The Out There section collects stories about strange events from all over the internet.
Videos and some other stories are graded:
A–Probably true, B–Likely true, C–Likely false, D–Probably false.

Stories are researched by staff before posting and video evaluations are based on experienced observation and video analysis.

Skydiver Videos a Near Miss from an Asteroid. Pretty Incredible Footage.

April 5, 2014
A skydiver in Norway taped a rock dropping past him out of the sky. This was almost certainly a meteor that had already burned out and was in dark flight. Your out there editor has been unable to find another... continued

Jim Martin’s Recent UFO Video Captures

April 3, 2014
Jim Martin of Newport Beach, CA, captures lots of video of unknowns, mostly from his apartment balcony. Here is what he says about his latest work: ' "Filmed on March 18 thru March 26, 2014 from my deck in Newport Beach... continued

Another Low-Flying Triangle Report, this Time from Illinois

April 1, 2014
An Ohio family reports yet another low-flying triangle (see source link below). So I have to wonder: could the advanced surveillance craft called the TR, which is featured in Whitley Strieber's novel the Grays, actually be real? Admittedly, triangle UFO stories... continued

Top Secret Triangle Aircraft Photographed over Texas as Mystery Triangle Flies Low over Virginia

March 30, 2014
Back in the 1970s, before the advent of the 'black budget,' the US Air Force budget included enormous expenditures for a mysterious aircraft known among air aficionados as Aurora, but being developed under the code name Bright Buzzard. For years, the... continued

Aussie UFO Turns off Lights when Police Choppers Approach

March 29, 2014
A resident of Australia's Gold Coast taped a UFO for an extended period of time. Eventually, it was checked out by a police helicopter, but every time the chopper approached, it turned out its lights. The police concluded that it... continued

Spectacular Close-Up UFO Event in Florida

March 27, 2014
This remarkable, morphing, multicolored object approached to within a few feet of witnesses in Florida. Shortly thereafter, many planes appeared in the area. For more, go to continued

One of the Great Bermuda Triangle Stories

March 26, 2014
This story is a powerful reminder of just how strange things can get in the skies of Planet Earth. continued

Strange Rocket over Florida

March 17, 2014
Another ghost rocket has been observed by a witness, this time over Florida. Last year, one was photographed in England, and in 2010, the Royal Canadian Mounted Police completed an extensive investigation of one that appeared over Newfoundland. There will,... continued

UFO Falls Out of the Skies

March 13, 2014
A meteor? A crashing secret aircraft? An unknown object in some sort of trouble? One thing that's clear: this is no ordinary jet contrail. Jets emit exhaust evenly. It may be blown by the wind, but it doesn't thicken, then grow thinner... continued

Another triangle UFO racing through the night

March 10, 2014
This triangle UFO was captured as it raced across the deep sky. The videographer comments that it couldn't be birds because when using infrared equipment, as he is doing, flocks of birds flying at night can be mistaken for UFOs.... continued