A sheep has been reported drawn up into a UFO in Lampeter, Wales. Police were called but could do nothing, and the animal has not been recovered. Unfortunately, while the story sourced here reflects some recent information, it fails to mention the long history of sheep abductions and mutilations in the region.

In his most recent nonfiction book about the UFO phenomenon, Solving the Communion Enigma, Whitley Strieber offers some of the long history of sheep attacks in Wales. He writes:

"Author Charles Fort, in his book Lo, describes widespread surgical mutilation of sheep in Wales in 1904-05, commenting that they took place after a religious revival swept the region. Whether they were connected or not isn’t clear, but he also relates that there were strange lights seen at the time, which is also a characteristic of the modern animal mutilation phenomenon. Modern ranchers consistently report seeing lights in distant fields prior to finding mutilated cattle, and they were seen again in Wales beginning in 2009, when sheep mutilations returned to the area after an absence of 105 years.
In March of 2009, members of the British Animal Pathology Field Unit were called to a farm in Radnor Forest in Wales where the bloodless corpses of four ewes had been discovered. In January and February of 2010, they returned to the same farm to investigate the discovery of three more sheep mutilations, once again with all the blood removed from the carcasses."

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