A spectacular collection of UFO photographs has surfaced allegedly taken from aboard the US submarine Trepang in 1971. The images could be any number of different things, including practice targets or dirigibles, but one of them, showing a large cylinder, is eerily reminiscent of one of the most powerful letters ever received by Whitley and Anne Strieber, which was published in the Communion Letters. Here, we reproduce the image of the cylindrical object, and the letter, which describes a similar object observed both visually and on radar by a carrier battle group in 1957, also in the Pacific.

The letter, as published in the Communion Letters, is as follows:

"I do not believe that an abductee experience is in my recent history. What is in that history, however, are at least two incidences of directly observed non-terrestrial maneuvering airborne vehicles.

"The first incident took place in July of 1957. I was stationed on board an aircraft carrier as a Radar Systems Operator. We were on station, and accompanied by 4 destroyers. I believe each of these destroyers had 3 separate radar systems, while the we had 5 separate systems.
In the early afternoon of this most memorable (to me) day, I was operating the SPS-8 height-finding radar repeater located in the Combat Information Center, just forward of the superstructure, between the hangar bay and the flight deck. The SPS-8 repeater displayed a very characteristic triangular radar pattern, allowing the operator to determine the altitude of nearby aircraft. Very suddenly, the entire top third of the repeater screen "whited out". Initially, I thought I was the target of a large scale practical joke, with the perpetrators draping a sheet or blanket over the SPS-8 antenna. Within a few seconds, radio communications from all 4 destroyers became loud and excited, then the off-duty officers and men in CIC ran out and onto the flight deck. My screen remained partially obscured, and the radio transmissions became descriptive of a very large cylindrical object located immediately above our carrier. Prior to successfully begging to be relieved of duty in order to observe this object directly, I ordered the re-deployment of another radar system antenna Eventually, all radar returned reflection of a metallic object.

"Systems on all 5 ships reflected the existence of the object. I joined over 3,000 officers and men from the 5 with the sight of a dark grey, cigar-shaped over 4,000 Ft. long and about 350 feet in diameter, mirroring our every move. Later, through triangulation methods, we were able to determine the object’s altitude at 63,000 feet, and thus were able to adjudicate its dimensions. Dozens of officers and men, including both Protestant and Catholic chaplains, had assumed a genuflective position, with hands grasped in front of their faces, or raised on high, a most stirring sight indeed.
Our ship’s photographer was able to take over 20 pictures through a 1000mm telephoto lens, and this film was airlifted to CINC PACFLT before the film could be developed on board.

"The object remained in position for about twenty minutes, then began a demonstration of horizon-to-horizon random course and speed maneuvers that were of an incredible nature. This display lasted about 90 seconds, to finally end when the object "snapped" out of sight and radar contact, directly over our ship.

"The carrier captain refused a request from the ship’s Air Operations officer to launch jets to investigate. He indicated that he was not going to threaten the lives of his pilots "a corps perdu". Most probably, this was the wisest decision, although several pilots had already volunteered for that assignment.
To complete the above story, I would pay dearly to discover the whereabouts of those pictures, and to be allowed a glimpse of their content."

As would we! As John Podesta has said regarding disclosure, "it’s the law."

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