Whitley Strieber has had a number of experiences over the years involving sudden slips in time and movement through time. He had two recently, one on June 11 and a second on June 12. Starfire Tor is an expert on time displacement, and Whitley and Anne have experienced one in her presence, which Anne wrote about in 2006.

So when he had these two most recent slips, it was logical that he would turn to Starfire for information. Here is his email to her:

“Yesterday: Saw an article on BBC news website yesterday AM: ?Evidence that French Plane Broke Up in the Air.? Went to click on the link, it was no longer there. This did not get reported until the afternoon.

“Today: Reading the LA Times Calendar Section this morning, I saw an ad for the opening of the new Woody Allen film and said to Anne, ?great, the new Woody Allen picture has opened.? She laughed and said something about Larry David being so funny. Seconds later, I glanced down to find the times the film was playing. The ad was gone and the film isn?t opening for another week.

“Why isn?t it ever the stock market page??”

This is Starfire’s reply:

I’m not surprised that you continue to experience Time Shift keyed time slips. You always will.

The Woody Allen film TS keyed time slip is actually an example of your own personal patterning, where your TS memory markers have already been established and operational. Remember about 2-3 years ago, when you had a very similar experience with a newspaper ad, a film you wanted to see and mentioned to Anne, and the newspaper mention vanishing? Your brain now filters for this type of time line editing, and when it happens your brain focuses in on it and sends you a marker that the time line has been edited. This would not be the only marker. Synchronicities [such as you reading a word and someone saying the same word at the same time] are also time line editing markers.

Because your brain already punched a hole in the usual post Time Shift time line brain assimilation [which causes the brain to accept the “new reality program” as if nothing has changed], a certain part of your brain will always have a ‘problem’ being totally assimilated into the new reality.

So for a seemingly brief moment your brain suffers from a co-existing time line conflict. Your brain is feeding your conscious and aware self two different versions of a time line. Then your brain chooses which version of the time line to accept. You remember the Woody Allen movie glitch because your brain is no longer compliant with the time line assimilation program. Even though the dominant time line has edited out the Woody Allan movie piece, your brain and consciousness has retained awareness that the co-existing time line conflict was experienced by you. The news article about Air France Flt 447, which also did a time editing jump for you, goes hand in hand with the other Time Shift keyed time slip events you were experiencing. Do you recall the Nov 12, 2001 crash of American Airlines flight 587 in Queens NY? It was, like Air France flt 447, and Airbus A300. Both of these plane’s tails broke off and both tails were found in the water … although in different geographical areas. Both ‘tail’ events were covered by the news. It is in the archives of my Inter-Dimension list, that there was a discussion about Time Shifts and AA flt 587s tail. Reports came in, similar to what you wrote above, about Air France’s flt 447 tail.

Yesterday, on your birthday, I posted birthday wishes to your Facebook wall. I wrote something like “What do you get the man who creates worlds…birthday wishes in co-existing time lines …”

You are a man who creates worlds, as any great and prolific writer would be. That creative process, along with other experiences you have had, is absolutely connected to your brain’s ability to experience and retain co-existing time line conflicts. You live in many worlds, on a conscious level. 

–Starfire Tor

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