Why do they do it? Stupid, lying morons. For the skinny on this asinine prank, click here. There are tens of thousands of genuinely unexplained UFO images out there, so why does the troll patrol even bother? But they do, they do…

It was done as a vicious publicity stunt for a Sigh-Fie and Fantasy weekend in Portsmouth. Do yourself a favor and stay away.

Out There has been pretty quiet for a while! The reason is that we’ve been flooded with UFO hoaxes using drones, some of them very convincing, all of them fake. It’s similar to the Sky Lantern fad, except that the fakes can be harder to spot. In addition, Mars is just coming off perigee, meaning that it is about as far as it gets from Earth. The farther the distance between the two planets, the fewer UFO events on Earth. As it gets closer, the number of UFO sightings usually rises, so they should be peaking toward the end of 2015 when it will be at apogee, or its closest point.

The witness to this object in the UK reports that it was moving very fast, and thus not what it looks like, a lenticular cloud. It would take only a moment to hoax this using simple software, so we just have to take him at his word. It is getting increasingly difficult to evaluate these cases, so if YOU have a UFO image, do send it to whitley@strieber.com and we’ll be glad to take a look. Far better than trolling the internet!

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