This is a very strange one. It does appear to involve an explosion in near space that is preceded by a small object orbiting a larger one. The explanation offered by the ‘expert’ consulted by the television station is, as they imply, meaningless. If this is a real video, it could record some sort of classified experiment in space, or even an attack on a satellite. A number of countries, including the United States, are aggressively involved in space weaponization. Of course, as it was shot through a phone camera, the quality is very poor and it’s not possible to make a final determination regarding its authenticity.

This explosion, or one like it, was observed in Alaska as well, thanks to a sharp-eyed reader:

"I live in Alaska and I am an avid sky gazer . It was so strange what I saw that night I was staring at what I thought was a tiny star but it kept getting brighter and then it got even brighter  and then it exploded with a blue ring around it and was gone . It did happen within maybe a second . But I was left scratching my head about what this was . So I am happy to see that someone else out there witnessed this event as well. Only they were lucky enough to have captured it."

On the other hand, the powers that be are dismissing it as a weather balloon. Apparently this extraordinary weather balloon was visible from California to Alaska. OK, mystery solved! For the weather balloon–or is that swamp gas–story, click here.
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