There are rumors that something unusual has crashed into frozen Lake Winnipeg on the Jackhead Indian Reservation in Manitoba. Out There has not been able to confirm these rumors, and some very dubious YouTube sites are milking the story for hits. The attached video has few hits, and there are elements of the object that are familiar to us from authentic videos. Of course, they could be familiar to hoaxers, too. Out There’s take: something is may be happening on Lake Winnipeg, be it some sort of military operation, the recovery of a known object that has crashed, or the recovery of a crashed unknown.

Our photo experts are far from convinced by this footage:

Expert One:

"The NASA dialogue is probably from the unsuccessful landing of a Mars probe. If this were a UFO there would have been no discussion about whether its drogue chute deployed or not. The likelihood of a NASA tracking camera happening to pick up something like this at 200,000 feet is practically zero. Looks like intentionally degraded CGI to me."

Expert Two:

"The footage and audio is from the 2004 crash landing of the NASA "Genesis" craft in Utah. To see that footage, click here.

"Another red flag for me is the mysterious music. That tells you the clip has been edited, at least minimally, but more so that it’s not a historical document. Nobody adds spooky music to authentic footage."

So now we have to ask, are we looking here at an attempt to hide something real behind a hoax, or is the whole story made up from beginning to end by people who get their income out of ad revenue from YouTube?

We’ll keep watching for some stronger evidence from Lake Winnipeg.

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