This one was interesting enough for us to call on our experts. The video really starts to become clear 3 minutes in, and remains clear off and on through 7 minutes. Here is an expert opinion:

Looks and sounds pretty good. Seems to be an actual object, though it could easily have been one of those LED-equipped quadcopters — its impossible to tell shape, size or distance in this video.

Misc. observations:

LaPrairie is a southeastern suburb of Montreal, so if the object were seen in the direction of the sunset, and at any significant distance from the camera, it would have been seen by many others. So far I can’t find any other videos of this quite persistent sighting.

The date of the sighting is variously posted on YouTube as June 7, June 15 and July 15. June is most probable due to the woman’s comment about the longest day of the year coming up.

The camera is a bit of a puzzle. It’s a still camera that also shoots video, and is explicitly being handheld. It shakes convincingly enough (assuming image stabilization) except it never seems to tilt horizon-wise. Hard to say most of the time, but when we see the nearby lights it’s fairly obvious. Maybe he was resting the camera on something — a balcony railing, etc…

The comments being made by the observers seem genuine.

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