The British National Police Air Service has recorded a video on an infrared system that shows a UFO that is emitting heat but was invisible to air traffic control radars in the area. The video was recorded aboard a National Police Air Service helicopter in South Wales using an FILR camera, which records both normal and infrared light. The object was not visible in the camera in daytime mode, but was visible in infrared mode. It was traveling into the wind, and the pilot does not believe that it was a balloon or a candle lantern.

The footage was actually taken at approximately 9:30 PM according to the police report. The footage is time stamped 8:30 PM. It was made in ‘black hot’ mode, which returns a black image of anything emitting heat. The size could not be judged. The object was taped for seven minutes.

Typically, the British Government quickly suppressed the video. It is no longer available.

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