Your Out There editor’s first impression of this capture was that it was a meteor swarm. But then I looked deeper into this YouTuber’s page and found another video of something somewhat similar that is definitely NOT a meteor swarm. So what has he found? This guy is worth watching. Sometimes people who show an interest in what’s out there get rewarded with a pretty spectacular display. To see the other, even stranger video, click here. My best guess now is that we are looking at living creatures of some sort. Pretty amazing stuff.

And hey, speaking of pretty amazing, Whitley has published a new novel as an ebook. I got a copy the second I saw his post, and I’ve just started it. All I can say is THE GUY CAN WRITE. The first couple of chapters are just breathtaking. You can get it on your Kindle, Nook, etc., or from the UC store as a PDF.

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