In an earlier Insight, I wrote: “My theory about ‘the visitors’ is different from that of most UFO investigators: I think they are either time travelers, visitors from a parallel universe, the dead, or all 3.”But no matter who they are, the question remains: WHAT are they doing here? WHY are the contacting- -and even abducting–people?

I think the answer lies not in belief, ideology or dogma (and the UFO world is as full of these things as any conventional religion), but in science. We have already discovered that surrealistic experiences, such as Visitor contact, strengthen the left (or logical) side of the brain, as it struggles to make sense of what happened.

Now I’ve discovered some NEW scientific research that leads me to believe that these mysterious interlopers may actually be strengthening the WHOLE human brain, including the creative right hemisphere. And let’s face it: Between climate change caused by greenhouse gas emissions, the proliferation of nuclear weapons and the wars that tempt us to use them, the human race has almost killed our beautiful planet. We clearly need brains that are more efficient in BOTH hemispheres: The right, which will give us creative solutions and the left, which will give us the ability to carry out these plans.

Visitor experiences very often cause post-traumatic stress disease (PTSD), the same psychological problems that afflict our soldiers who have come back from war. Whitley is an example of this: He regularly wakes up at 4 am with his heart pounding in his chest, because this was the hour when the Visitors first woke him up over 25 years ago. Researchers Peter Naish and Ksenja da Silva tested two groups of Slovenian refugees, one with PTSD, and the other group without PTSD. They put a tiny light on the top outside edge of each lens of a normal pair of sunglasses, then flashed the lights on and off in turn. The wearer was asked to identify which light flashed on first, and the researchers could tell which brain hemisphere they were using from which light the subject thought came on first. They found subjects without PTSD used both hemispheres of the brain, although some of them had a preference for the left side. But those suffering from PTSD tended to use their right hemisphere, meaning that their stress disease threw their brain use into the more creative part of the brain. Thus surrealistic experiences (such as Visitor contact) that cause post-traumatic stress disease (as most of them do) exercise and strengthen the WHOLE brain, and that’s what the Visitors are doing here: They are helping us to grow better brains.

So instead of denying them (or even shooting at their craft), we ought to thank them and welcome them. Because you only have to listen to the news or look around you to realize that we’re certainly going to need better brains in the future.

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