This just in from an Unknowncountry reader: Today a Delta 4 rocket lifted off from Cape Canaveral Air Force Station. I’ve seen hundreds of launches. Initially what I thought was a stage separation turned out to be something a little more bizarre. I’ve attached a picture of the rocket approximately 2 minutes after liftoff. I noticed these 3 distinct orbs. When a launch occurs, especially at night, more is visible. Debris is seen trailing away from the exhaust path. By the time I realized what I was seeing was not normal, the orbs did not move or fade away. I grabbed the closest camera I had (my phone) and snapped a single image. It shows the three orbs behind the rockets engine glare. After seeing that I had captured the orbs, all three shot off to the south and beyond the horizon in seconds. Very strange. I will be happy to post this narrative, but I will not identify myself.

The bright light in the photo is the rocket engine.

Another Unknowncountry reader adds this report: "We saw them too!   We are in St. Petersburg and were watching the launch.  While we could see the rocket without binoculars, we did also use the binoculars and the orbs were absolutely clear.  We thought it was a giant UFO, 1 to 3 miles across because the four "orbs", in a diamond pattern, stayed in constant relation to each other for approximately one minute before disappearing.  Then, we saw two orbs following what appeared to be closer to the rocket when it was way down-range.  It was amazing."

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