Crop formations have all but disappeared from the public mind, and with them the chance that they offered to restore our sense of wonder about the world around us. This has happened not only because of the frantic debunking of the early years, but more recently because of the proliferation of hoaxed formations made by artists on behalf of farmers hoping to charge admission and tour companies eager to bring in busloads of tourists.

What is worse, after the death of Dr. William C. Levengood, the biologist whose study methodology was easily able to determine which were hoaxed and which were genuine mysteries, there is nobody to keep the circlemakers honest.

Nevertheless, the mystery remains, and continues to urge us to look into the wonders of nature around us, and into ourselves, for a richer and more expansive vision of reality.

An example is this wonderful formation that appeared on July 28 at West Kennett Longbarrow, a spot that has seen many extraordinary formations. While your Out There editor can no longer offer an opinion about the authenticity of crop formations, this one is exceptionally well made and its subject, the eight-sided star of the Sumerian goddess Innana, is particularly inspiring.

Recent Dreamland guest Carl Johann Calleman points out that the eight-sided star is an important symbol in many ancient cultures. Among the Sumerians in particular, Innana was associated with love and in particular the planet Venus which, as the brightest star in the summer sky, symbolized both power and mystery to matriarchal cultures, and is why, for example, that the Greek goddess Athena is deity of both war and wisdom. The formation asks us to raise our eyes and remember the wonder of the universe in which we live, and the deep power of its feminine side.

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