In October of 1988, Buck Stabler had a bizarre and terrifying experience of apparent alien abduction, which he reported to authorities and which was extensively covered in the media. The result was predictable: his life was ruined. And now he has been found dead, an apparent suicide, but the case is still under investigation. He was interviewed last September by Stan Hernandez, and that interview is sourced here. It does not suggest any suicidal plans, but it is clear that the trauma of his experiences was still very vivid for him, even all these years later. and Whitley Strieber take the position that the close encounter experience is of unknown origin, that it is traumatic, and that a lack of proper scientific study has left people who have it without recourse or an adequate avenue of support. If Mr. Stabler did take his own life, the tragedy is a strong testament to the need for proper study and useful help for the thousands of people who have experienced this trauma.

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