This video has caused quite a sensation, but apparently it’s an actor called Frank Vidal. To see Mr. Vidal in another video, doing a monologue from a play, click here. The real question is who would decide to post such a video, and why now? The Earth’s magnetosphere is well along in a process of change that will lead to another pole shift, but, contrary to the claim in the "Dr. Sal" video, there is no evidence that it will happen in August of 2016, nor is there any reason to believe that the Van Allen belts would come to Earth as the video claims. What will happen, though, is that during the period of magnetic chaos while the poles are shifting, the surface of the Earth will be exposed to gamma rays and other energies from the sun that the magnetosphere normally keeps away from the surface. There will be significant danger to crops, large animals that do not shelter, and people who cannot find adequate shelter. It will be a  difficult time on Planet Earth, but there is no evidence that it will happen in two years.

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