We came across this well researched video of a classic fastwalker that was accidentally taped by a drone in North Carolina in 2016. It is not a bird, insect or graphic effect, but rather something that appears to be traveling at an extremely high speed. It is very small, in fact so small that no known power source of that size could produce enough energy to propel it.

The video was made by an Air Force veteran On October 26, 2016. He was flying his DJI Phantom 3 Professional 4K drone above Ayden District Park when the object was recorded coincidentally. He did not notice the object until he played the video on his high resolution TV. He estimated that the object was traveling at 13,000 MPH and was at an altitude of 50 feet, according to his MUFON report.

We grade this A, probably authentic.

have been taped occasionally, almost always by accident. The North American Aerospace Defense Command created the designation to differentiate them from slower moving UFOs. There is no evidence that they are local technology.

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