A Defense Department scientist was hunting in Ontario on August 28, 2013 at approximately 9:40 PM when he and his colleagues observed a brightly lit, dumbbell shaped UFO at an altitude of roughly 400 feet. He states in the interview he gave to MUFON: "I have been involved in operating systems in the past and this thing was coherent light, it was salty to the eyes to look at, like looking at a laser that had been passed through a de-fraction grading or something of that nature. It was not a focussed laser, it was a defocussed laser." He continued that "the vehicle looked like it was made of "a forged piece of mercury."

While his identity is known to the investigators involved, he prefers to remain anonymous. For more information about the longer video referred to in the interview footage provided and the white paper written by the scientist on his sighting, please contact MUFON directly. The links referred to in the video do not appear to be available.

This case is graded A-Probably True.

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