Originally, your Out There editor wrote: "At first, this appears to be a flock of birds, but it isn’t a flock of birds. First, each object is independently lit by a light powerful enough to produce significant illumination in a sunlit sky. Second, there are no wing flapping motions. However, the objects do appear to be gliding on thermals, or they are being maneuvered to present this appearance. These are genuine unknowns, and very strange ones."

Unfortunately, I fell for a hoax video. I look at dozens of videos every day, always hoping to see something I genuinely can’t explain. What I can’t explain here is why I bought into this obvious hoax. Normally, I’m careful and quite successful at this. I seriously considered resigning after this, but Whitley Strieber wants me to stay. He said, ‘I can’t do this myself, and you’re better than you think.’ I’m going to continue what has become a profound and very engaging task for me, sifting through the chaff to find the occasional nugget of gold.

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