We are getting a sudden rise in close-approach UFO sightings on the Unknowncountry.com
sightings report page. We will be publishing them on a regular basis as long as they continue.

Details of Encounter: Sept. 7, 2015 I woke up around 4 am. I am an avid sky watcher at night. 
On this night I looked out of my window and to the left I saw a UFO that was 
very close to my house, it was about 200 ft. up in the air above my 
neighborhood. It was the closest sighting I have ever seen in my life. This 
UFO was about five houses down from my house, very close to me. This object 
was huge I’d say about the size of two small huts put together and in height 
about two stories high. It was almost rectangular shaped, it almost looked 
box-like. This object had 5 white bright lights at the bottom of it going 
across and directly above them 5 huge windows these windows were so big they 
looked like picture windows, inside the craft the whole thing was lit up with 
a very bright white light. This object made no sound. I saw this UFO through 
my binoculars. Since seeing this object I have seen it twice more on 9/18th 
at 4am again and 9/20 at 4:30 this time I saw the object high up in the sky 
and then noticed another one to my left that was very bright-this was not a 
star, it was too bright to be a star. The objects looked the same through my 
binoculars. Stars do not have windows.

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