Howe with STUNNING revelations about Gen. Wesley Clarke’s possible UFO briefing. NOTE: This show summary, previously published on our old site, may contain ...continued
  • Whitley Strieber and William Henry
    October 30, 2004
    Have you ever had the feeling that Whitley Strieber knows more than he is saying…maybe a lot more? Well, this interview proves it. Just listen as William Henry interviews him, and he talks, probably more deeply and candidly than he ever has, about his work and his connection with the visitors. Then, Linda Howe reports ...continued
  • William Henry interviews Zecharia Sitchin
    October 23, 2004
    William Henry interviews Zecharia Sitchin about the hidden meaning of the past. This wide ranging interview covers Sitchin’s whole career and concentrates on his sources and the research he did for his great Earth Chronicles series. Then Linda Howe with fabulous new revelations about the Shag Harbor Incident, the best-documented UFO case in history! NOTE: ...continued
  • Alchemy of Nine Dimensions
    October 16, 2004
    In 1995, Barbara Hand Clow published the Pleiadian Agenda, about her contacts with a stunning presence from the beyond. Now she’s back with Alchemy of Nine Dimensions, which reveals how to communicate with higher presences, and explains the mystery of both the crop circles and the changes coming in 2012. Then, Linda Howe reveals how ...continued
  • Mysteries of the Great Cross of Hendaye
    October 9, 2004
    The Mysteries of the Great Cross of Hendaye is one of the most remarkable Dreamland shows we’ve ever had. Learn how this cross relates to another cross in Peru, and how a mysterious alchemist called Fulcanelli may have possessed on of mankind’s greatest secrets. THEN Linda has a brand new update on Mars life–truly, a ...continued
  • Lisette Larkins: Initiate Contact
    October 2, 2004
    Most people do not realize that it’s much more possible to initiate contact now, something that was almost never successful as recently as two or three years ago. As a long-time close encounter witness, Lisette Larkins is skilled at both doing this and teaching others how. She shares her methods with us on Dreamland this ...continued
  • Dave VonKleist on 911
    September 25, 2004
    This week on Dreamland, radio host Dave VonKleist asks important questions about 911, that will make you wonder just what DID happen. An extremely controversial show that does not place blame, but asks some very provocative questions. Linda will return next week. NOTE: This show summary, previously published on our old site, may contain broken ...continued
  • William Henry Back From Egypt
    September 18, 2004
    William Henry is back from Egypt, and he’s brought phenomenal information. William is on a quest into mankind’s lost past to find a way out of the trap of the present age. He believes that there was once knowledge of how to travel across space and time through something like what physics now calls a ...continued
  • The Dibbuk Box
    September 11, 2004
    The Dibbuk Box was the subject of a legendary Ebay auction. Now listen as the original and current owners compare notes on the effects of this demon-haunted artifact from prewar Poland. What’s trapped in the Dibbuk Box…and what might happen if it gets out? To learn more, http://www.dibbukbox.com NOTE: This show summary, previously published on ...continued
  • Linda Howe and Jim Marrs
    September 4, 2004
    We listen to three of Linda Howe’s most popular Dreamland interviews ever. First, Dr. Dan Burisch describes what it’s like to interview an alien firsthand. And Linda has some powerful thoughts about his authenticity. Then Jim Marrs weighs in on the 911 controversy. Over half of New Yorkers believe the government had foreknowledge. Find out ...continued
  • UFO Investigator Ray Fowler
    August 28, 2004
    Is time an illusion? Famed UFO investigator and witness Ray Fowler has lived a life of synchronicity. But why? And why does this mysterious effect come into the lives of so many UFO investigators and witnesses? And wait until you hear the 911 synchronicities he assembled! Then, Linda has a phenomenal report on cattle mutilations ...continued
  • Spiritual Change With Hank Wesselman
    August 21, 2004
    Most approaches to spiritual change don’t do a single thing to help us. But Whitley Strieber knows more than most about what works and what doesn’t, which is why our programs on spirituality are so popular. Listen as Hank Wesselman describes a powerful means of personal change. Then Linda with a chilling story on RNA ...continued
  • The Roswell Dig–What You HAVEN’T Been Told
    August 14, 2004
    The UFO crash in July, 1947 in Roswell, New Mexico has become one of the most enduring of American mysteries. In this fascinating interview, dig researcher Don Schmitt describes what was found at the site INCLUDING what was not mentioned on the Science Fiction Channel documentary. Something happened at Roswell, and the truth is being ...continued
  • Paul von Ward — Who Are We really?
    August 7, 2004
    Harvard-trained academician Paul von Ward makes the best case ever for humanity being influenced by what he defines as ‘advanced beings.’ He takes us on a journey across the past for a riveting new look at who we really are and what our myths really mean. This program is shockingly convincing. Then, Linda Howe interviews ...continued
  • William Henry and Richard Hoagland
    July 31, 2004
    A Dreamland first! William Henry is our new alternate host, and he has a polished and absolutely fascinating first outing as he interviews Richard Hoagland with a focus on ancient knowledge with William’s expert perspective. This interview reveals the true depth of Richard Hoagland’s knowledge and the power of his driving concern that all people ...continued
  • Jim Marrs takes on the 911 Commission
    July 24, 2004
    Jim Marrs takes on the 911 Commission and most of the rest of the beltway boys in this hard hitting examination of what they HAVEN’T told us about the most terrible sneak attack in American history. Fasten your seatbelts for this one. Then Linda interviews a former Cape Canveral worker who saw, among other things, ...continued
  • Magical Symbolism with Donald Tyson
    July 17, 2004
    Donald Tyson is a expert on the word, YHWH, the true name of God. He tells us how this word unlocks the meaning behind astrological symbolism, the Tarot, the kabbalah, the mysteries of the Old Testament and the Book of Revelation, how it relates to the I Ching, the Enochian Magic of John Dee, and ...continued
  • Mayan Calendar with Carl Johan Calleman
    July 10, 2004
    At last, somebody has come up with a clear explanation of the Mayan Calendar, why it is so important, and how it works as a predictive tool. This interview with Carl Johan Calleman promises to finally shed some real light on what the calendar is all about and how we can understand and use it ...continued
  • Whitley talks about the Day After Tomorrow
    July 3, 2004
    Whitley talks about the Day After Tomorrow and how, despite what most scientists are saying, the fossil record shows that extreme weather changes have happened in hours in the past and lasted for millennia. Then Jay Weidener on the mysteries of the Great Cross of Hendaye and the equally mysterious Fulcanelli, a Master of the ...continued
  • Graham Phillips and the Quest for the Grail
    June 26, 2004
    Graham Phillips went on a grail quest across England…and found something totally unexpected. Don’t miss this powerful and fascinating story as Graham takes Whitley along on his journey in search of the grail. And don’t miss ‘Summer of the Path.’ Whitley explains what that is at the top of the show. NOTE: This show summary, ...continued
  • Stanton Friedman week on Dreamland
    June 19, 2004
    It’s Stanton Friedman week on Dreamland! The master UFO researcher talks about his greatest cases and his latest findings, and they are amazing. This UFO researcher with 40 years of experience tells his expectations for the future of UFO sightings and research, and they are nothing short of amazing. NOTE: This ...continued
  • China’s Terracotta Warriors
    June 12, 2004
    Maurice Cotterell talks about the secrets of China’s Terracotta Warriors, the 8000 life-size warrior figures found buried in a two thousand year old Chinese tomb. He has discovered a message hidden with the warriors that is of tremendous importance to our own age, and fits in an uncanny way with his brilliant research into the ...continued
  • CIA mind control with Donald Bain
    June 5, 2004
    We explore the murky depths of CIA mind control this week with Donald Bain, the author of the CIA’s Control of Candy Jones, the documented story of a supermodel’s struggle with childhood programming. NOTE: This show summary, previously published on our old site, may contain broken links. continued
  • Science of the Soul with Peter Novak
    May 29, 2004
    First, Whitley tells of his experiences as the Day After Tomorrow premiere with Art, then Peter Novak discusses the new science of the soul. Linda on an incredible crop circle in Ohio and menacing helicopters in the UK. NOTE: This show summary, previously published on our old site, may contain broken links. continued
  • Ahmed Osman — New Vision of Christ
    May 22, 2004
    Ahmed Osman says that Tutankhamen, Jesus and Joshua are all the same person and he offers some powerful evidence that, at the very least, our current histories are completely wrong. But does this mean that he thinks Jesus wasn’t charged with divinity? Listen to the inspirational new vision of the life of Christ with an ...continued
  • William Mann tells the story of the Knights Templar in America
    May 15, 2004
    William Mann tells the story of the Knights Templar in America. Did they bring the bloodline of Jesus and hidden knowledge that was later transmitted by the Master of the Key? Then Linda interviews Mexican journalist Jaime Maussan about the Mexican air force UFO video AND the family in Holland who took eerie alien pictures ...continued
  • Great Cross of Hendaye
    May 8, 2004
    Whitley talks about the Day After Tomorrow and how, despite what most scientists are saying, the fossil record shows that extreme weather changes have happened in hours in the past and lasted for millennia. Then Jay Weidener on the mysteries of the Great Cross of Hendaye and the equally mysterious Fulcanelli, a Master of the ...continued
  • JH Brennan — Evidence of Time Travel
    May 1, 2004
    JH Brennan says that there is evidence that time travelers from the future are already coming back into the past. Then, in a stunning synchronicity, Linda Howe interviews an engineer who may have seen a time machine in a cave in Czechoslovakia! This is a not-to-be missed show! NOTE: This show summary, previously published on ...continued
  • Dr. Lynne Kitei — The Phoenix Lights
    April 24, 2004
    Dr. Lynne Kitei tells us how her contact with the Phoenix Lights developed into a huge public display, and discusses the frantic efforts of the US government and the skeptics community to debunk them as ‘flares.’ Then Linda Howe interviews former intelligence agent and Senate staffer C.B. Scott Jones about his knowledge of Russian and ...continued
  • Dr. Lynne Kitei — The Phoenix Lights
    April 17, 2004
    Dr. Lynne Kitei was the first person to see the Phoenix Lights, which, on March 13, 1997, stunned the entire community with what has come to be understood as the most important UFO event ever, the single event that points most clearly toward the future of contact. Then Linda Howe interviews Bob Wood on some ...continued
  • Will Hart – Are We Genetically Engineered?
    April 10, 2004
    You voted Will Hart our most popular guest of the past six months, so he’s back for Easter! He says that the more we learn about genetic engineering, the more it seems that we’re the product of it. Then, Linda Howe reveals some astonishing truths about Dark Matter. NOTE: This show summary, previously published on ...continued
  • Michael Christopher Carroll – Dangerous Laboratory
    April 3, 2004
    A dirty, badly run, insecure and just downright dangerous laboratory full of horrific biohazards lies a few hundred yards from the Connecticut coast and Michael Christopher Carroll wants you to know about it. Then, Linda Howe asks the question, since methane is a byproduct of life, what’s it doing on Mars? NOTE: This show summary, ...continued
  • Dr. Bruce Goldberg – Future Life Progression?
    March 27, 2004
    Sure, you’ve heard of past life regression. But what about future life progression? Dr. Bruce Goldberg makes an unexpected and captivating case that this may not only be possible but that we can do it ourselves using his new book Past Lives, Future Lives. For our subscribers, he actually reads Whitley’s future lives. Then Linda ...continued
  • Russell Targ – Power of the Mind
    March 20, 2004
    Russell Targ is one of the creators of remote viewing. He’s just published Limitless Mind, a magnificent book about the true power of the mind, and he shows us how to use our minds in a much richer, more powerful way. Then Linda talks about a private company that has plans to crash something into ...continued
  • Gregg Braden – The God Code
    March 13, 2004
    Gregg Braden has discovered a coded message that is present in every living cell of every creature on earth. He calls this the God Code because it is, incredibly, related to the name of God in ancient Biblical alphabets. This promises to be a truly unique look into one of nature’s greatest and most inspiring ...continued
  • Bermuda Triangle Mystery
    March 6, 2004
    Spend a totally fascinating hour with the man who has just published the BEST BOOK EVER WRITTEN on the Bermuda Triangle mystery, including many recent stories that have just plain been buried by the media. Then Linda Howe has some stunning new information about Mars water. NOTE: This show summary, previously ...continued
  • Wayne Dyer — Remake Your World
    February 28, 2004
    Wayne Dyer is one of Dreamland’s most popular guests, and he’s back to talk about his phenomenal new discovery that has nothing less than the power to enable us to completely remake our lives and our world. And unlike other such claims, Wayne’s is entirely real and easily proven. Then Linda Howe has a report ...continued
  • Christopher Knight — Book of Hiram
    February 21, 2004
    Christopher Knight of Hiram Key fame talks about his new book, the Book of Hiram, which does nothing less than reconstruct the secrets of the Knight’s Templar, lost since the middle ages. A fabulous interview. Then, Linda Howe has a CRUCIALLY IMPORTANT interview with one of the world’s leading Mad Cow experts. He’s NOT eating ...continued
  • Budd Hopkins and Whitley Strieber
    February 14, 2004
    For the first time in nearly twenty years, Budd Hopkins and Whitley Strieber have a discussion about the abduction phenomenon. This riveting first introduces Sight Unseen, Budd’s stunning new book, written with his wife Carol Rainey. All but overwhelming in its power and thoroughness, the book successfully challenges the most hardened skeptic to deny the ...continued
  • William Henry — Man’s Divine Essence
    February 7, 2004
    William Henry’s greatest Dreamland interview. Listen as he describes the spark of the divine in every human being and how the ancients used it to maintain mankind’s place in the universe–and find out what happened that caused us to lose touch with man’s divine essence. Then discover the path we must travel to regain the ...continued
  • P.M.H. Atwater — Miracle Children
    January 31, 2004
    P.M.H. Atwater reveals that our ordinary kids of today are walking miracles: near-geniuses compared to just 50 years ago. P.M.H. says that humanity is evolving before our eyes. Then a Mars Express scientist reveals that there’s LOTS of water ice on Mars and European scientists will answer the Mars life question in months. PLUS–is the ...continued
  • Shirley Andrews — Evidence for Lost Civilizations
    January 24, 2004
    Shirley Andrews takes the position that the evidence for lost civilizations is overwhelming and we need to ask the questions, why did they disappear and what message have they left for us. Linda Howe has an AMAZING interview with a close encounter witness, plus Anne Strieber’s News from Unknowncountry. NOTE: This show summary, previously published ...continued
  • Will Hart — Signs of Genetic Engineering in Human DNA
    January 17, 2004
    Are there signs of genetic engineering in human DNA? Will Hart says that the more we learn about genetic engineering, the more it seems that this is the case. He lays out his case for us. Then, Linda Howe finds out some astonishing truths about Dark Matter. Most of the universe isn’t even visible to ...continued
  • Ross Hamilton — Great Serpent Mount in Ohio
    January 10, 2004
    Ross Hamilton has made some truly incredible discoveries about the Great Serpent Mount in Ohio. This ancient Native America earthwork has got a real mystery to reveal. Listen as Whitley finds out the answer. How does the constellation Draco figure into the story, and who, truly, does the serpent represent? Then Linda Howe explores a ...continued
  • Nostradamus scholar John Hogue
    January 3, 2004
    Nostradamus scholar John Hogue tells us about the true strangeness of Nostradamus, whose prophetic abilities were far stronger than has been realized. Linda Howe with a story of a rare ice circle. She interviews the witness who saw it form. NOTE: This show summary, previously published on our old site, may contain broken links. continued